Chapter 6:



Looking at those who were already preparing to draw out their weapons, with a light smile while also pulling out my sword, I said. "heh! You respect me too much, I'm not that strong"

"I'm sorry, but we have to do this very quickly" said an assassin who suddenly stood behind me with a knife covered with something purple. I don't know what he's going to do, whether he's going to stab or slash me. However, I quickly changed the defense point of my cloak to two times greater than the knife's attack and penetration points

Right after I changed the point defense of my cloak, the assassins then thrust the knife at me. And as it should have happened, the knife broke. However, from within the blade, a large amount of purple liquid oozed out which when the purple liquid oozed out, the assassins who were trying to stab me backed away. And from the opposite direction, Fakhri with his twin handguns, opened fire at the liquid. and..

*BOOM!!! Turns out that liquid is an explosive potion

But fortunately for me, long before I was in my current situation, I had installed anti- attribfireutes on all of my equipment. However, I'm sure their goal wasn't to beat me with that explosion. but with the smoke from the explosion

Feeling suspicious about what was happening, I then touched the ground and detected the surrounding area to see the position of Xhize, Fakhri and all the people who were after me. However, only a few seconds after I managed to detect their presence, I felt four spears being thrown at me. However, fortunately the four spears were of a kind. And quickly, and simultaneously I changed the attack and penetration points of the four spears to -10 so that when the spears hit my head, it just felt like being pelted with lumps of tissue.

Not yet there, from the ground where I stood suddenly appeared a pair of hands holding my feet tightly. And at the same time, from in front of me came someone who was bare-chested running with one of his hands already charging.

“damn!!” I shouted trying to get my feet up. However, unfortunately it was too late, that person was already two meters in front of me and unleashed his punch. Before his punch hit me, one of the rings I was wearing on my right hand gave off a light. And..

"Kya!!!" shouted residents who saw a building collapsed because someone was pushed towards the building. and that person is, me

*kregh!!.. the sound of the rubble of buildings moving because I was trying to get out of the pile of rubble.

*crack!! Right after my waist up body managed to get out of the rubble, the previously glowing ring broke and fell into the ruins of the building

“Get ready” Xhize said leading the ten people in front of them who had already prepared a magic circle aimed at me

“ha… ha… hahahahaha.. cough! cough! Cough!” Seeing their actions, I can only laugh and occasionally cough because of the huge amount of dust

"H, his HP only decreased by 10.. yes, the damage from that hit was only 10.."

“After being hit with a critical hit to be thrown towards a Building d, and he only got a scratch on his cheek? What kind of monster is he? is he a cheater?” say all the existing players

"wound?" hearing their words, I realized that I had a scratch on my cheek. And before I touched the wound, Elina from the second floor said

“The winner is determined” Then, with the magic circle pointed at me, she said

"ultimate skill, the healer's revenge"

“Gya!!!!” I screamed feeling a very painful pain like being burned by something that quickly spread throughout my head

“…” Seeing me in pain like that, all the players who looked around just stared at me with a look of fear and pity. However, before the pain took over my entire body, I used the four rings I had in my hands to fight the pain. although the pain didn't go away, at least the four rings were able to reduce the pain by 50%

With the pain subsided, I stood in the middle of the rubble. And with my right hand wearing four rings that emit light, I pointed at xhize and said “dude, it seems you have made the right decision by bringing many of your subordinates to defeat me”

“...” Hearing my words, Xhize was silent. While all his subordinates seemed to feel provoked except Fakhri who looked at me with a light smile while sitting on a pillar

Then, the two rings on my left hand lit up and I entered disappearance mode. Meanwhile, from behind Elina appeared my dopelganger and kicked Elina's head until she was thrown against the wall and destroyed the wall so that Elina fell from the second floor out of the shop.

"cough!!" due to the kick, crashing against the wall and being thrown from the second floor, Elina coughed up blood

“!!” seeing his sister lying on the ground from my dopelganger, xhize furiously aimed his magic circle and released magic from the magic circle saying

“Ultimate skill, the wrath of the ruler of the north pole!!” and the floor of my dopelganger suddenly turned to ice, the sky turned dark and the district where the shop was located froze, causing everyone in the district to freeze and some to run.

"Bastard, even though his sister only felt a quarter of my suffering, he was even willing to kill a lot of people just to release his ultimate skill" I muttered hiding behind the rubble while drawing on a screen

Not only xhize, the subordinates of xhize are also almost the same. they aimed their magic circle and released their magic towards my dopelganger. However, due to the magic of one of xhize's subordinates which is fire element, it creates smoke, giving my dopelgangers free time to dodge and counter them with shadow magic attacks.

Meanwhile xhize, with an ice crown already attached to his head, he pointed at my dopelganger and said

“freeze and die”

"Get close to him" I muttered standing up from my seat holding a pouch that I had drawn and my remaining three rings also emitting light.

And quickly, my dopelganger ran from the plume of smoke and jumped towards xhize. And with his fury, xhize snapped his fingers and my dopelganger froze.

"Once again, die" said Xhize with a serious face looking into the eyes of my dopelganger who was trapped in the ice cubes.

*Jtek!! And for the second time, he snapped his fingers and the ice that was holding my dopelganger shattered and right after my dopelganger disappeared, due to the game system that made the original player immediately teleport to the place where his dopelganger died, I suddenly appeared in front of xhize with a pouch in my right hand and fire in left hand

“!!” yes, it seems he really thought the dopelganger was the real me, so when he saw me suddenly appear in front of him, he was very surprised

I quickly turned off the fire retardant on all my equipment, and quickly, I clapped my hands so that the bag was engulfed in flames. And..

*BOOOMMMM!!! A great explosion occurred and I was thrown into the sky