Chapter 24:

Chapter 7: Turning Point Part IV and V

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1

Chapter 7: Turning Point Part IVBookmark here

"Oh." The Third Hokage stared down at me from atop the stone pillar. The three bells hung off the edge next to his feet, swaying from the breeze. "You've decided to face me alone."Bookmark here

"I mean, you are a clone with only a quarter of Hiruzen-sensei's chakra." I said, standing on the beachhead, twirling my kunai. The river in front of me, its waves were calm, yet never still. I hesitated to step onto it.Bookmark here

"Ahahaha. I'm being severely underestimated."Bookmark here

"I wish I could do that. Even now, I'm unsure if I can even fight you and stay afloat."Bookmark here

"That is also a part of your test."Bookmark here

Being able to walk on water took a lot of effort in terms of chakra control. Since, unlike trees, the river moved, as such, I had to take that into account to stay above it. I learned how to walk on water at an early age, I had to, but I had never fought on it. I guess there's a first time for everything. I stepped forward, coating my feet in my purple chakra. I let go of the breath I held when I didn't sink, receiving a clap from Hiruzen-sensei.Bookmark here

"Good to see my students are a cut above the rest. As a reward, I'll tell you the point of this test."Bookmark here

He's stalling with this conversation. It was getting brighter, and I was down to twelve minutes. Should I hear him out or… I stared at my kunai and thought about sending in the first wave, but if the bells got knocked into the water, I'd be screwed. New plan.Bookmark here

"I'll listen, but only if you get down from there."Bookmark here

"Ahahaha. You don't want the bells getting ruined. Don't worry, I have a Jutsu that should keep them in place, but." Hiruzen-sensei jumped down, standing on the river. "Since it'll calm your nerves."Bookmark here

He sat down, and none of the water seemed to even get on him. "Now it's time for me to teach. The bell test is something I invented to test a Genin's teamwork skills. Many other teachers have adopted my method, giving birth to the Sannin and to ninja, like Kakashi over the years. Since it would take three Genin working as a team to even fathom touching a bell from an elite Jōnin."Bookmark here

"Yeah, sounds about right." I said, barely listening. About eleven minutes left.Bookmark here

"Ok. If you understand, then why did you come alone? I heard your team's plan, and I thought it was wonderful. I would have passed you right away from theory alone. So why?"Bookmark here

"I'll tell you the same thing I told Tayuya." The world slowed, and a chill was sent down my spine. I wish I could use my lightning cloak, but. I eyed the river. Being fried did not sound fun. "I'd rather stop being a ninja than spit on Sui's resolve. I mean. Did you see her? Not even your monkey stood a chance." Ten minutes.Bookmark here

"Ahahaha. You may very well pass this test—"Bookmark here

I threw all eight of my kunai, each with wind-elemental tags attached to them. The wires on my hands extended as I started to prep my fire Jutsu.Bookmark here

"Earth Style: Great Mud Wall Jutsu." A gigantic wall of earth appeared, blocking the kunai. The wall wrapped around the Third Hokage and the pillar that held the bells, creating a dome. "I'll see you when the ten minutes are up!" Hiruzen-sensei called out from within his dome.Bookmark here

That's what you think. "Fire Style: Dragon Fire Jutsu!" I spat flames out onto the wires of all eight kunai. The rapidly moving fire caught up the wind tags igniting them to explode while against the dome. In most cases, my fire and wind would just create a scorching heat, but next to the chakra-infused earth—I shielded my eyes from the bright white light that came before the bang.Bookmark here

When the light cleared, there weren't chunks of rocks flying or the crumbling of stone, not even a crack, just perfectly cut out holes in the dome. As if it were turned to dust. It was one of my Improvised Styles: Dust-styled Atomic Dismantling Jutsu!Bookmark here

I appeared above the Third Hokage, who was still in shock, sending a chakra-reinforced kick to his face. Barely moving, he grabbed my ankle, stopping my attack entirely.Bookmark here

"I didn't know you inherited it." He removed the smoking pipe from his mouth with his other hand. "This changes things."Bookmark here

"Let go!" I threw down my next set of four elemental-tagged kunai. They were earth this time. "Lightning style: Shocking Grasp Jutsu!" A trail of lightning flowed from my touch, following the wires onto the kunai, and set off the bombs. Improvised Style: Explosion-styled C-1 Detonation Jutsu!Bookmark here

