Chapter 74:

Excerpt From Mayor’s Notebook – Last Entry

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

The Washing—3696–3

As typical with this time of the year, the weather has taken a turn for the worst. The amount of precipitation has already caused a minor mudslide on the Noan (Southeast) side of the village. I suppose I should be grateful it was only minor. We escaped with minimal injuries and now can work to fortify that portion before the washing truly gets underway.

In much better news, the mines have been very productive as of late. Under the guidance of Gus, we found a new deposit that should provide for years to come. I’ll have to show my thanks to him later. He took a brief step out of a well-deserved retirement to help us.

I hope the younger of our miners took the time to learn from his experience. At the very least, it was reported to me that a youngster known as Adan seemed to have taken a liking to Gus. Furthermore, Gus himself told me this youngster shows a lot of promise in the future. Discussions have started to make him the safety leader for the mining team. This will fill out the long-absent role and give our Needaimus a long-needed partner.

Now, if I may take some time to gush about my daughter.

Bonfilia has been growing so much lately! It breaks my heart that I have missed so many key moments over the years. She is starting to ask all the questions that children often do. My wife told me just today that she had questioned why it rains so much. An appropriate question for this time of the year, but then she added on a question about why it rains in the first place.

My wife, of course, answered the question well, but I do hope I do not miss an opportunity to answer one of my daughters’ pressing questions on my own. I think I shall take a week off soon to spend some much-needed time to rest with them.