Chapter 15:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 11

Shevaun and I were surprised at the refusal of Prince Hurion to help me enter the Conclave as a teacher. We tried to ask the reasons behind his decision, but he only said…

“I’ll bring you with me to that place sometime, then you’ll understand what I mean…”

And with that, he refused to talk further about it, though he promised to bring me there. So yes, I’m kind of annoyed. I mean, I even bothered to come up with good suggestions, and all I received for those was a flat ‘no’.

And here, I thought Princess Noir/Prince Hurion is determined to change the hearts and minds of the demons.


Well, no matter. It’s not like I could force him to, if he already refused. Besides, I’m not looking forward to teaching once again. While teaching is fun, it’s pleasing the higher-ups and your co-workers that aren’t fun.

And so, I spent my next few days in Cherflammen in peaceful solitude. Just like the Saint’s Palace in the Holy Palatial Gardens, Castle Darkmoor also had a huge library, where I wasted away my hours reading the collection of books, magazine articles, and newspapers (I’m surprised they already got those here)—not only did I gain information, it also brushed up my vocabulary and grammar in Chersean languages. Princess Noir would come and talk to me at times, then followed by her ‘brother’ Prince Hurion…it was a ‘regular’ affair that I already knew the pattern of their appearance.

I bet ‘they’ are just checking on me.

For her part, Shevaun would sometimes appear at the library to help me with the books I needed. Apparently, the chamberlain and I shared the same interests in the love for books, and as she was also assigned by Princess Noir as the keeper of her study, her knowledge of the maze of shelves was helpful.


Haa…for some reason, I keep on feeling that I’m just wasting my time.


Well, in any case, I think I should just drown myself in reading stuff around here. The demon race’s history was quite interesting, too, I’d say…it’s full of intrigues, conspiracies, fighting and infighting that I had no more idea of whose faction was siding with whom. Contrary with the Chersea culture, demons really do encourage pride and high ambitions—though, unlike the earlier part of their past full of bloodshed and violence, they now focus their energies and efforts to best each other mainly on producing thought-provoking research.

And damn, I never thought my old student from Earth would have a large part in this change of heart…

Everywhere I read, I always see the name ‘Lady Cassandra David’. According to one book, she’s the hero who ‘truly united the demon clans and led them into the Era of Knowledge’. Another read, ‘Lady Cassandra David sowed the seeds of the Conclave’s foundation, lending to the clans her ideas of schooling, research, and culture’. Accompanying that article was the painted illustrations of the dresses of the demon students of that school, which was—much to my shock—reminded me of the white-and-checkered-green school uniforms my students wore back on Earth.

Alexa must’ve longed for her time in our world, so much that she copied the uniforms of our school.


Man, I miss my students…

Milord, you’ve been staring at those illustrations for quite a while.”

“!!!” My wandering thoughts were returned to me by the voice of Shevaun, who was assisting me with the books. “I…I just remembered something,” I replied.

“The school uniforms of your old world?”

“How did you know?”

Duh, you’re looking at those illustrations as if you’re going to melt them,” the chamberlain chuckled. “Anyone who uses about 1% of their brains would know, milord.

“Of course, haha…” Well, she had a point. I’m too obvious.

“Lady Cassandra David saved us and brought much change to our people,” Shevaun heaved a sigh. “And she always pushed for our race to get along with others, beastmen, elves, dwarves, and especially the humans. It’s just sad that with the rise of the ‘Knights’, our history was being bent to favor their divisive views.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know yourself, milord. Lady Cassandra is a human, right?”


“Now the ‘Knights’, as they spout their hatred on everything human, are telling everyone who’s gullible enough to believe that Lady Cassandra is actually a demon. At first, Princess Noir and her supporters didn’t give any thought about it. Nevertheless, slowly but surely, the number of people who started listening to that idea grew…until it exploded right unto our very faces, the reason of the House Usarved’s first battles against the Knights. I think it fits the saying attributed to Lady Natasha before that, ‘a lie that is repeated a thousand times eventually becomes the truth’.”


Indeed, that was the case, not only in this world, but also in mine. Before I was summoned, the use of social media had long proliferated in my country, and with that, the so-called ‘fake news’. It’s one of the disadvantages of the internet; it gave voice to some individuals whose perspectives differ from the rest…some of which were based only on their hunches, or worse, they maliciously ‘manufactured’ to ‘prove’ their points. While I didn’t have problems with them airing their side, most people weren’t taught on how to process the information they were given, and so believe the words that immediately appeal to their senses, values and beliefs.

