Chapter 5:

The high dwarf skill


"Why, why is it like this? minus? How can a knight's sword have a minus point defense?” said the mage walking towards the tip of the sword stuck in the ground. Hearing the mage's words, everyone there was also surprised and curious, trying to confirm the mage's words and how surprised they were when they found out that the sword had a defense of -10. and for confim it, there was a player who tried to slash through that part of the sword and sure enough, it cut like paper

“No, no way” said the mage seeing how fragile the sword was

Despite finding the sword broken, the destroyer didn't feel scared or worried, instead he said “hah! Is that your ultimate skill? Is using that skill your HP is also minus and that's why you disappeared? Hah? Fannan!!”

"Heh... he can still cheer himself up by saying those words, but if you look at Fannan's condition that suddenly disappeared, I think he has a point," said Elina eating the biscuit while looking at the place where the battle was taking place.

After Elina's words, her older brother. The person wearing the mask suddenly stood up and said "Elina, if needed, do mass healing to all our members"

Hearing her brother's words, Elina with a slightly surprised face replied "ah.. fi, fine.. but.. do we really need to seal Fannan? I think what Ork said is true. Well, although I also can't believe his HP is dying so badly, I'm sure he's backed off.”

Hearing his sister's words, the masked man who was currently setting up his equipment said "that's the difference between someone who has been playing for a long time and someone who has just played".

Feeling herself being teased, Elina annoyedly said "even though my experience playing this game is still a new player compared to my brother, I am a genius who can reach the top 100 in 3 months!"

Then, with the robes changed, the masked man took off his mask. And with a light smile said "fishermen know the ocean better than maps"

Hearing her brother's words, Elina was stunned. "Even though you are handsome, why do you prefer to wear a mask?" she muttered

"I didn't hear what you were saying. But.. my sister, please help us” said Elina's brother jumping towards where the destroyer was

"Hah.. well.. let's see. Don't let me down, brother Xhize.. a person who claims to be experienced” said Elina who in front of her floated a book that emitted a dark green light.

"fannan! Show yourself!! Don't keep hiding!! You're a men right? Let's fight manly! Don't tell me you're scared?!" said the destroyer. He regained his confidence while laughing followed by all the players who were there

“A, w… is it possible that what the orcs say is true? Fannan can only do that once?” said the mage starting to doubt Fannan's power

"hey! I'm actually the real stud. I disappeared just to give you time to gain that confidence, pig” I said suddenly, trying to provoke the destroyer.

Hearing those words, the destroyer's anger immediately became angry and said "if so! Show yourself!!" while tightly gripping the shield he was carrying

After those words, from the sky. I said

"in that case, okay.."

“ALL FORCES!! TAKE A POSITION!!” shouted xhize running towards the destroyer while carrying a jet black sword in his right hand

Hearing that scream, the destroyer then turned towards Xhize. Seeing Xhize who was running towards him carrying a sword, the ork panicked then without him noticing, suddenly Fannan with a flat face, appeared from the air swinging his sword towards the neck of the destroyer.

"Tch!!" Xhize then raised one of his hands which also wore the exact same ring as Fannan's. Then snapped his fingers. and..

*Teng!! My sword and xhize clash.

Suddenly, xhize is already standing on the shoulder of the destroyer parrying my slash that suddenly appears from the air

"..." for a moment, we stared at each other. and because so balanced our position, made me seem to float in the air

*crack!! Suddenly, one of the rings that Xhize was using was broken and my three rings were also broken

I then jumped back and raised my hand which was wearing a ring and broke. And above the raised palm, appeared a black sphere that gave off three rings. I then put the three rings in place of my three broken rings. Then, while sheathing my sword. I said

“What keeps my loyal customers doing here?”

"Fannan, you've won. Don't go too far, you guys are top 100. No, we are all global top 100 needed for the future of all players in this world. At least until the meeting which will be held in two days is over," answered Xhize, behind which nine people stood, including Fakhri

"Fa, Fannan is still fine.. His HP is full, as well as his MP and SP.."

"And here there is also xhize.. the top 12 global xhize.. even though he is in the 12th position, even the top 1 really respects him..."

“And the top 100 meeting? What's that? I haven't heard"

"I don't know.. I don't know.. but what's more important for now is.. what will happen next..." said the players who saw them.

Hearing xhize's words, I looked around with a serious look. And look, there are at least 20 people who belong to the same guild as xhize and are standing around me. Even though there are only 9 people behind Xhize and Elina who are on the second floor of the restaurant

"How it will going, Fannan?" asked xhize taking out his sword slowly

“Unfortunately, I am a person who really cares about my pride. And you also know yourself, he's been looking down on me from the start."

"Aren't you also lowering yourself?"

“Oh come on, have you really never been humiliated in public before? Do you always humble yourself? your life is so good huh.." I said pulling out my sword

“Heh.. that's too bad.. but we seem to have to use brute force.. but don't worry, we'll give you a second chance. And because of that, let's see, how ferocious a high dwarf looks like” said Xhize who was 9 people behind him starting to take out their weapons.