Chapter 18:

Chapter 6: Shenanigans Part II

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1

Chapter 6: Shenanigans Part IIBookmark here

A week passed with Tayuya, Sui, and I stuck in the hospital with nothing to do. There were veteran ANBU who stood guard outside of our room door so sneaking out wasn’t an option. Tayuya had tried, and that was why I saw her strapped and muzzled to the bed. She was only freed for the absolute necessities. On the other hand, Sui could freely leave the room and come back since she had Hyūga backing. Not to mention she was the most respectful one out of the three of us. While I was confined to walking around the boring hospital room where I rarely got visitors, and Sasuke wasn’t one of them. Bookmark here

“I have a thing or two to say to that bastard for not even caring enough to visit! I mean, even Ino took the time to visit me!”Bookmark here

“Mmmmmm.”Bookmark here

“I know right? Sasuke’s a piece of work.” Bookmark here

“I can assure you that is not what Tayuya is saying.” Sui said, playing her next piece. Bookmark here

We sat next to Tayuya’s hospital bed playing Shogi since she couldn’t move. Her eyes seemed to light up, and she stopped fidgeting in her bed whenever we played it. I doubt she had ever played the game with how she appeared to marvel at it. Bookmark here

“Oh, then what is she saying?” I said, promoting my knight. Bookmark here

Sui opened her mouth. Bookmark here

“And you can’t say trash.”Bookmark here

She stopped and thought for a moment before capturing my knight with her silver general. “She’s saying ‘stop distracting me from the game.’”Bookmark here

“Mmhm. Mmhm.” Bookmark here

“What game?” I moved my dragon to I4 and “Checkmate.”Bookmark here

Sui bowed her head in defeat, declaring that she lost. “That’s why I said to stop distracting me.” Bookmark here

“Oh… You meant you.” I scratched my chin as I laughed nervously. Bookmark here

“What does that make the score now?” Bookmark here

“You sure? I was barely keeping track.” I saw a glint in her eye and decided I should probably start talking. “Today it was thirty to five, my way.” Bookmark here

“So about a sixteen percent chance at victory… I’m improving at least.” Sui didn’t look sad. In fact, she seemed pretty proud of herself. It had been a while since we last played against one another, so I doubt she had been practicing. Bookmark here

“Yeah, if you work on your drops during the midgame, you’ll easily be on par with the Nara clan.” I watched her eye sparkle from that compliment as I started cleaning up the board. It was getting late, and I was tired of playing. When are we going to get out of here? Bookmark here

“Ahahaha, so you learned from Shogi. Maybe you could teach my son a thing or two since you’re both rooks.” The Third Hokage appeared in the room. I assumed he was watching us play the whole time.Bookmark here

“I consider myself a dragon more so than a rook, to be honest, Third Hokage.” Bookmark here

“Didn’t I tell my students to call me by my name?” He said, stroking his grey goatee. Bookmark here

Our faces lit up except for Tayuya’s, who didn’t seem to care about the Hokage’s appearance. Since the incident, we never had the chance to speak the Third Hokage, so we thought he was deciding on our punishment. I thought it was going to be us getting a new sensei. Bookmark here

During the week, we were only questioned about the events that happened. Sui and I agreed not to rat out Tayuya. It was hard for me to convince Sui at first since she was having a jealousy streak, but it worked after begging on my hands and knees. Now, why would I do that for Tayuya? Well… It was like playing Shogi. Bookmark here

“Is Tayuya included in that?” I looked back at her, and Tayuya’s eyes narrowed. While Sui… I chose not to pay attention to the bloodlust I felt behind me.Bookmark here

“That depends. Why did you lie to the ANBU investigators about Tayuya’s involvement? She single-handedly tried to kill three shinobi and her own team. Not only that, but she was the one who broke my explicit order to not engage with enemy ninja.” Bookmark here

I looked at Sui, who was equally surprised. Which meant she didn’t tell him. Were we being watched the whole time? Then I remembered that Danzō told Tayuya not to lie to the Third Hokage. Damn it. Did I do all that begging for nothing? I wonder if I can take back those promises… Bookmark here

The Third raised his hand. “It does not matter how I found out the truth. Just know, you two committed a grave crime for someone whom you’ve known for less than twenty-four hours. Now explain yourselves.”Bookmark here

“This one’s on you.” Sui whispered in my ear and went to finish cleaning up the board game.Bookmark here

“It looks like you’re the ringleader. Yuki. Uchiha.” The way he said my name made me shudder in fear. Bookmark here

Damn it, how am I supposed to stay confident when you say my name like that. I took a deep breath and looked around the room. There was no one else except for the people I trusted and Tayuya. “Third Hoka— I mean Hiruzen-sensei, is anyone listening in on us?”Bookmark here

The Third Hokage raised an eyebrow and then sighed. He did a couple of hand signs, and I felt the space change. We were still in the room, but it felt different. I no longer heard Sui moving the pieces or Tayuya’s grumbling. Did he block out the sound for us?Bookmark here

“You should be able to speak freely now.” Bookmark here

“Thank you, Hiruzen-sensei.” I raised three of my fingers. “The first reason is selfish. I want the strength Tayuya provides. She far surpasses a Genin, and I’m sure she might even be a Jōnin-level ninja in terms of skill. So having her as a part of my team will make my goal of hunting down Itachi an easier one.”Bookmark here

