Chapter 27:

Ark 4 Part 1: Return home and Ogre princess

From Assassin to Demon lord

When I, Lizzie and twins Bree and Tara returned to the dungeon with teleport spell, we were greeted by Yuki and Gurako with Kesugi.

„Yo, what’s going on?“

„Master! Finally you are back… with company I see…“ said Yuki with slightly darker look towards Lizzie who was still blushing.

„Yes, these two are Bree and Tara, talk with Kaen and that dullar about making artificial leg for her.“

„I will see into it,“ said Yuki and hug me.

„What’s this all of the sudden?“

„You were gone entire day master… I missed you.“

I pat Yukis head and turned towards Gurako and Kesugi.

„What brings you two here? Did you enjoy your day off?“

„Yes! We were hunting rabbits! And also… we find two ogres. They are now resting in one of the cells on first floor.“

„Oh… okay, I will talk to them tomorrow. How’s the rest of the beastmen?“

„They are doing relatively good. They are already after diner so most of them are asleep… well save for one girl who is still training with elves.“


„Yes that bloody cat. Oh, I forgot. Miss Hestia left letter for you saying that she will excuse herself for a couple of days.“

„Ah, that must becouse of those vampires under her rule… what a dangerous bunch.“

„You know them?“ Yuki asked.

„More or less… remember, that Hestia was my teacher.“

After that I lead Bree and Tara with Yuki to Kaen and I gave him materials I got on hand from todays haul. And when I was at it I asked that dullar guy to create some rings with gems I brought.

The next morning not just two rings, but ten of them were finished. Is this some kind of premotion? I don’t like it…

„So not much had happened here, just those guys we captured stopped producing DP.“ Yuki repoted with three elvish girls behind her.

„I expected that… look at their guild cards, pick the lowest ranked and let them battle against each other. The one who will be standing last will be released.“

„And what about the rest?“

„Kill them. Half will be turned into undead and the second half… I will create four or five homunculi and summon some spirits to inhabit them. Kaen didn’t asked for body so far so I don’t plan for making him any.“

„Understood. Kolka you go with spider escort for the ogres. Weisa and Grin you two will go to Renzir and ask her to deal with those adventurers. She is free to summon lesser ghost th help her.“

"""Understood Boss! Leave it to us! Master Zaru we will return promptly!"""

„No need, take your time and do your tasks precisely.“

„Yes Lord!“

After that Hikari, the bloody cat beastwomen came to the office acompanied by Gatta, one of the elvish maids.

„Milord! I heard that Ogres came to your dungeon, so I came to your side! You can count on me for protection!“

„Yes… I will,“ i smiled bitterly.

With job class Berserker… I don’t think that’s good idea…

Soon the ogre girl walk in my office with older guy standing behind her. I spread my dark magic ‚Cloak of darkness‘ over myself and Lizzie, Hikari and Yuki. This spell made those who were under effect look evil in eyes of everyone else, and lowered stats of the opposite side.

„State your name and reason why you tresspased into my domain,“ I said in cold and dark voice that even scared me.

Girl before me looked like she was nearly twelve years old, yet she was actually seventeen. She had platinum blonde hairs and green eyes. Two small silver horns sprouted from her forehead.

„Y-yes… My name is…Yama… I am princess of Ogres… we are in dire straits. I was send to human kingdom on other side of the mountains to ask for help…“

„Foolish! Humans view ogres as monster that needs to be dispose of. Utterly foolish!“

„I-I know… but… we are desperate! Please mighty lord help us! I now it’s unbecoming of someone of my position to ask this when I’m in your hands but please! Save my people! I will give you anything! Even myself!“

„HUH?!“ Yuki and Lizzie let out their discomfort with her proposal.

„You really love your country do you?“

„Yes!“ Yama said with tears in corners of her yes.

„I see. Alright, I will help you under one condition, You will form alliance with my dungeon. And while we’re at it, we can take down the Ork kingdom.“

„I-I would be really happy… but that…“

„Yes, I know forming alliance can be done only between two kings right? Then let’s go to the place he is right now. Lizzie you go inform Renzir and tell her to fortify entry to the dungeon. When the One is chosen throw him out. Yuki, Hikari you are going with me.“

I canceled the spell and look at Yama: „Brace yourself we are going full force.“

Cry and words of thank you could be heard for some more time.

I went to the throne room and open console.

„So what kind of spirit are we summoning today?“

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