Chapter 0:


Living With a Demon Isn't So Bad?

Shrine of Inari, Midday

A young woman was busy at work polishing the floors of the main building as the cool summer breeze whistled across the bamboo trees surrounding the shrine. Wiping the sweat off her brow she placed the rag into the bucket and stretched then looking at the floors glistening as if thanking her for the hard work.

Nodding happily to herself, she turned to the courtyard and a brief glimpse of its earlier state filled her mind.

"It's been years since I started living here, didn't expect to have the cleaning done this month but when you have a lot of time to yourself I suppose anything can be done?"

Taking the bucket with her, she walked off towards the cleaning hall and began bathing herself. Recalling how frustrating it was to not have clean, warm water the first night was an eye opener for her.

Brushing her tails, she brushed them clean as they twitched happily from her touch.

"Still, I'm not sure what I'm going to do here. Learning about being a Miko is entertaining though, at least from what I've read from the scrolls stored here."

Drying herself off, she dressed for the evening and meditated briefly before the great statue of Inari following the rituals illustrated on the scroll opened before her. Bowing her head a couple times, she then clapped in succession only to feel a brief buffer of wind sway the candlelit torches in the hall.

"Something's here..."

Immediately rising, she bared her fangs as she glided towards the entrance. Peering into the courtyard, she saw a figure laid on the ground as the smell of blood filled her nose. Taking a moment to sense the area she approached the wounded figure.

She immediately perceived him to be a demi-human though the unusual horns and thin yet sharp tail caught her attention as she merely turned him over. He groaned slightly opening his eyes as her foot gently pressed into his stomach.


"Oh? You're awake. Good."

Crossing her arms, she sighed then kneeling down to reach for the obvious wound protruding blood. Knowing she'd question him later he had to at least be healed first to which she placed her hand on the warm blood as it curled around her hands.

Trying to sit-up, the young man placed a hand on her as she moved to brush it off she immediately sensed danger.

"Watch out!"

Feeling a force push her away from him she saw a blade appear as a masked figure attempted to cut her down instantly but due to being shoved away she immediately lashed back as her claws bisected the figure in two.


Or at least, she thought she did as pieces of wood fell between them.

Readying for combat, she got on all fours and attempted to smell out the intruders as the young man struggled to stand as the blood merely served to show how weak he was. 

Nevertheless, he raised a fist in protest.

"Well, aren't you something? Trying to cut me down like that. So cruel from a Fox-Rat for sure."

"Calm down you fool, you know full well she's gonna be a handful. Haven't you noticed her tails?"

"So what? One extra tail isn't going to do squat once I'm done with here hehe!"

Enraged, the woman merely clenched the ground then preparing for whatever moved as a leaf appeared before her face. Then feeling a tug on her kimono she was thrown across the courtyard and into the shrine building.

Attempting to rise from the rubble, her throat was clenched by the figure as she snarled helplessly then trying to break free but it was no use as the figure merely placed a blade by her stomach.

"Fortune clearly doesn't favor you tonight miss, it's a shame you were caught in the middle of it."


Slowly inserting it into her stomach she screamed then clawing at his arm which did little to stop the pain even as the conjured wisps of fire attacked him. However, a blade soon tore through his chest as the blood splattered onto her.


Clearly in shock, the figure looked down at the blade as he found himself lifted into the air and tossed aside. The girl knew she was dying, but seeing her savior it was the same man whom she found in the beginning though he appeared much stronger than before as the ethereal energies surrounded him as he knelt before her then noticing the blade, pulled it out of her as she winced in protest then placing a hand on her stomach as the soothing sound of healing rang in the air.

Grunting in approval, the man turned towards the limping assailant as he struggled to get away only to feel the swift swing of steel cleave his head in two.

Sighing with relief, the woman's consciousness began to wane as she saw the man walked back towards her. Feeling herself lifted, she surrendered herself to whatever would happen as she found his embrace comforting and much desired.

Maiden's Quarters, Morning

Was it all a dream?

Winching from the sharp pain jolting her consciousness, the young woman found herself in her bed. Noticing herself bandaged, she felt the presence of something watching as she soon found herself attempting to strike in its direction but her strength soon gave out as she began to fall to the floor as an arm shot out stopping her fall.

Turning her head, she saw him and tried to speak but was hushed by a quick finger to her lips.

"Do not speak, your wound is opening again."

Feeling the warm moisture of her own blood filling her bosom, she didn't bother looking but allowed him to help her up once more. Embarrassed by the thought of anyone helping her let alone studying her body made her feel helpless as the man soon brought out fresh bandages and a washcloth.

"If it helps, just close your eyes. It'll be done shortly."

"What'll be done shortly?!"

Sighing at this, she puffed her cheeks and closed her eyes as she felt the wet cloth being removed and a cool touch gently wiping away her impurities. Shortly after, she felt the tight yet soft wrappings securing her womanhood once more.

"There, it's finished."

Opening her eyes, she looked at the fine handiwork done for her. The bleeding is stopped but the pain lingered as cold sweat formed on her head. Struggling to keep up, she laid back as the young man simply stood over her and raised her sheets to cover her.


"I have no reason to explain why, I am just returning the favor."

Lightly scoffing at the response, the woman simply smiled as she closed her eyes once more.

Nodding to himself, the man walked out then sighing with relief.

"So that's a Kitsune..."

Pondering over the though of her, he closed his eyes in deep meditation. Opening his eyes, he merely smiled then walked down the corridor.