Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: The City of Sylveria


The floating city of Sylveria was home to a well-known guild that sat in the centre of the city. It stood tall among the rest of the stone buildings and had a similar appearance to that of a castle in the medieval times. Unlike other games which did not allow players into certain buildings or purchase property, this game was different. Any player could buy whatever property they wished. The problem players and guilds had was getting the funds. It was rare for a guild to amass the gold to buy most large properties due to the trillions it would cost.

Yet, for Mariya and Wolfy, they had managed to gather up the gold to buy anything they wanted. Both of them had bought up various top-level gear and supporting items – along with getting high-end level gear from different quests. They had been working hard to ensure they were at max level and made sure to remember important information on the game such as monster spawn rates and drops, along with monster weaknesses and other types of information.

Walking around the streets of the city, Mariya turned to her brother.

“Should we ask nicely or just take the guild building?”

“We can always try talking it out. If all else fails, we simply kill them all and take the building,” Wolfy said with a chilling sadistic smile.

Pulling out a small canteen, Wolfy took a swig of the liquid inside and offered it to Mariya.

“Nii… How much of those energy drinks have you had?” Mariya asked as she refused to take the canteen.

Wolfy thought for a moment as he downed the whole thing.

“Well, it’s an endless drink that increases speed and focus. So, I down at least one a day or more to ensure I can stay alert and work to keep you safe…”


“Maybe like… six? Nine?”

“And that explains why you can never sleep, even when we were in the real world.”

“Hey! I slept just fine.”

“You fell asleep on the couch and I had to throw a blanket over you to stop you from catching a cold.”

Wolfy thought for a moment.

“I don’t recall that.”

“Because you forget things that happen even a day ago.”

“I mean, you’re not wrong. I’m lucky enough to remember your birthday.”

Mariya pulled up the menu for all the guilds in the game. Scrolling through the list, she found the guild that own the building at the centre of the city. A look of disgust showed on her face.

“What’s wrong, sis?”

“The leader of the guild is someone we met once.”

Wolfy traced through the depths of his mind and failed to recall any meeting with anyone that Mariya would have felt uncomfortable around.

“Remind me again, who exactly?”

“You’ll see when we get there. Just don’t kill them. I’d like to try and get them to our side. Win their trust.”

“And then kill them?”

“Of course.”

Entering into the guild building, Mariya made her way to the main room while Wolfy followed behind her with his arms resting against the back of his head as he walked. Mariya took note of the amount of members in the guild lobby. Upon approaching the counter, she smiled as she looked at the girl working as the guild receptionist.

“Welcome to the Black Flame guild. How can I help you?”

“Could you tell Blaze that Mariya is here to see him? He’ll know who I am.”

The receptionist nodded and proceeded to contact her guild master. After a few moments, she looked to the two of them.

“Head up the stairs and into the guild room.”

Making their way up the stairs and into the guild room, Mariya and Wolfy were greeted by a large room with a crimson red carpet that led to a throne sitting in the back of the room. Various guild members that acted like soldiers stood at the sides with their weapons out and apparent.

“Looks like we have twenty-four here, plus the leader,” Mariya whispered to her brother.

“I can easily kill them. Just say the word.”

“Only attack when I say the word, okay?”

“Copy that.”

Approaching the throne, Mariya smiled and curtsied like that of a noble.

“Long time no see. Looks like you have been doing well.”

Blaze stood up and made his way towards Mariya with a smile on his face.

“I’m glad to see you. Heard your guild was doing quite well even though it’s just you and your brother. Guess he still likes to play as female characters,” Blaze said as he made his way over to Wolfy.

With a seemingly playful gesture, he thumped Wolfy in the forehead. Wolfy’s eyes narrowed into an intense seed of hatred. He appeared ready to kill the man in front of him.

“As you can see though, we have done quite well for ourselves since we last met.”

“Did you just thump my brother in the forehead?” Mariya asked as she continued to try and smile.

“Yeah? Why?”

Without warning, a strong gust of wind rushed passed Blaze. Before he could realise what had happened, a large amount of pain shot through his body as he fell to the floor. Making use of a precise gust of wind at a certain location, Mariya had severed both legs from Blaze that had forced him to hit the ground.

“The last time someone did that in the real world, my brother almost killed a little kid. So I’d appreciate it if you didn’t do that again, otherwise, I can’t guarantee your safety.”

“You bitch!”

“Can we just kill them now, sis?”

“Let’s leave at least one alive.”


The room was silent as Mariya looked over the status of her equipment and health. Blood had covered her clothes from head to toe, ruining the outfit she had on. While her brother was out and killing off the rest of the guild members in the various areas, she purchased the guild building – putting everything under her control. Taking a quick second to remove her outfit, she changed into a simple white tee-shirt with a hot pink pleated skirt and two pink ribbons that tied off her hair into a pair of pigtails. A pair of black over-the-knee socks and heavy combat boots completed the look.

Even though the clothes appeared similar to a punk-rocker style of dress, Mariya ensured all the clothing choices increased her stats by incredible margins. As she looked at the guild list, she noticed that Blaze and his guild had been eased from the top ten list. While she continued to go over everything in her mind and all the information in front of her, she noticed her brother dragging a young girl by her hair.

Throwing her in front of his sister, Wolfy looked around the room and took notice of the blood. Pulling out the canteen, he down the liquid that he been addicted to from the start and headed over to his sister.

“That’s everyone in this building dead, expect for her.”

The girl was frightened by what she had seen and appeared timid. She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit seen in a modern-day Japanese school. Her long brown hair flowed down to her waist while her brown eyes showed just how scared she was. Mariya smiled as she sat down on the throne.

“You have nothing to fear, okay? We’re not going to kill you. What’s your name?”


“Well Yara, what did you do for this guild?”

“I was the treasurer for the guild.”

“Did you enjoy the job?”

“Y-Yes… I’ve always loved banking and dealing with transactions.”

Mariya looked over to Wolfy.

“What do you think, nii?”

Wolfy had transformed into his wolf state and curled up into his sister’s lap.

“I mean, I could date her. She looks cute. But—”

“Nii, I’m not setting you up for a date,” Mariya said with a smiled as she placed her hand on her brother’s head.

“Oh. Then, whatever you decide is fine.”

“All right then. Yara, you will withdraw all your guild’s money and transfer it into our guild. Once the act is complete, we will welcome you into the guild,” Mariya said with a smile.

“I-I can do that. Just please don’t kill me. I’ll work hard and serve you, Lady Mariya.”

Mariya couldn’t help but blush at the title Yara had given her out of nowhere.

“Right. Just do your job and we won’t have a problem, okay?”

“Yes! I’ll be loyal to you, Lady Mariya.”

Without another word, Yara left the room. Wolfy looked up his sister as he watched her remove an apple from her bag and eat it.

“Should I start calling you Lady Mariya as well?”

Mariya laughed as she handed the other half of the apple to her brother.

“Of course not. You are and always will be my older brother. Nothing will change that.”

Finishing up the apple, Wolf rested his head down and closed his eyes.

“Good. Now if you don’t mind, dear sister, I’m going to sleep. The crash from those drinks is real.”

“Just don’t drool on me, okay? My other outfit needs to be cleaned.”