Chapter 3:



"Eh.. Miss Chelsea huh.." I said drinking my coffee

"Just call me Elina, fannan" Chealsea said with a light smile putting down her coffee cup

"Hmm.. well, I think it's better. Elina is easier to pronounce than chelsea”

“…” for a while, we were just silent while drinking our coffee and occasionally looking out the window.

“Hey, hey.. what's going on?.. are they clumsy? They've been silent ever since."

"I don't know.. I hope they're okay.." Seeing us, who was just silently drinking our own coffee, everyone who saw us was worried that there would be chaos because they thought our relationship was not good. Until finally Elina started to speak

“Fannan, did you know? In an awkward situation like this, the person who should start the conversation is the man, not the woman" said Elina putting her coffee cup down and looking at me with a faint smile.

“Sorry, maybe it's gender that I should be the one to start the conversation. But, as a typical individual, I am an introvert. I will only speak when the other person starts the conversation" I replied looking back at her

"hey! I'm sure in the previous world, you never had a partner”

"I only apply the phrase 'ladies first' in my life"

"Then, let me give you some advice.. treat a woman well.. you have to be sensitive, when a woman doesn't start a conversation within a minute, a good man must start the conversation"

“Sorry, I am a person who views gender equality as important. If I did your suggestion, it would be the same as telling me to be someone else. Women are equal to men, right? Why should I treat them differently?”

"hey! You talk as if I support gender equality" said Elina looking out the window with a face I'm pretty sure, she's panicking

"hoi hoi.. isn't Elina chealsea the person who ..." not yet finished the sentence of a player who saw us, Elina fiercely said

“SILENCE!! Don't eavesdrop on other people's conversations” well, even though she's being fierce, in my eyes she actually looks cute

"Uh yeah... yeah... sorry, I, I thought... you... a, is Elina I, that..." I said trying my best not to laugh and looking out the window.

"Uhg… please.. don't remind me of my past anymore.. it was a time when I was very stupid.. please.." Elina said with a face that looked like she was holding back tears, to be honest it was very cute. I never thought I'd see such a cute expression on a beautiful woman like her

"Hahahaha, yes.. yes.. sorry for joking too far.. as proof of my sincerity in apologizing, please give me one order and I will carry it out" I said standing up and lowering my head slightly to Elina

"Even though you can act like this from the start.. you know, you who are like this are very handsome" at least that's what I can hear from Elina's mumbling

"yes?" even though I know the point of her muttering, as a man, I can't answer her mumbling.. well, I don't really know what to do and choose to act like dont hear that

“Th, it's nothing.. and for your apologies.. just forget about it and for you.” Elina then stood up and looked at the players who were watching us. And with an extremely terrifying aura, Elina said

"forget it"

"YES!!!" replied the players frightened. And someone, can you tell me? Though Elina was angry and most people were scared. But why do I even think Elina is cute? Is it because I believe myself to be stronger than her?

"H? hm… Fannan, can you stop looking at me like that?” without realizing it, I have been staring at the angry Elina for a while

"Ah? lady, I'm sorry" I said lowering my head slightly

"Yes, for now I' let it" said Elina sitting back in her chair.

“Ah… it turns out that Miss Elina is really cute, isn't she…”

"Yes.. if she were to be my wife.. surely I would be happy .."

"Yes.. I also want her to be the mother of—" A player who was fascinated by Elina's beauty didn't finish the sentence yet. Elina with a scary look in her eyes and with a cold voice said

"Ha? What did you say? Mother of child? Whose kid?"

"No, no! A, ma, I mean I want to see Miss Elina become a mother of her children which of course will look cute right? Your children?" he answered shaking

"pffft! HAHAHAHAHA!!” hearing the player's answer, I can't help but laugh

"Fa, Fannan. What you're laughing at?" asked Elina with a surprised face

"No, it's just.. I didn't think the time would come to see an event that is very similar to the scene that often happens in RomCom anime," I answered trying to hold back my laughter.


"Welcome .." said the barista I had threatened

"Where's the person?" said a burly man walking into the shop

"older brother!! That's the person!!” said the person who previously tried to slash me pointing at me

"Heh.. Fannan, it seems that you have angered someone whose status is higher than yourself.. Well, if you bow down and beg me I will help you" said Elina calmly eating the biscuits on the table

"Who is he and what number?" I asked looking at the man

“the destroyer, global top 78. ten above you and 5 below me” said Elina also looking at the man

"It's a fitting name. With the ork race, role tank and job knight... he has really troublesome defense and HP. Coupled with the job he has.. he certainly has enough damage to deal with the boss of the labyrinth in the city of Bauls on the 50th floor" I said standing up from my seat.

“Heh.. it's a passive skill of a role mage, having the ability to see general information about everything. How about your race? Does the high dwarf have the ability to see the status of each opponent's item?”

Hearing Elina's words, I smiled. Honestly, right now my adrenaline is burning, I want to face this guy. I then looked at Elina and said

“items? He is full defense, the only source of damage he has is from his job. And I take my word for it, he is not fit to face the boss of the 50th floor. He should be on par with the boss of the 60th floor.”

"heh! I don't know what got into you, but when I see your face now.. I think you're very happy” said Elina with a light smile looking out the window