Chapter 8:

The Winner Is...

Dance Group of Idols (アイドルのダンスグループ)

I was still feeling very nervous while doing the dance moves. But thanks to Noriko, it made me feel less nervous than I was before I did the dance moves. After we finished our show, everyone got off the stage. I was so excited. "I wonder if we can win?" I couldn't help but think of the question. "The results will be announced in 5 minutes." Mana said. My heart would explode with excitement when she said that. Then the attendant called us to the stage. I couldn't help but wonder if we won or our opponent won. Then they announced who had won. When I heard this , I was going to explode with happiness because it was the first time we had beaten our opponent. Everyone hugged each other. Then the other team came to congratulated us. We congratulated them too. Then I said "Guys, if we win we're going to stargazing and we won, so we're going to stargaze today. Does everyone agree with this idea?" Everyone said "Of course." After Tsubaki said, " In order to see the stars from a better place, we must first do research." Everyone did research, we made a joint decision and went to the most beautiful place in Nagoya, Tokyo. Everyone sat on the grass and began to look at the stars.

"Spring season was almost over, but our friendship will never end..."