The result? Those ‘news’ divided us. And it didn’t help that those people who had ‘common sense’ feel superior to what they see as the ‘lost sheep’, or worse, ‘idiots’; they only alienated those who could otherwise listen to a proper explanation.

“You must be thinking of something, milord. You’re awfully quiet once again.”

Ah yes,” I chuckled. “I just find it funny to hear such stupid stories about my student. In our world, only humans exists. It’s impossible to have demons walk along beside us. So yes, I can confirm, Lady Cassandra David is 100% human, through and through.”

“The demons in your world,” the chamberlain had a scared expression on her face, “Your people…killed them all?”

“No, but, you see, only humans existed in our world since the beginning of our ages. There are demons, yes, but they are confined to the books and religion…a product of the human concept and imagination.”

“I see…such a weird world.”

I could say the same to yours, Shevaun. Nevertheless, I just told her, “Well, it’s just how it is. Although, if anything, I wanted to know if my student, Alexa, lived the rest of her life happy…the books that I read about her life only gave a broad idea.”

The chamberlain smiled and said, “You can’t keep your mind off her fate, milord?

“Of course, she’s my student…and a dear friend.”

Shevaun smiled, then uttered a spell that made her float, “Milord, you should’ve told me sooner that you wanted to research about Lady Cassandra’s life.” She hovered towards several bookshelves until she stopped at one.

“You have a particular book that chronicles her life?”

The chamberlain shook her head, “Lady Cassandra’s life here is as mysterious as the Creator of Heavens. However, what we have are letters.”


“Yes,” Shevaun pulled a book from the shelf where she stopped. “Did I mention to you before that Prince Hurion—no, Princess Noir—is interested in the life of Lady Cassandra David? Of course, I wouldn’t say that without a proof,” she handed me that to me. There were letters engraved on the cover that said, ‘Correspondence’.

“This is?” I flipped the cover open, skimming through the pages of crisp, beautiful handwriting, of both Chersean and Latin alphabets.

“A compilation of some of the letters Lady Cassandra David wrote during her life here, from her summoning up to her last days,” Shevaun explained. “However, those are just copies; the real ones can be found in the archives of the Conclave, where her grave is also located nearby. It’s still giving the researchers a hard time to decipher, though, because the shape of her letters is kind of…err…weird.

Hearing the word ‘grave’ tore a wound in my heart. I mean, though I knew that Alexa was long gone, I still wished to see her again. However, I’m kind of glad to see her letters; at least, it might answer the questions I had in my mind. “For once, I nearly thought that Alexa already fixed her handwriting…but, damn…” my voice began to quiver, “…she still sucks.”


Seeing that reading Alexa’s letters moved me, Shevaun took her leave and went out of the library. Back here, I kept on skimming through her letters, hundreds of which were compiled by Princess Noir in a book she was using as her research material.


Now I’m getting a clearer picture of what happened to my student when she disappeared from our world. Some parts of her correspondence show what she did: she harmed herself by cutting her wrists and jumping on the waters to ensure she died. However, instead of finding herself amidst a fiery inferno, she woke up before the god of this land, the Lord Gaius, who told her that she was his destined champion against the vast demon armies invading Chersea back in the last Human-Demon War.


More than a correspondence, I felt like I’m reading a diary, though it was addressed to someone. After Alexa came to Chersea, she wrote of her struggles as a hero—that though she was given powers by the Lord Gaius, she was afraid of the expectations of the people on her. I could understand her, for that student of mine would always tell herself that she’s ‘stupid’, and her step-parents ‘expected little’ from her. Alexa was scared that, because the humans knew she was a hero, she couldn’t deliver…

But you did deliver, right, Alexa? Everyone is praising you now, from Chersea to Cherflammen. All look up to you as their hero…

As much as I wanted to know further the details of her life, I skipped those parts and went straight to the last pages of the compilation. Here, I saw dozens of Princess Noir’s notes…mostly her observations about the translated paragraphs of Alexa’s letters. Also, there were three pages that was torn, or should I say, did not include initially in that book, and was put there in case Her Highness returned to her research. The notes say that those were letters too, written just before Lady Cassandra David died, in a language far different from Chersean, or Filipino.