Released, I landed on my feet easily, kicking away the chunk of mud that became the Hokage's arm. When the smoke cleared, the Hokage's body was also mud, well... what was left of it. It was just the mud clone's legs that were left standing.Bookmark here

"It looks like I'm going to have to put down that paperwork," Hiruzen-sensei said, standing next to the pillar with his robes still intact. "A Kekkei Kanri. I thought only Yukino Uchiha had that."Bookmark here

"Yeah, turns out when everyone thinks you're a joke." I pulled out four kunai with water-elemental tags attached to them. "It's pretty easy to hide things."Bookmark here

I threw the water-tagged kunai into the air. "Lightning Style: Shocking Grasp Jutsu!" Once again, a trail of electricity flowed through the wires igniting the tags. Improvised Style: Storm-styled Laser Ballroom Jutsu! Each kunai, like a disco ball, shot out rays of light. The lightning lasers lit up the dim dome, striking at the Third Hokage.Bookmark here

Hiruzen-sensei ran around dodging the storm of lightning. I smiled at how good he was. So, this is what fighting a Kage is like. I don't have to worry about holding anything back!Bookmark here

I controlled the direction of the beams by moving my fingers like a puppeteer, flicking them whenever he made a sharp turn. I ran atop the river to keep up with him, making sure to avoid the electrified areas in the water. I was crazy, but not that crazy. If I wanted to keep fighting, I needed to not kill myself with my own Jutsu. That would be lame.Bookmark here

The Hokage beelined for me, my laser light show fading due to the thirty-second time limit on the tag. Without chakra-infused water, I couldn't keep the Jutsu going. I jumped back, grabbing my next set of four water kunai, and threw out the last four earth kunai in my hand.Bookmark here

I had a Lava styled Jutsu in mind. Even if he dodged, it would still change the terrain and give me the footing I needed. Then, I'd end the fight with a storm-styled Jutsu with the last of my water kunai electrifying the entire river and dispelling the Hokage's clone. With the light that peered into the dome, I estimated I had five minutes left. More than enough for a total victory.Bookmark here

"Checkmate."Bookmark here

"Fire style: Dragon Fire Bullet Jutsu!" The Third Hokage dodged the incoming kunai spitting pellets of miniature fireballs at me.Bookmark here

Does he think just because I'm midair, I can't move? I threw my water kunai into the dome wall and reeled myself in, dodging the incoming blasts. I stood on the wall upside down, which was easier than standing on water, by the way.Bookmark here

I activated my trap. "Fire style: Dragon Fire Jutsu!" The trail of flames followed the wires I threw earlier right where the Third Hokage stood before he dodged it. Improvised Style: Lava-styled Molten Rock Jutsu!Bookmark here

I jumped down from my spot, pulling my water kunai back. I pushed past the steam that rose from the molten rock, making a splashing sound. Wait, a splash?Bookmark here

I skyrocketed out of the scalding water throwing my water kunai into the dome wall once more. They reeled me up, and I hung above the bubbling water as the smoke cleared. There wasn't any land nor the slightest sign of molten rock. Just bubbling water which made it even harder to walk on than before.Bookmark here

"Ahahaha!" I heard Hiruzen sensei's laugh as he watched me hang by a thread. "See, this old man still has a few tricks up his sleeve."Bookmark here

"Wh-what the fuck?" I narrowed my eyes at him. "My Jutsus have never not combined together… Stop laughing!"Bookmark here

"Sorry, it's just... You're a genius, but…" He took a deep breath to calm down, wiping the tear from his eye. "It's so easy to stop you when all you have are paper tags."Bookmark here

"…You're a dick Hiruzen-sensei." I said, lowering myself onto the water next to him, finally figuring out what he did. That fire dragon bullet was aimed for my kunai, not me. Thus, he burned the tags away before I could ignite them. And instead, all I did was boil the water, giving me a trip to the sauna. I still had four water kunai, but…Bookmark here

The Third Hokage took down what was left of the dome, and Tayuya stood on the other side, her flute in hand. It was bright out, and I could barely see, with the sun shining down on me. It was Sunrise, and I had failed.Bookmark here

Chapter 7: Turning Point Part VBookmark here

"I never figured you to be a worthless quitter, Yuki." Tayuya stared down at me. I was currently lying on top of the water, just staring at the star that mocked me.Bookmark here

