Chapter 69:

Excerpt from Royal Report - Fiona's Needaimus Progress

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Needaimus Instructor Report 16 – Progress Status of Fiona Whitlock

Fiona's development status has proceeded in a far more negative way than the instructor had hoped.

In a previous report, it was brought up that Fiona Whitlock was able to successfully use her Needaimus ability in an application that allowed her to move as the subject. This was reported in a positive light at the time. However, that previous positivity must be withdrawn in this report.

It has become increasingly clear that the princess is using this application as the primary one. Though her compatibility has almost reached 100% at this point, she remains undeveloped in her application.

At this time, it is the recommendation of the entire instruction team to remove the Needaimus 'Impression Sunrise' from Fiona Whitlock's care. The team would suggest a garku type be offered to the princess due to her current application and the simplicity of the Needaimus category.

Additional Comments from Royal Office

The office has read and taken into consideration the requests of the instruction team. Currently, no such garku type is available in the Needaimus vault. The remaining options were all deemed inappropriate for the princess when her initial selection took place. The only new addition since the selection is the Needaimus that was deemed 'troublesome' and is to be melted down at a future date. It was decided that Fiona Whitlock would continue to use her current Needaimus for the time being.