Chapter 4:

The high dwarf Vs a ork


On a hot day, on one of the city streets. I stood eating an apple and put one of my hands in the pocket of my robe. In front of me, stood an ork who was wearing a full armor made of diamonds and holding a sword and shield that was also made of diamonds.

"Hey.. what happened?"

"global top 88, fannan abqary injured a player who is the younger brother of global top 78, destroyer.. at least that's what I heard from people who came out of that coffee shop"

“Hah… what a shame… even though he's a rare high dwarf… shouldn't he have stayed alive and helped one of the guilds?”

"Don't worry, if he gets cornered, I'm sure many guild leaders will help him."

"heh! That's right, he is brave because he believes he will get help from the guild that wants to recruit him" said the users who had gathered to see us

"Yahahahahaha!! Fannan, it seems like a lot of people are worried about you" said the destroyer with a laugh

“Yeah… I admit that and to be honest I feel quite happy” I replied with a faint smile

"Tch! That kind of person's face... the face of a genius who remains calm when provoked... I hate that face."

“Eh.. thanks for praising me genius.. but sorry, I'm not that genius.. it seems you can't afford to praise someone.. well.. it's worthy of your race, you have to fight blindly in the forest. You're a pig after all" I said slightly shrugging

"Hey! Fannan, if you bow down to me now, I will forgive you on the condition that you sleep with all the gay guild members" said the destroyer starting to show a provoked reaction. What's this? How could he be so easily provoked? Are you really a wild creature? Ha?

“Eh.. that's too bad.. even though the high dwarf is only me.. different from the ordinary dwarves.. the high dwarves have a pretty face with dark skin. The high Dwarf is an example of good looks with dark skin… ah.. is it true that no woman is worried?” I said act like I'm acting in a drama

"It turns out that he really expects other people's help, isn't he... unclean"

"disgusting" "disgusting" instantly, insults and insults rained down on me. Seeing me being humiliated by the public like that, the destroyer burst into laughter. Then, with that laughing face, he jumped at me and said

"Dead!!" by swinging his sword. And..

*BAMM!! That sword slash was so strong that it caused a gust of wind that resembled an explosion

"hahahahaha!! Be grateful that you died so quickly!" said the destroyer while laughing at the puff of smoke from his sword slash

"Well, it's over..."

"That's the result of not knowing yourself."

"Terrible.." said the people who saw our fight

“He, he's dead…” said a magician-looking player sitting on the second floor of a shop with a player wearing a cloak and skull mask.

The person wearing the mask then looked at the smoke. and after a while, the person then raised his teacup and said "still not"

"Hmm? Ah.. not yet?" asked the witch who was with him

"Eh.. horrible.. I take my words back, you don't deserve to be equated with a 60th floor boss, you have to be 50" I said walking out of the smoke

"Ha?! He, is he still alive?.. and also.. his HP hasn't decreased at all" said the magician who was with the masked man

*Kreng!! The sound of a ring iron falling to the ground

“!!” Instantly, all eyes fell on one of the rings I was wearing and it fell to the ground

“Ha, just broke one of the rings? Does the ring have a certain spell effect?” continue a player

"Ah.. my ring broke like this.. you are really strong.. well, it should have been broken anyway" I said picking up the ring

"Tsk!! You bastard!!... FANNAN!!!” The destroyer then came running after me with his sword that glowed blue. In this game, if the weapon emits a blue light, it means it is doing a critical attack. Which in other words.. if I stay still, the damage I will receive is big damage. however, even though the crit damage is very painful, this damage is very easy to deal with...

"HA!!!" he shouted leaping into the air amplifying the strength of his sword. Seeing that person's action, I then threw my apple and put my hand into my cloak pocket. Then, with my adrenaline really racing, I said

"O my friend, how about you show yourself a little, now I'm being belittled" I said as I pulled out a sword from my robe which, the sword also gave off a blue light, but it wasn't very clear.

"he, he jumped ..." said a player panic

In this game, doing a jumping motion when charging critical damage will increase the critical damage that will be given 3 times. Heh, he really wants to kill me..then..

"I don't know what you're whispering. However, Someone wanted to defeat a knight with a assassins sword? Are you stupid or too genius?!”

“...” I remained silent as I lowered my head to the ground while mounting my horse, preparing to draw my sword from its scabbard

“The ultimate skill, bomb!!” shouted the destroyer swinging his sword. with the ready while holding the sword, I then said

“tha, that's the ultimate bomb!! Ultimate skill of destroyer!!, this battle is over!!” said a player who saw our fighting from a distance

"Sir!!" said the mage in panic

While the mask man who is none other than master, is just looking calmly towards the direction of peace

"full crit" I said pulling out my sword

*Tsing!! The sound of iron colliding with other iron

*Brsuk!! The sound of something sharp sticking into the ground

“W, what happened…”

“where did fannan go and also…”


"Why can a sword that is ready to release critical damage break?!" said people asking, why the sword can be broken and where did I go. Well, even though I was very close to them. but they don't see me.

“w, what is this?” asked the destroyer looking at his broken sword

“What happened… and also… where is Fannan?” asked the mage who was sitting on the second floor. Hearing that question, the masked man then looked in the direction of the battle that was taking place and said

"In his cloak, Fannan has kept a single charged sword for at least 2 hours"

"So... you mean dealing critical damage by countering critical damage?"

“A critical damage can be likened to a single very sharp sword. The sword is capable of providing many things. To withstand attacks from critical damage, usually people will use armor that has a reduced percentage of damage for a few seconds and for mages, usually use immune physical damage spells. But.. this person is different” said Elina walking towards their table

“ah… Miss Elina, what do you mean?”

"Like my brother said, he deals critical damage with critical damage, not defense"

“ja, so you mean the two of you… Fannan slashed the sword with an attack that had more critical damage? but the sword of destruction is the sword of the knight sword! That sword has a defense that even ranks 10 globally, it takes 3 times using its ultimate skill to destroy a knight's sword due to the strong defense of a knight's sword."

Hearing that question, the masked man was none other than Elina's older brother. While opening the friend list, casually said

"that's the ability of a high dwarf"

"Abilities.. high dwarf?"

from what it seems, when he started at the cafe and now this fight. I conclude, high dwarves have the ability to take advantage of anyone's equipment” said Elina sitting next to her brother and then eating the biscuits that were located there. The masked man who saw his little sister's behavior, then stroked his sister's head and continued to look at his friends list

Feeling herself being treated like a child, Elina said "Brother, I'm not a child anymore.." Elina said annoyed, but with a red face. She becomes a tsundere when she is with her sister

"Yes, yes, yes.. you are not a child.."

“uhm…” the answer from the older sister, Elina could only look at her older brother

Meanwhile, the mage who was sitting with them then looked at the broken blade and saw the status of the blade. And how the mage's surprised, it has a point defense of -10

“W, what is this? How?" asked the mage with a shocked face looking at the sword