Chapter 7:

EXTRA: Personality Traits Of The Characters

Dance Group of Idols (アイドルのダンスグループ)

Aimi: She is a fun person who likes to spend time with her friends.Bookmark here

Mana: Authoritarian and Hardworking person.Bookmark here

Mei: Friendly and Honest.Bookmark here

Noriko: Someone who thinks about everyone's well-being and wants them to be successful.Bookmark here

Tsubaki: Its name comes from the Camellia flower. She is a helpful person.Bookmark here

Aiko: Someone who likes to keep things like memories.Bookmark here

Yuzuri: Someone who likes to be with friends.Bookmark here

Fuyumi: She is a cold-blooded person who loves the winter months.Bookmark here

Rikiya: Someone strong and a populer one.Bookmark here

Haruka: Just like Rikiya, Haruka is a cold-blooded person.Bookmark here

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