Chapter 28:

A4P2: Journey to Ogre capital

From Assassin to Demon lord

For journey to Ork kingdom I need a bodyguards. That much is given.

But what to summon? I wanted to summon spirit, but that could be dangerous, becouse most spirits are more of a good guys then anything else.

„My lord If I could…“

„What is it Kaen?“

„If you allowed me to return to spirit realm I could ask some spirits I know there to join us.“

„Can you really?“

„I belive so. There is few gnomes who helped me and my sister a lot before we were summoned by you Milord. Also spreading your great name will be helpfull for us in the future.“

„Alright, I will leave it to you.“

„I thank you my lord for permiting my selfish request,“ Kaen bowed deeply.

„But still, I will need bodyguard. Haba, Yuki and Hikari are strong, but they can do very little against big numbers… I want to say that we can meet army of at least 10,000 orks.“

„Then why don’t summon Gnolls from demon realm? They are about same strenght as me and Haba, when summoned.“

„Ah, the Hyenafolk demons, those who are mistaken for Hayu-tribe beastmen?“

„Yes, those guys. They have strong belive of following the strong, so if you beat their boss, then you will have their loyalty for rest of their lives.“

„Okay, I will summon those guys then.“

Hikari was standing next to me, her crimson eyes were sparkling. She’s really looking foward to the summoning is she?

‚Summon mid tier demonic being: Gnoll!‘

Group of twenty gnolls apeared before me. They all looked like hyenas on two legs, one of them had blue spripes under his left eye. An this one started talking.

„Show yo…“

I cut off his speach by single thread around his neck.

„If I wanted your head I would already have it. Now submit to me!“

All gnolls except the one with string around his neck fall on one knee. When I released the leader, he did the same as rest of his group.

„You will escort me to the ork kingdom, as I don’t think there will be much strong warriors, you will be allowed to kill all orks when I give the order. If you do as I said, I will give you lot names.“

„We understood your noble goal. As I am a leader of this pack, I swear loyalty to you Great demon lord.“

„Perfect. My name is Zaru, you shall remember it. Leader of gnolls, In two hours we will leave. Be prepared near dungeon entry.“

„Yes my lord!“

With that Gnolls left the throne room.

Next I looked at map of suroundings of my dungeon. On left side of the mountains was Astenna kingdom, to south in mountain range, the Dwarven council state with city named Glastor being closest to us. North was still undisovered and to the west are remnants of Great Ogre Empire, which are following: Ork kingdom, Gruell kingdom, Fallboar city union, Petty kingdom of Gurrem, High Elvish empire and Balgom Merchant cities.

Last but not least is Small Ogre kingdom, which is directly to the west from us.

I used my DP to convert about twenty eight square kilometers in direction towards one of the villages. Those prisoners made quite a lot of DP while I was not here… and now as they are killing each other the DP is rising even more…

Next I used about fifteen hundread DP’s to create new entry to dungeon near the ogre village.

From explanation I got from goddess of demons, when new entry is created, you can leave only to the place you came in, unless I, as creator of dungeon, will permit it leaving to other places. Important thing is that entry can be made only inside dungeon area. So if I want I could create dungeon entry inside the elvish village I destroyed… but that would be dumb.

Also I could fu*ked up some adventures by sending them to middle of nowhere and closing the entry behind them.

„So we are going out together?“ Haba asked.

„Yes. I summoned bodyguards with strenght equal to ogres. Haba, you will be preparing food for our group. Yuki goes for negotiations. Hikari go as personal bodyguard for Yuki and you. And lastly, you, Lizzie and me, are the main fighting force.“

„I understand master.“

„Yuki will come with miss Lizzie to the entry soon.“

„Good, let’s head there as well.“

Ogre princess and her bodyguard, thirty years old ogre with greenish hair were surounded by Gnolls. Lizzie was with them arguing about something with her, which made her blush like crazy.

„Hey, what’s going on here?“

„Ah! Darling!“ Lizzie smiled and hug my right arm.

„What’s this Lizzie?“


Yuki stand next to me and leaned on me, so I hug her.

„See? Two hands,“ Lizzie smiled towards Yama.

„Uuu, ten fingers,“ Yama pointed out.

„So that’s what’s going on hm? You should prepare for battle. Oh, that’s right. Yama what kind of magic can you use?“

„Blue and Black. Why are you asking lord Zaru?“

„Nothing. I just wanted to make sure. Everyone listen up! Lizzie will use white magic on you to boost your strenght. I will cast debuff spell on enemies so don’t worry and go with your full strenght!“

„Yes boss!“

I opened the entry to the ogre village. Right after that, when we walked out we found ourselves in opend fields with nothing more than grass.

„Darling, can you still call upon your servants from before becoming demon lord?“

„I know that I can’t summon spirits I was contracted with, ‘couse they are more of a good guys… well I can still try to summon some monsters…“

‚Summon Zipzap.‘

With that words, small ball with two pairs of wings apeared in my hand. It was yellow in color with bluish peak and sparks coming from it’s wings.


„I’m also happy to see you buddy.“

„What is that?“

„My familiar. I summoned him years ago, Lizzie is actually only one who knows about him.“

„He’s cute… like… wait is he actually Lesser monster spirit?“

„You found out Haba. He is lesser spirit of Storm with material body aka Lesser monster spirit. They usually lack personality, more or less they are naive birds.“

„Well, can’t argue with that.“

„I think I’m lost…“

„Yuki… Think about it like this. Haba is regular spirit and this guy is much weaker.“

„Ah, okay. Could I summon something like this one to help me cook?“

„? I-I think you could… Well, try it and then we’ll see.“


„Okay. Enought this chit chat. Gnolls do your work, dont left anyone alive!“

„Yes boss!“

Nineteen gnolls run into battle leaving one behind. This one was Gnoll Shaman, and he had golden earring in his left ear.

„Hm, what’cha got there?“

„Oh, my lord summoner. This amphora is magical item of our kind.“

„And what it can do?“

„It turns blood into wine.“

I shouldn’t have asked… they will definitely make me drink it… I wanna puke…

„Oh, I see. Keep your good work!“ I smiled wryly.

„I shall my lord!“ said Shaman with warm smile on his face.

„Lizzie, Yuki. Can you help them thin those orks out? I want to capture those who stop resisting alive. But I think that there will not be any.“

„Of course my darling.“

„Leave it to your First secretary!“

With that they run into battle, leaving me alone with Hikari, shaman, princess and her silent bodyguard.

Tony Raven