I took one and read it. Much to my surprise, it was truly a letter, though Alexa chose to write it in English.

“My Dearest Sir, and Friend…

I don’t know how many years, or centuries, I have been in this place. Chersea was saved, the demons would live, and the mad god was already out of the heavens. However, I can’t return to Earth anymore. As much as I wanted to show you my accomplishments, it is nothing but a distant dream. I don’t know if I should be thankful that I died, for though I found my purpose, you’re not here to cheer me on Sir. I miss the times when you’d suddenly come and sit beside me, then ask what’s wrong…I can’t hide anything from you! You’re always watching out for your students, including me…and that also extended to the other classes. Sometimes, I wonder if you’re really a human, for how can you help so much with your limitations?

My dream when I was alive on Earth is to become like you, Sir. A teacher, whom her students would run into if ever they have their problems. However, because of my foolish actions, I took my own life. Well, it’s not that I hated here in Chersea but, if only I can take you with me. Yes, I know it’s an impossibility, but I will try…after all, this world has no god to watch and guide it anymore…”

The first letter ended there, so I picked up the second one.

“Dearest Sir…

My experiments are going well. Days ago, I summoned domesticated creatures from another dimension, and it helped the demons tilling their land. I don’t know what are the names for those ‘animals’ that I brought here, but the locals call it the ‘leviathan’. I think the demon lord would like to have one, as a present to his allies in the human realm.

The other experiment is also showing good promise. According to the books that I read, the magic lines I used in that circle I just made would cause the spirit of a person to ‘reincarnate’ to the body of his/her choosing. Ah, Sir, if only I have your hand…I’ll have no problems in drawing those circles.

I just hope that I can make it in time. I think the heavens have suspected that I’m into something. Last time, they sent the Lady Seirna to check on me. I don’t know for how long I can fool her, but it’s better to be prepared for any situation.”

Err…I didn’t like the tone of the second one. And the fact that she wrote these three letters in English meant that Alexa wanted no one else to read those.


But what the heck? If she didn’t want anyone to know what she’s up to, she could’ve just not write at all! Well, in any case, there’s the third letter. I think I might find some answers to my questions…

“Dearest Sir…

I finally have the information I need to bring you here, it’s just that, my powers…they’re not what they are used to be. Maybe it’s because of my old age (I know I'm still young, though I'm much older since I last saw you), that they’ve become weak. My hands are also shaky now, I can’t even draw a straight line anymore! I guess, this is it…I will die without even seeing my dearest friend. I wonder if I’ll see you in the afterlife, Sir, or at least, catch a glimpse of your life back there.

I hope you found the girl of your dreams, and married her. I hope that you already have children…at least, reserve a slot for me in your family, Sir! Yes, my only chance is that other experiment I did…if all goes well, I might end up as your newborn daughter. Not only am I back on Earth, I also get to be your daughter—and a true one, too—not adopted.

Please love me again, just like how you did when I was your student…

To my friends in Chersea and in this place they now call Cherflammen, thank you for your support and love through all these times. And I’m sorry for causing the state of this world your own. I tried my best to correct my mistakes, but I’m about to die and nothing was right. I do not deserve to be called the hero of this land…I’m just Alexa, and my ‘accomplishments’ are just for naught.

Sir, I know it’s impossible but, if ever you end up reading this, my ashes are still in a place called the Conclave. Please, I want to come back home…”

My thoughts returned to me when I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. Alexa’s last words in the third letter, ‘I want to come back home’, resonated within my soul. It’s as if she’s pleading for me to fetch her, and help her return to our world.

“…” My hands were clenched. Deep inside, a determined spirit slowly rose within me.

I need to go to the Conclave and bring my student home.



“Well, at least, I won’t need this for a while…” I removed the medallion that was in my neck ever since I came to Chersea. It was an amulet, given to me by Her Holiness, the Saint of Darkness, Lady Natasha Bellingsen, and its purpose was to mask my real thoughts from the other saints.