"What do you mean quit. It's Sunrise, and I didn't get the bells. We lost." I covered my face with my arm. I didn't want her to see me. "I failed you guys. All because I got cocky. I should have just gotten the bells when I had the element of surprise. I was foolish. I put myself before the mission, and now our journey together is…" I choked on the words. "Over… before it even began."Bookmark here

I laid there crying a river, covering my face so they wouldn't see me defeated. The Third Hokage had seen through my weakness in a matter of minutes and how to counter me.Bookmark here

Being born with a Kekkei Kanri meant that I had all of the base five chakra natures as affinities. I could even merge them to make the Kekkei Genkai and Tōta chakra natures. Ice, Lava, Boil/Steam, Dust/Particle, Explosion, Scorch, Magnet, Storm, and even Wood style. It was something my sister and I were born with, except she could control them all without the need for paper tags. To the point that when she unlocked her Mangekyō Sharingan, she merged them all into one. She named it Death Style. Since that was how it made her feel to use it.Bookmark here

When we talked and trained, Yukino told me how she hated the feeling of her Sharingan. How it changed her from being my fun-loving big sister to the cold-distant Shinigami. She was called a Shinigami because of the scythes in her eyes and the ashes that followed whenever she appeared. But what scared her the most was that she felt nothing when she killed.Bookmark here

Yukino used to go on and on arguing with my father about how she couldn't understand why he put so much care for the dead. When she didn't care about life.Bookmark here

A part of me believed she killed herself that day not because it was her only option but because she didn't want to live anymore. It was also why I never perfected my chakra control and could only use paper tags as a medium. I didn't want to end up like her. I was afraid of what made me an Uchiha.Bookmark here

I wish Sui was here… Then I felt something warm take hold of me. Their touch was rough but feminine. "Su… I." My voice longing for her embrace. I opened my eyes, and Tayuya's face was the last I saw before being engulfed in water. Her hand tightened around my neck. She's drowning me? I kicked and flailed.Bookmark here

I don't want to die! My Sharingan reawakened as the world slowed, and I stopped caring. I pulled her down under and kicked her away. We both rose to the surface, panting.Bookmark here

"What are you trying to do? Kill me!"Bookmark here

"Yeah, that's the point. Weak ninja, deserve to die." Tayuya ran at me, swinging her flute like a knife. I sidestepped the first swing. She brought her leg up as she prepared to knee me in the face. Wait, no, that's a feint. She'll kick out. I caught her leg as it kicked forward and slammed her back into the water. My Sharingan saw it all.Bookmark here

Tayuya was too slow to not be predictable. Even as she lay motionless, rising to the surface of the water. I knew she was going to swing out her arm and throw water at me. Then while I blocked, she'll proceed to tackle me, thinking I was blinded.Bookmark here

I pulled my water-tagged kunai out of the river; they floated behind her. She wouldn't even see it coming. Improvised Style: Storm-styled Laser—Bookmark here

The wires were cut, and the kunai sunk into the water. Hiruzen-sensei stood there staring at me, his eyes mocking me as Tayuya tackled me back onto the water.Bookmark here

"This is for holding back!" A right hook to my left cheek.Bookmark here

"This is for helping me when I didn't ask!" A left hook to my right cheek.Bookmark here

"This is for trapping me within your memories!" I coughed up blood from that one.Bookmark here

"And this is for losing!" Tayuya raised her flute and brought it down to my head.Bookmark here

I broke my hands free from her straddle, stopping the swing. She brought down her other fist, and I caught it. I used her unsteadiness to rock her over, our positions reversed, and her cap was gone letting her hair get soaked in the river. The water matched the red of her hair colored from our blood.Bookmark here

"What do you want from me!" I stared down at her wet face, still wrapped in anger. "To say sorry? I know I fucked up. I know I'm an asshole—"Bookmark here

Tayuya banged her head against mine, knocking me down. She hopped back on top of me, continuing to beat me. All while the Third Hokage stood there, watching!Bookmark here

"Help!" I took another blow to the face. "Don't just watch!" and another one. "Sen—"Bookmark here

I stopped myself, he wasn't my sensei anymore, and I took a blow to my stomach. Tayuya and I were panting heavily as the Third Hokage stood above me, leveling his face with mine.Bookmark here

"Honestly, I think you should listen to your teammate's words. Considering you forced her into this position." The Third Hokage took the pipe from his mouth and tapped it against my forehead, making a clanging sound. "Remember when I said they're people, not pieces. You can't just capture a person and force them to follow you. Dropping only exists in Shogi. In the real world, we talk to one another to understand. It is a process, not an instant gratification."Bookmark here

