Chapter 26:

Everyones day off: Part 4: Gurako / Hestia

From Assassin to Demon lord

Gurako’s free day:

Before Gurako was Gurako, Gurako lived with all slimes at entry to the dungeon where our master summoned us. We were poison slimes, and everything we touched was covered in poison. We couldn’t even brig food to our master that we hunted. And back then I evolved for the first time. I become Storage slime and soon some other slimes evolved in same way and master give us more work.

It made me happy. But… there still was a gap between me and master… We, the slimes, were seen as little helpers, pets one could say. But master looked at us and saw our diferences.

„Oh, you are hiding here little one?“ was what he once told me. „You are the one of those I summoned awhile back right?“

At those words I could just wiggle in happiness. It was back then when I decided to look like him one day so we could talk like he was talking with those beautiful girls around him.

And then I evolved into Mimic slime and for some time a day I was able to take form of human.

Yet I was unable to speak properly. It made me sad a little. But then master evolved me by giving me a name. I became Gurako and I become guardian of second floor, Jungle maze.

Crystalic spider that was a good friend of mine helps me around as my assistant. She also get a name, Kesugi.

And same way as me, she loves master. I’m not jealous. I know everyone loves master. He is someone who bring us into material world. But unlike other summoners he cares about us.

Today we got a free day, and I and Kesugi were on our floor like always.

„Kesugiiii! I came to play!“

„Gurako! How was the meeting?“


„So what are you planning to do for your day off?“

„Play a lot’s! Let’s go outside, hunt some rabbits! Master will be happy!“

„He definitely will. Gurako, let’s make our master as happy as we can!“


Outside of the dungeon was a big place and master warn to not stray too far. Apparently tribe of ogres lives further west from us. And there are also orks somewhere in north-west. Our elvish scouts found Frost dwarf’s city just three mountains from us.

Acording to those elves, Frost dwarfs are subspecies of dwarf who lives in moutains which are covered with snow whole year. And they said that they are more advaced in technology that normal dwarfs. Sadly, master didn’t got their report becouse that Lizzie teleported them away too soon.

„Now what will we do? Kesugi you theeeere?“

„Ah sorry Gurako… I senced something weird…“

„And what is it? Can you look at it with your clairvoyance skill?“

„Sure… I can try… Oh… horde of crystal rabbits… and some wolf type monster? Wait… that’s unicorn hound? We must catch that thing alive and deliver him to the master!“

„Is it rare?“

„Unicorn hound is monster that is nicknamed guard of Gates of Hell, at least that’s what goddess of demons said and it’s one of monsters in Mater’s summoning list. It’s classified as B-rank summon, just like I was.“

„Than let’s catch it for our master! You are really smart Kesugi.“

„I just want to be helpful, just like my kids on lowest floor making clothes, I want to be perfect assistant! Like miss Yuki wants to be.“

With that we jumped into action. But when I punched hit it died instantly.

„I-is unicorn hound weak?“ a tear apeared near my eyes.

„Crystal spiders are considered weaker… I think… maybe you are just super strong Gurako! Let us tell master that we were hunting it for it’s pelt and horn from the begining! That can work!“


We looke for more hounds by didn’t find any. Rabbits we find were no chalange for us now.

„Wait Gurako. I sence people… no… ogres… two of them.“

„Let’s find out how stron they are!“

„Well… I would like to, but they seems preaty weak, one is girl, she looks fragile and ogre next to her seems like he went through some battles…“

„I see, easy prey… that’s too baad~. I hoped I would had some fuun~.“

„Maybe if we take them as prisoners, they would be useful for master.“

„I supose… Kesugi I will leave it to you and I will také those rabbits home, put them to prison on first floor and let someone treat that men’s injuries.“

„Yes Guraki!“

That day Yama, princess of Ogre tribe, become possesion of Demon lord.

Hestia’s free day:

When Zaru-dear left with that guild-girl I wrote letter that my leave will take more than one day and left it to Zaru in his office.

‚Teleport.‘ My vision changed instantly and before me I saw throne made from gold, platinum and other expensive materials. Throne Zaru have is made from marble, which is basic for Demon lords. When demon lord rise in power with his dungeon their seats gets upgraded as well.