I can’t believe it worked, especially against that Saint of the Flame…

Well, Lady Natasha did say before that she got the idea from the amulets Lady Seirna herself would use to conceal her plans from her enemies. Only this time, while the Saint of the Flame’s medallion would display empty darkness, Lady Natasha’s medallion would show other ‘unimportant thoughts’ instead. Not only would it fool the one reading the mind, the presence of these thoughts would lessen suspicions, unlike Lady Seirna’s magic.


Anyway, as my true goal of bringing the Lord Kuro into the safety of this place was already accomplished, I guess I won’t be using that medallion for a while. No saint would visit me in this place; thus, my secrets were safe within the confines of my mind. All that’s left was to convince him that teaching in the Conclave was a bad idea.


I knew that my chamberlain, Shevaun, had something to do with that decision of his. After all, while she was my servant, she’s also my clan’s second-in-command…and she would do anything to protect me, even if she had to go against my orders. Nevertheless, I’d stand my ground. The Lord Kuro had no idea of what it’s like inside that school—if we can call that a ‘school’, that is.

I mean, after I saw and experienced how the Lord Kuro conducted his classes at his ‘Academy’, it’s hard to believe that students could also learn when the teachers were understanding, and not too strict with things. We had freedom there; in contrast, the only thing that’s good in the Conclave was the discipline of its students…

Because if we do not adhere to the rules set by the administrators, it can cost us our entire lives. Not exactly physical ‘death’, but the stigma of not graduating from a school as prestigious as the Conclave is an equivalent of a ‘death’ to us.


I already heard stories about the Lord Kuro. After I became the demon lord, I sent spies to gather information about him. And, according to what I read, he’s a man who believed and fought for his ideals, though he would try to compromise to win the situation as well. That’s how he gathered his supporters around him. I guess it’s safe to say that the Lord Kuro’s power and influence went beyond his possession of the god-powers; he could also control the hearts and minds of the people through his words and charms.


I’m glad he doesn’t realize that part of him just yet…

However, the demons of the Conclave were not as open-minded as the humans of Chersea, nor the Beastmen of Cherwind. In fact, our scholars were so enamored with reasons and arguments, they’d only believe in those…and not someone else’s, much more from a human—they consider them ‘low-minded barbarians’.

Well, I hope that the Lord Kuro would forget about that topic. His interests lie in drowning himself in books, so I prepared my castle’s study just for him. Of course, I had to remove some articles in there that could compromise his safety, and kept it within the hidden library inside my own chambers.


Wait, I asked Shevaun to hide it for me…those books and articles about the Lady Cassandra David. Can it be—

I hurried to the hidden library inside my room. This was where I ordered my chamberlain to move the books on Lady Cassandra’s life. Since the Lord Kuro was her old teacher, I’m afraid that if he read those, he’d gain more reason to press me to let him go to the Conclave.

Please don’t let—


Haa…just as I thought. Shevaun really disobeyed my orders…some of the books, and the compilation of the letters that I had, were missing.


At that point, I heard my chamberlain’s voice behind me. Turning around, I saw her standing by the door of my hidden library. I couldn’t help but ask her, “What are you trying to do, Shevaun? Why do you keep on doing things on your own?”

Milady, please understand my intentions,” my chamberlain replied in a soft, calm voice. “My duty and loyalty lies to you, and no one else.”

However, I was already confrontational, “Then why did you give the Lord Kuro those books, and the letter compilation?”

Milady, the Lord Kuro is an otherworlder…like the Lady Cassandra David, he’s an agent of change. You’ve heard the stories about him; his exploits in defeating Lady Seirna and the Emperor, his success in uniting the Beastmen tribes and the humans of Cherwind!”

“Shevaun,” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “The Lord Kuro and Lady Cassandra David are two different persons! While he may have succeeded in Chersea and Cherwind, there’s no telling about his chances here in Cherflammen! You’re throwing our lots to chance!”

“I’m sure he can do the same here, in this land,” Shevaun answered. “Our people needs reform, and badly. That’s why, I don’t care if he’s a human; I just want to see you succeed in your dreams.”

“But you know what will happen if you go against the Conclave! I may be the most powerful demon lord right now; nevertheless, as long as the Saint of Darkness and the Devil of the Grey Parka are missing, my powers are no match compared to the influence of those scholars!”

“The ‘Knights’ may rebel against your intentions, milady,” my chamberlain reiterated, “but with the Lord Kuro around, you can still hope for your reforms to succeed. The Lady Cassandra takes after him!”

