Chapter 1:

Prologue: The Beggining of All


PrologueBookmark here

The world is an endless ocean with no depth, no beginning, and no end. There is no life under this ocean. An endless body of water without anything within it.Bookmark here

Parallel to this ocean is an endless sky above with two giant spheres circling around. They are merely lifeless spheres that circle the sky.Bookmark here

One of the spheres is named “Helios”, which emits an intense amount of light able to dispatch the darkness around it. The other is named “Luna”, which emits a gentle light that exists with the darkness.Bookmark here

On this endless ocean, after uncountable years, a miracle has happened. A small seed has started to exist. This seed is the start of all life.Bookmark here

The seed endlessly sank to the ocean with no depth. After uncountable years, underwater, the seed has started to grow, into a small sapling, then into a tree. Bookmark here

The tree grew and grew until it grew faster than the rate that it was sinking.Bookmark here

The tree grew above the ocean and into the sky. As the tree grew, it started to affect the ocean and produce both living and non-living things.Bookmark here

From it, a substance called salt was spread into the endless ocean. Then a solid mass full of nutrients that is called “the land” was put into existence on the surface of the water around the great tree.Bookmark here

The great tree’s branches burrowed into the land, crawled, then sprouted above the ground. These small branches are now trees connected to the great tree. Because of these trees, the land started to deform into mountains and rivers.Bookmark here

One day, the tree reached its highest peak, which is even above Helios and Luna.Bookmark here

Because of the color of its green leaves being distorted because of the distance, the sky became a gentle color of blue that becomes visible where Helios are present.Bookmark here

The tree produced twinkling fruits that lit up the dark sky and helped Luna in illuminating the dark.Bookmark here

Lastly, its roots were able to take root and was finally able to create a depth for the ocean.Bookmark here

The first of these fruits died then fell down to the land. From these fruits, lifeforms started to exist within the land followed by life forms underneath the ocean. These lifeforms have different physiologies. Some have fur, some have scales, and some have exoskeletons.Bookmark here

Before long, intelligent races came into existence that has a very fast growth rate. These beings didn’t surpass the great tree’s growth physically or its lifespan, but it surpassed its growth in intelligence by a wide margin and are able to hand this intelligence down to their children.Bookmark here

These intelligent races started create things using the other lifeforms, trees and the land as resources. Slowly, cities, civilizations, and magic were created.Bookmark here

…Along with them, ignorant greed.Bookmark here

The races started harvesting life force deeper to the great tree’s branches. Each race has created a core for their part of the land, absorbing huge amounts of life force from them.Bookmark here

One day, these cores stopped collecting energy. This is due to the natural instincts of the great tree to cut off the dying parts of its body.Bookmark here

The branches were disconnected from the tree and this caused the separation of the lands from the great tree.Bookmark here

The lands drifted away from the great tree, spreading away out to the endless ocean.Bookmark here

The separated lands lost their source of life force, and was what left with them was the life force left in the cores. The cores slowly depleted overtime, and the trees that were former branches had stopped producing seeds.Bookmark here

Life in the separated lands is coming to an end.Bookmark here

During all this while, the great tree has gained its own intelligence and consciousness.Bookmark here

Although feint, the great tree was able to connect to the cores of the separated lands where its lost life force was kept and learned. Soon enough, its intelligence became equal to the intelligent races from the separate lands.Bookmark here

The great tree knew that the races have stolen life force from it and the natural thing to do is to hate them, but from its perspective, the life force stolen was only a tiny amount of what it has.Bookmark here

It had not cared for the races in the past as it has no consciousness… but now that it has learned about them, it has become interested with them and has slowly cared for them.Bookmark here

Because it cared, it has a very huge plight… the life forces remaining inside the cores are small and is gradually running out, meaning that the great tree’s connection with them will also disappear.Bookmark here

The great tree cannot bare to wait for uncountable years before beings as smart as the races are created again, and so, using the faint connection to the cores, it used the last of the all of the cores energy to make the lands drift back to the great tree, producing flashes of bright lights towards the direction of each separate lands.Bookmark here

The separated lands will soon reconnect to the small land that remained on the bark of the tree.Bookmark here

The great tree foresees that the races will be infected with greed again and will break the connection again, so it decided that it needs to communicate with the races, to make them understand that even though the life force inside it is growing unlimitedly, the connection will always have a limit.Bookmark here

It cannot directly communicate with the races, so it thought of ways to communicate with them.Bookmark here

The best it could come up with was…Bookmark here

It will create beings of the races for itself.Bookmark here

Yes, it can create its own version of the Races, but it cannot do so intentionally as they were created only naturally. Though impossible, it has tried its best to create its own version of the races.Bookmark here

The great tree has started and started manipulating nature to learn how to create races.Bookmark here

In uncountable years, it was able to create two beings.Bookmark here

Why doesn’t it just make more races? Because it will take many years before true civilizations are created. There is also the possibility that the race it created won’t be as unique as the other races and so, it’s useless as its not interested in something that it already knew.Bookmark here

The two beings that were as intelligent as the races and have similar physiologies to specific race, the Humas race.Bookmark here

The Humas race are beings with four limbs and stands upright. They have hair on top of their heads and other parts of their body.Bookmark here

But, even though they are similar to the Humas race, this particular race is entirely different and so, the race has no name yet.Bookmark here

This race is immortal. If they die, will revive on the bark of the three unharmed and refresh.Bookmark here

The first two beings of the race are two siblings.Bookmark here

The older of the two is a female with light green hair as straight as blades of grass and beautiful sparkling light green eyes as bright as Helios.Bookmark here

The younger of the two is a male with dark green curly hair as messy as the jungle and tranquil dark green eyes as calm as Luna.Bookmark here

Using its knowledge, it has created a humble home for the two on the remaining small land connected to its bark.Bookmark here

The two grew and learned things similar to how races learn, though some are directly implanted by the tree such as language, common sense, and morality which cannot be learned on an isolated island.Bookmark here

The two lived peacefully on the island, hunting beasts, farming, and doing daily chores.Bookmark here

One day, an earthquake shook the whole land.Bookmark here

“W-What’s happening!? Leaf, come here, I’ll protect you!”Bookmark here

“Vine, calm down. We’ll revive by that giant tree over there if we die, there’s nothing to worry about. Though, I don’t want to experience that feeling of dying again…”Bookmark here

The great tree of life… The intelligent races do not know the origins of this tree that has unreachable, colossal branches that can be seen to extend to the endless horizons.Bookmark here

This story is about the world of the great tree of life is named “Adeveam” as well as the two siblings, Vine and Leaf.Bookmark here

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