Chapter 1:

Was that just a Dream..?

'God' can't be this Cute

Tatsuya Sendai, a normal highschool student, bearing black hair with dark eyes, not very tall, only about five foot four, who lives a normal life in Tokyo, Japan, arrives home from school.

“I’m home!” He says outloud into the empty mediocre Tokyo Apartment as he takes off his shoes and leaves them at the door.

“No one home?” Tatsuya said with a slight frown.

“I wonder where she is; it’s normal anyway for her to go out with her friends or something” Here Tatsuya was referring to his little sister, Tatsuya Kirina, which is also in High School.

“Of course, mom and dad are off with work somewhere” Tatsuya says as he walks further into the apartment turning on the lights.

He follows his usual routine, he cooks up dinner also leaving some for his sister when she arrives.

He then enters his room to study.

After that he enjoys some self-recreational time; plays some video games and reads some manga on the living room couch.

As he reads, Tatsuya hears the door swing open slowly and close, he catches a glimpse of the orange hair, giving away the fact that it's his sister.

Followed by a “I’m home” in a soft tired tone.

“Ah, welcome home, I left you dinner on the table.”

“Mhm.” She replies in, yet again, a tired soft tone, she walks further into the living room with her blue eyes.

“Not even a thank you?”

“Also, why did you come home so late?”

Tatsuya says this with a monotone look on his face.

“I had to stay at school for some extra activities today.” Kirina says with a passive aggressive face.

“And why should I have to thank you for something so simple as making dinner anyway?”

“Tch, stupid brat.” Tatsuya says as he storms away to his room; his sister sticking her tongue out at him as he storms off.

Tatsuya closes his room door, turns his lights off and promptly goes to bed for the next, normal school day that awaits him tomorrow.

Little did he know, that this night wouldn’t be the same usual night as always…

As he slept soundly, a gentle yet quiet white light began to shine on Tatsuya’s ceiling; generating a soft, yet strong light.

Tatsuya begin to wake up from the light, his eyes begin to slowly open and adjust to the white light facing him.

What he saw next was the event; the ridiculous event, that truly changed Tatsuya’s life from what it once was.

Ana Fowl
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