Chapter 17:

Chapter 6: Shenanigans Part I

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

A/N: Heyo! ( ̄▽ ̄)/ T.K.月狐 here. This author’s note will be super short. I promise. Chapter 6 is named Shenanigans and for good reason.

(─‿‿─) But don’t let the title fool you because it’s actually important for the story… somehow. That’s all for me now enjoy the shenanigans. 

Chapter 6: Shenanigans Part I

I woke up to white light, my body feeling heavy. I stared ahead in disappointment. I expected at least one girl to be lying her head on me, but alas, it was just the hospital bed sheets. Someone had tucked me in really well, like really well, like strapped me to the bed well… Why do I feel something leathery against my hands and feet? I couldn’t see them, but they were there, belts to keep me strapped down.

Thankfully a nurse came in soon after. I couldn’t see her face because of the angle, but she had long brown hair and one of those beige medical ninja coats on. Strange no bandages… 6/10.

“Excuse me miss, I seem to be stuck here.” I said, relaxing as she came closer.

“Yeah, the little pup in the next bed said you had a fear of needles?”


I swallowed hard, and I saw it next to her face. My vision focused on a thick syringe that dripped with clear liquid. The nurse also had these red triangular tats on her face, and I suddenly felt ill. She’s an Inuzuka! I started shaking the bed. The sound of creaking filled the room. The Inuzuka clan have medical ninjas!

“You know, I heard something strange when I came back home.” She flicked the syringe and eyed the contents. It was filled to the brim as if it was made for an animal, a very, very large animal.

“Listen, you know what? I’m feeling fine.” I jiggled the straps some more. I managed to unbuckle one of them but stopped once she sat on the bed.

“Some kid called our clansmen a mutt.” Her eye gleamed a yellow sparkle as a shadow came over her face.

“I-I wonder who could have said that….”

She inched closer with a devilish smile.

“You know I heard some red-haired chick had a foul mouth, maybe you—”

“You mean her.” She nudged her head to the left of me.

Tayuya was also in a hospital bed, but she seemed strange. I knew for a fact she would have said something by now… Why were there Xs on her eyes… and a muzzle on her mouth! I looked back in horror.

“Yeah, she barked a lot, so we had to muzzle her.” The Medical demon just shrugged her shoulders as if it was a necessary sacrifice. “I hope I don’t have to do the same to you.”

“You know… I love dogs.”

“I’m sure you do.” She raised the needle.

“Wait! I already paid Kiba back for that, and Kai forgave me. Can I just get normal medical treatment?”

She pulled back the syringe, and it looked as if she would put it down. “Hmmm, since you are friends with my little brother, I guess I can try the normal method.”

Thank God I’m friends with Kiba. “Wait, Kiba has a sister?”

“Yeah, the lil pup probably doesn’t mention me often. My name is Hana Inuzuka, the Leaf Village’s best veterinarian.”

“Veterinarian…” They sent a veterinarian for me…

“I also play with people from time to time, especially disobedient Genin who can’t follow commands.” She eyed the syringe again.

“Listen, that wasn’t my fault. Tayuya—”

I stopped myself. If I told her that Tayuya was the one that injured four Genin, she’d get kicked off the team. And as crazy as it sounded, I needed her. Sasuke was right; I wouldn’t get stronger without someone to challenge me.

“Oh? Was there something you wanted to say?”

I found my resolve and went for a classic Yuki move. “Tayuya’s pretty cute when she’s quiet.”

There was a dead silence, and Hana stared at me, then nodded.

“Ok. A ninja who looks after their own can’t be bad.” She set the syringe down on the dresser next to me and smiled, her canine teeth showing. It made me a little uncomfortable, but I relaxed when she pulled back the sheets and started unbuckling my restraints.

“Oh, this one was already undone?” Hana said, confused.

“Yeah… I was breaking myself out.”

She started laughing. “You really do hate needles.”

“I despise them.” I thought back on the time I had to get a set of five shots when I was ten because of my chakra imbalance problems. I knew the fear was irrational but screw needles. I ended up fighting the team of medical-nin until Sui knocked me out. Nowadays, I didn’t have to get shots since I had relative control over my chakra now.

“Oh, hey Sui.” I said, lifting my chest up. Finally, my top half was free, and I could turn my body around. Sui stood in a medical gown behind Hana though her hair covered her face. “You seem fine.”

“Wh-what. You’re not supposed to be moving Ms. Hyūga.”

She’s not supposed to be moving… Oh no! I reached for the syringe, but it was swiftly taken from me. Sui’s hair stood up, and the veins around her eye popped, her Byakugan active.

“Not even a day!” She held the syringe up like a kunai.

“Wait–Please! I didn’t mean it in that way. You know me, I joke around. I could never like a girl with such a shitty personality, even if she did look sort of hot. I-I mean—”

I was cut off by the sudden strike to my neck. Hana didn’t even try to stop her. She just shook her head. My neck stung at first when Sui pulled it out, but other than that, I felt fine. No, not just fine. I flexed my hands and rotated my arms. I felt amazing. I stood up on the bed, breaking past the buckles on my legs.

“Wow, thanks Sui. I should’ve just gotten the—” I collapsed back into the bed. I couldn’t control my body anymore. I just convulsed on the bed; my heart pounded in my ears.

“You gave him the whole dose!” Hana held me down. “I wasn’t actually going to give him the whole thing… That was enough adrenaline for an elephant… Ok, the least you can do is go get help—” Hana’s voice trailed off.

I had watched Sui collapse on the ground a long time ago. I was sure her injuries were as bad as mine, but it seemed that a woman’s anger trumped all. Eventually, I passed out and wouldn’t see the light again for a couple of days. 

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