The Third Hokage then walked away, leaving me to get another dose of 'I fucked up.' This continued until Tayuya finally cracked. Which took longer than I expected. Her hands were bruised raw, her clothes drenched, and blood dripped from her forehead.Bookmark here

"You piece of fucking inhuman trash. I summon demons, and even I wouldn't have the audacity to be fucked enough in the head to give someone the memories of their clan dying. Or watching their own beloved sister blow herself up! And the worst part is."Bookmark here

Tayuya grabbed onto my face. Her brown eyes glistening. "You made me care about a sick fucking asshole like you! And when I come to the realization that I want to help you. Help you get those traitors! And help with your goal. You tell me to sit out! To watch as the fate of it all rested on your shoulders. Who the fuck are you!"Bookmark here

Her head came forward and tapped against my forehead. Her body went limp as she spoke the words. "Forgive me, lord Orochimaru…"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, Tayuya." I said after putting her to sleep with my Sharingan. If she had gone through with that last headbutt against my metal head-protector, she might have suffered an injury that would have incapacitated her.Bookmark here

"With that. I'll have Team Rou take you home to rest. You'll need it for the missions I have planned." The Third Hokage clapped his hand before disappearing into smoke, leaving me and Tayuya with the three ANBU from this morning.Bookmark here

Surprisingly it was still morning, but it felt a lot later. I looked over to Tayuya, who I hugged close. For her, it must have felt like years had gone by. I thought I gave her the memories from the Uchiha Massacre but judging how it affected her, she might have gotten more than that.Bookmark here

Sui did become closer to me after she went through the memory, but she definitely did not have Tayuya's reaction. Tayuya talked and punched me as if she was madly in love with me. Which I knew couldn't be possible. My Sharingan didn't cast a spell that made people fall in love with me.Bookmark here

No, it just made people more empathetic towards me. They got to live life in my shoes for a bit, that was all. I learned from Sasuke that Itachi had placed him into a Genjutsu. A memory of Itachi, slaughtering our clan over and over. That was how I learned I could do it too. I just didn't know the consequences. I noticed how there were white streaks on Tayuya's face. It wasn't all just water. I really fucked up.Bookmark here

I lifted Tayuya on my back, exhausted, but it was the least I could do. I needed to start somewhere if I was going to change. I was getting tired of being a dick to everyone.Bookmark here

The others tried to take her from me, but Tenzo stopped them. What would have taken a couple of minutes took hours, and the sky was orange by the time we made it to the Hokage's residence. Where Sui sat in the kitchen eating lunch.Bookmark here

"So, I heard we passhed. Good job, you two…" Sui looked at how beat up Tayuya and I were. Then went back to eating. "Yeah, the Third did say he held nothing back against you two."Bookmark here

"Against us two?" I said, confused. I could have been hearing things with how exhausted I was.Bookmark here

"Mmmhm." She finished her sandwich and took Tayuya off my hands. "He said that Team 9 will most likely surpass the legendary Sannin in no time—Yuki!"Bookmark here

I had collapsed onto the ground crying. I hadn't ruined everything after all. I still had a chance to fix everything. Hiruzen-sensei, thank you!Bookmark here

"Um… I'll be right back." Sui left me to take Tayuya to her room, where one of the Rou ninjas left with her. I then felt a tap on my shoulder and saw that Tenzō was holding onto a set of bells.Bookmark here

"Here." Tenzō handed me the three bells that we were supposed to capture. "The Third Hokage said to give them to you when you arrived as congratulations for being a team that cared for one another."Bookmark here

"Thank you." I wiped my eyes and sniffed. "And I'm sorry about the fireball to the face this morning."Bookmark here

"Don't mention it. Now go relax. You guys earned it." Tenzō then muttered something I didn't think was meant to be heard, but I did. "I thought only the Root had children fight, but I guess all ninjas have to fight at a young age."Bookmark here

After taking off my shoes, I stumbled off, not wanting him to know I heard him. Was it strange that we fought at twelve? I mean, I became an adult after I learned how to use the fireball Jutsu. Yukino and Itachi were both ANBU by the time they were eleven. So, I was lacking by Uchiha standards, but I doubt that was because of my age. Is twelve really that young, all things considered?Bookmark here

But regardless of those thoughts. Me, Sui, and now Tayuya were cemented as Team 9. A team that shared goals and were bound by strange twists of fate that even I couldn't see.Bookmark here

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