I finally snapped, “I’m putting him in danger!”

Milady, stop this nonsense and listen to reason!” Shevaun countered. “As you told Lady Seirna and Lady Ruro back in Chersea, the Lord Kuro is our hope in this conflict against the Conclave and the ‘Knights’. He’s a pawn; whether or not you like that fact! And it’s a big crime not to use his wisdom and abilities against your enemies!”

“That’s an alibi I told those saints, and fortunately, the medallion Lady Natasha gave me worked! Despite that, I won’t let the Lord Kuro face danger!”

“That’s why we’re here, ready to back him up if it comes to it! What are your armies useful for? Decorations?”


An awkward pause then occurred between me and my chamberlain. We were already raising our voices; one side was trying to convince the other of their reasons. However, as we realized that none of us would give way, we opted to cool our heads first. And then, when the atmosphere was considerably calmer…

“Shevaun…what should I do?” I couldn’t deny the fact that my chamberlain’s points were valid. Nevertheless, my heart was torn into using the Lord Kuro against my enemies, and keeping him with me for his safety.

Milady, I’m aware of the risks, and I’m concerned for the Lord Kuro as well,” Shevaun gave me a tap on my shoulder, “But please consider; if we don’t act soon, his life would be in an even greater threat. Yes, you can still protect him here, for Darkmoor and Helfan were still under your control. However, if the ‘Knights’ get stronger, they would soon wrest these cities away from your hands…and conflict against Chersea would be inevitable. Don’t you think you made it even more dangerous for the Lord Kuro in that scenario than it is now?”

Oh good heavens…I didn’t mean for this to happen. I only wanted to protect the person who was precious to me.

“If you’re still in doubt, milady, then once again, I ask you to send me.”

“!!!” The Lord Kuro had finally entered into my study, brought along by Shevaun. In his hands was the letter compilation of Lady Cassandra David. I asked, “You heard what we just talked about?”

He nodded, “Milady, now I know of the risks you’re taking to protect me, I guess it’s time for me to do the same.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s help each other. I will use my abilities to strengthen your side, while destroying your enemies. In return, you’ll give me the recommendation to enter the Conclave.”

“I…I can’t do that.”

“I want to be clear on this; although your brother had denied my request before, I won’t rest ’till the both of you would send me to the Conclave.”

“And why should we?”

“Because of my student is waiting for me, Lady Noir.”

“Lady Cassandra David is long dead, Sir.” I pointed out.

“Nevertheless, her ashes remain in her grave there, and that’s what I’m after,” he replied. “I won’t stay long, if that’s what you fear; I just want to get her remains and bail out.”

“And do you think the scholars there would quickly agree to your demands?”

“I will never know if I won’t try. And even if it takes an eternity, I will not leave my student alone.”

“Why are you so eager to find enemies, Lord Greg?” I asked, trying to hide my fearful expression. “You don’t know what you’re getting into.”

“Lady Noir,” he brought out the three letters I copied from the Conclave. Those were the ones I and the other scholars of the Conclave were having difficulty in deciphering, though by now, I knew whom those letters were meant for. “I have fully read the contents of these letters of Alexa Cassandra David, and these are all addressed to me. A student of mine is asking for my help, and as her teacher, it is my duty to come to her aid.”


The Lord Kuro and I were locked in a silent face-off. He never averted his gaze from me, and so did I. Both of us wanted to stand our ground, though neither would give any sign of relenting. From his eyes, I could tell that the Lord Kuro was serious in his request; it’s as if I’m staring at the eyes of a man who would kill just to have his way, or he’d die trying.

“Okay…” I couldn’t look any further unto his eyes. The longer we locked ourselves into a staring contest, the deeper I fall for the Lord Kuro. His determination was just…argh! “I-I will write to my brother; he’s the one who will recommend you.”

“Thank you for your consideration, milady,” he bowed.

“I can’t believe this…” I could only shake my head, “Lady Cassandra David is just a student to you! Why do you have to risk your life for someone who’s not even your family? Aren’t humans only care for their loved ones?”

“Well,” the Lord Kuro smirked, “before I am the Lord Kuro of Arles, I am just Greg Santos—Alexa Cassandra David’s teacher, and in that role, I won’t abandon my precious student and friend…even if I had to fight an entire land of demons.”