“Hmmm. Sasuke said the same thing to Kakashi, except he doesn’t seem to need allies. Why is that?”Bookmark here

“That’s my second reason. Sasuke thinks he can do everything alone, that he will have enough power to achieve his desires alone. I want to forge a different path, one where I don’t grow cold to those around me. If I can work with someone as strong as Tayuya, then maybe I can show him he doesn’t have to be alone.”Bookmark here

“So, you want to lighten the path for Sasuke, yet your own path is still muddled in darkness.” Bookmark here

Is it though? I mean, having a goal that others can take part in sounds a lot brighter than doing it alone. Bookmark here

The Third Hokage still looked unfazed by my reasons. I took another deep breath and hoped this last one worked. But first, I had to check on something. I turned to Sui and tapped her shoulder. She stared at me and said something I couldn’t hear. I mouthed out the words. ‘Can you hear me?’ Bookmark here

She shook her head. ‘No.’Bookmark here

“What, don’t trust my Jutsu?” Bookmark here

“Just making sure.” I turned away from Sui and made sure she couldn’t read my lips. “My third reason and to what I believe is my most important one. To where I would easily tell any amount lies no matter the consequences for…”Bookmark here

I watched the Third nod his head as if I was about to say something profound, but who would I be if I did that. I wouldn’t be me, that’s for sure.Bookmark here

“Have you seen her? I mean, I know she’s like one to two years older than me but come on. Do all girls get glow-ups overtime? Because If that’s the case, I can’t wait to see Sui’s. Long red hair, tan skin, a well-toned body. Not to mention she even has some curves. Beauty and Strength. If she didn’t have a mouth that could chew you out in seconds, she’d definitely be a 10/10…” I said, taking a breath from my rant. Only to remember something extremely important. Bookmark here

“Please don’t tell Sui I said that. I still like her ok. I’m still getting used to this whole exclusive thing, so—” I stopped talking because there was blood everywhere. Bookmark here

“Ahahaha.” The Third Hokage was laughing even though blood streamed out of his nose. Bookmark here

Sui ran around panicking until she found tissues to plug them up. Bookmark here

“Then it is decided.” The Third Hokage said, recovering from whatever that was. “I can’t get in the way of a boy and his taste in women. Now can I?” Bookmark here

I started to laugh with him because I had no idea what to say. I didn’t expect my ogling to work, but it did. Then something even more unexpected happened. Hiruzen-sensei placed his hand on my shoulder, leveling his face with mine, and nodded. “You remind me so much of my pupil Jiraiya. He too was interested in women during his training.”Bookmark here

“D–don’t tell me you gave him relationship advice?” Icha Icha is a trash product, and you should feel ashamed for helping create that monstrosity, Old man!Bookmark here

“No never. If I had, that man wouldn’t still be single off writing romance novels. I‘m married with two sons and a grandson. Why do you think I’m known as the God of Shinobi?” Bookmark here

“…” I didn’t know what to say except. “Teach me all that you know Hiruzen-sensei!” Bookmark here

“All in do time, but first let’s get you three to the office.” He held his hands together. “Release.” And like that, I could hear again. Hiruzen-sensei clapped his hands, and a team of ANBU came in, freed Tayuya, but kept her muzzle on. Then they vanished back to the shadows hidden from view.Bookmark here

“Tayuya Uzumaki, it has been decided that you will not be expelled from the Village.” Bookmark here

“I told you she’d be expelled.” I whispered to Sui, who glared at me. Bookmark here

“What the hell did you say to cause him to bleed?” Bookmark here

“Ha-ha.” I started scratching my head, thinking of a good excuse. “It seemed the edginess of my words were just too sharp for him.” Bookmark here

“You better not be lying to me.” Bookmark here

“Me, lie? When have I ever— I’ll shut up now.” Bookmark here

With just one eye in view, she could somehow kill me when most couldn’t do that with two. I was seriously treading on thin ice. But then again, that was what made it fun.Bookmark here

“From now on, you are forbidden from using your summoning arts, and should you go against anything that was said tonight, not even I will be able to let you go without serious consequences. I will not make the same mistake again. Got it.” Bookmark here

Tayuya couldn’t say a word, but she nodded and bowed her head. Bookmark here

“Good. Now as for your new living arrangement.”Bookmark here

“Living arrangement?” Sui and I said in unison. Tayuya was trying to answer by taking off the muzzle, but it seemed she couldn’t take it off due to the seals on it.Bookmark here

“Why yes, living arrangements. Tayuya doesn’t have a place to stay, and our vacant housing would be the Uchiha residence but—” Hiruzen-sensei nodded towards me. Then I heard Sui let out a sigh of relief. Was he looking at her? “I think it would be better if you moved into the Hokage residence since it would solve many problems.” Bookmark here

“You’re that scared I’ll do something?” I whispered to Sui.Bookmark here

“Yes, I am. But not for the reason you’re thinking of. Tayuya will most likely kill you the moment you make a move on her, and if you somehow survived, I’d have to finish the job. So just be grateful you won’t have to die now.” Sui said that with a smile and such certainty it scared me. She spoke as if she had foreseen the future.Bookmark here

“Wow, you really have little faith in me.” I said, hiding my fear.Bookmark here

“You haven’t given me a reason not to.” She crossed her arms and started ignoring me. Bookmark here

“With that done, follow me to your new home, Team 9.” The Third Hokage said casually, walking out of the room with us close behind.Bookmark here

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