Chapter 1:

The Sins From The Years

I Dreamt of Heaven

(Its the 7 am in the morning...The date is 1st of September 2022..The Sun was shining thru a window signaling that a new year of school has started..Highschool that is.. An alarm starts blaring and Kazuhiro hits the clock so the alarm stops blaring.. He looks at the ceiling of his apartment and sighs..)Bookmark here

"Kazuhiro:Hopefully this is the start of my new life, well highschool... Things haven't been going well recently so.. Nevermind this year is gonna suck isn't it.. "Bookmark here

(He gets up and dresses up.. His red stripes in his hair slightly glow but then the glowing dimmed down as he looks at it.. He grabs a mask and then puts it on his face and tightens it up.. He grabs his bag and walks to the kitchen.. It seemed like his sister already left home.. She has always been so lazy in the morning so he wondered where she went so early for the first time.. He grabs a remote and the curtain blinds cover the windows and the room goes completely dark, suddenly the candles light up in flames.. The room is filled with light while Kazus eyes glow blue..)Bookmark here

"Kazu:A perfect way to start the day-"Bookmark here

(Suddendly his window gets blown open by the wind and the blinds fall off the windows and the candles stop burning, he looks in disgudt and then rubs his eyes and yawns..)Bookmark here

"Kazuhiro:Or not then.. I better start walking to school..Can't be late on the first day."Bookmark here

(He grabs a slice of bread and while grabbing his jacket, he runs out of the room. Kazu rushes down the stairs and accidentally misses the step..)Bookmark here

"Kazu:Oh Fu-"Bookmark here

(He starts falling down the flight of stairs and then comes to a sudden stop when he hits the ground..)Bookmark here

"Kazu:Fucking hell.. That hurt.. Shit, I have to hurry!"Bookmark here

(Kazu gets up and then starts running out of the door.. The sun shines into his eyes so he covers his eyes and accidentally runs into someone..)Bookmark here

"???:Hey, are you alright?"Bookmark here

"Kazu:Yeah..Yeah, I'm fine."Bookmark here

(It reaches its hand down and Kazu grabs it.. The sun goes behind a cloud and the shade reveals a girl.. She has round glasses,pale skin, white hair with the edge being light-green.. She wore the same school uniform that Kazu had..)Bookmark here

"???:Well I better get going before I'm late to school.. Ciao!"Bookmark here

(She grabs her bag from the ground and starts running.. Kazu rubs his head and then stands up to adjusts his outfit.. He looks at the girl running and wondered who she was.. Kazu checks the time on the wall of some building and sees that he has 10 minutes left to get on the train.. He quickly checks his phone for the fastest route.. The GPS starts working and he dashes leaving a lot of dust behind..)Bookmark here

**The girls perspective of view..**Bookmark here

(She runs around a corner and then stops to relax.. She sits down next to a wall and then checks her phone..)Bookmark here

"???:Aww man.. My phone has a crack in the screen from running into the boy.."Bookmark here

(She smiles and then holds her hand above her phone.. The screen starts glowing and then it stops glowing suddenly.. The crack seemd to dissapear, she her phone in her bag and looks around.. No one seemingly saw her.. She stands up and adjusts her skirt..)Bookmark here

"???:I better start moving otherwise I'll be late.."Bookmark here

(She grabs her bag and starts walking down the alley.. She arrives at the train station and waits for the train... Kazu runs up the stairs and the girl sees him and looks down..)Bookmark here

"Both:Not him/her again.."Bookmark here

(Kazu walks next to her and looks to the distance.. The girl looks around and sees a lot of people waiting for the train... A minute later the train stops at the station and all the doors open.. They both step in and find a seat across from eachother.. Kazu looks at her and smiles under his mask.. The girl looks up and sees him looking at her.. She waves her hand at him and then points outside.. It was the view of the ocean... Kazu looks behind and looks at the ocean.. There were a couple of boats and boulders shaped like spikes in the ocean.. The train announces that it has reached the schools stop.. Kazu and the girl stand up and start walking to the school.."Bookmark here

"???:Hey.. What's your name? I forgot to ask when we bumped into eachother."Bookmark here

"Kazu:The name is Kazuhiro Nakajima.. How about you?"Bookmark here

"???:Oh! My name is Ayaka Miyamoto. Nice to meet you Kazuhiro!"Bookmark here

"Kazu:It's nice to meet you too Ayaka."Bookmark here

(She giggles and then looks at the school.. It was pretty big due to it being one of the biggest in Japan. It was just built a year ago, but has already had over 2500 students)Bookmark here

**Kazu's perspective of view..**Bookmark here

(She seems pretty kind.. Kazu might've just made his first friend in highschool before starting it.. He laughs and then looks at her.. She looked so focused on the school that she bumped into another student..)Bookmark here

"???:Watch where your going!"Bookmark here

"Ayaka:I'm sorry! I didn't mean to.."Bookmark here

(The boy runs towards the school and doesnt look back.. Ayaka frowns and then looks at Kazuhiro..)Bookmark here

"Ayaka:I guess I'm not making a good impression on the first day!"Bookmark here

"Kazu:I mean.. He bumped into you so it wasn't your fault.."Bookmark here

"Ayaka:That's true, but still.."Bookmark here

(A droplet of blood slides down Ayakas cheek from her eye..)Bookmark here

"Kazu:Is your eye alright..?"Bookmark here

"Ayaka:Yeah.. Its nothing I swear!"Bookmark here

(She looks into his eyes and smiles.. They finally make it to the entrance of the school and are instructed to go into the auditorium.. They stand a quite a far distance from eachother.. The Principle walks on stage and stands infront of the microphone..)Bookmark here

"Principle:Welcome students to another year or the first year of highschool. I'd personally like to welcome the students who are new to the school. Well I don't actually have time to talk a long time so just find your Sensei and please follow them to your classroom. We will start tomorrow with another chat.."Bookmark here

(The Principle rushes off the stage and outside.. Kazu looks at him running out and feels weird.. Suddenly Ayaka grabs Kazus arm and pulls him to their homeroom teacher..)Bookmark here

"Teacher:Alright Class 1-1. Follow my lead to the classroom."Bookmark here

(The class follows the teacher and they make it to the class after 7 minutes of walking.. The students sit down.. Kazu and Ayaka were assigned seats next to eachother..They both set their bags down and look infront of the class..)Bookmark here

"Teacher:Good morning. I'm your homeroom teacher and English teacher Miss.Aiko.. Now lets settle the main question today.. Who wants to be class representative.."Bookmark here

"Kazu and Ayaka:I would like to be the rep-"Bookmark here

(They both stare at eachother.. Kazu smirks and looks at Ayaka looking at him like he is about to kill him.. Is this the start of a beautiful friendship or relationship.. Or a bittersweet rivaly.. Who knows..)Bookmark here

**To Be Continued..**Bookmark here

I Dreamt of Heaven

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