I remembered that Demon lord I served years ago had in his prime Golden throne… but that is few centuries ago…

But Zaru’s growth is what makes me worried… for human his experience curve is more like that of a lizard-like beastmen or dragon newt… well his strenght rivaled wyverns when he was fifteen… maybe he have dragons blood? But my analyze told me that he was human… weird…

„My queen!“

„Seain… how was everything when I was gone?“

„Yes! Everything went down just as you expected! Our spies in Holy kingdom were able to stir some disturbances, yet one of them was found and killed on stake.“

„I see… what happened next?“

„Demon lord Aaro attacked and destroyed some cities but was chased by Hero of Starlight, Asta. Hero is now heading here on orders of of Cardinal Halial.“

„I understand… Evacuate the city and let them move towards Snowy mountains.“

„Snowy mountains? What is there?“

„My Zaru-dear of course!“ I smiled.

„That kid who resisted your charm spell?“

„Yes that one! But he is now a demon lord! He was turned when his teammates tried to kill him.“

„They tried to kill your student Your majesty?! Let’s kill those bastards!!“

„Keep it quiet please. Now… let the people come.“ I quickly changed my dress into my royalwear and put my tiara on.

Soon, fifty vampire lords kneeled before me. They were my first food when I was born between humans. One of them was my father, former Baron of Mutasa kingdom… I belive that his brother succeed him and his family is now in position of Dukes… wait that is not important now!

„My dear vampire lords, Hero is coming here and I want you to take our people to Snowy mountains. I belive it’s our time to stop protecting humans who try to kill us. Take all Vampire seeds and those who are loyal to us.“

Vampire seeds is something like an egg. And because it’s made from my blood, every hatched egg have strenght o fat least B-rank monster. Sadly, in order to hatch they need to be placed into living creature. Ideally woman, as they have ability to bear children. That was also reason for 60% of entire city were woman and the rest were mostly male vapires and about 40% of entire population were their children, also known as half-vampires, Vamdrows.

Vampire lords were little diferent, yes they were mostly A-rank, but that was because they were turned into vampires from already strong humans. My father for example as human had strenght of A minus rank monster. They were full time vampires with all their weaknesess. Vamdrows were more tolerant to sunlight and holy element magic was also weaker.

„My queen!“ my father spoke.

„What is it first General Kane of Blood mist?“

„Are you planning to stay here?“

„Of course not! I don’t have suicidal thoughts! I will be last one to leave just to be sure. After all we can’t give them anything they could use as foothold to reach north where we are heading.“

„I-I see.“

„This is absolute order! All vampires of my bloodline are to move out! If humans are willing to work for me under Demon lord then they can also acompany us!“


With that I excuse myself and start my preparations for fending of the hero.

I walked to the treasury and unlock hidden door. There my legendary class equipment was stored.

„At long last, it’s time for Bloody Assassin to apear again… Daggers of midnight… how long was it? Yes… only ones who resisted their blood sucking ability was demon lord who I served and Zaru… well he never got hit to begin with… he’s really fast…“

As I changed into my Assassin clothes I realised that I gain a little weight.

„Damn you Zaru… you always had such tasty food… I should also give piece of my mind to that Haba and Yuki girl…“

As I was prepared for combat I store everything in treasury in my magic bag.

With that, a week passed.

„My queen, everyone is ready to go. Every citizen in our city decided to follow you to demon lord Zaru and his dungeon.“

„That’s a good news. Send them to the dungeon with Great teleportation spell. I showed you the way three days ago.“

„Yes Ma’am!“

The next day everyone was transported to place near the dungeon. I waited until a nightfall, then a single man in his thirties apreared. He was Hero of Starlight Asta.

„Hero of Starlight Asta! I am Queen of Darknes, Bloody Assassin Hestia! You shall not touch my city! ‚Crimson Star‘

Spell created a giant ball of white flames. Hero erected his shield but he was not target of this spell. Rather the city was.

Only this one spell reduced entire city in matter of seconds. Not a single brick or stone survived. One giant crater was all that was left.

Teleport.‘ I returned to the dungeon. When I walked into the throne room, only one person was present and that was Filona.

„Where is everyone Filona?“

„Oh, you returned Hestia, you see Master Zaru left for war with Ork kingdom.“


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