Chapter 78:

Excerpt from Needaimus Guide – Intro and Origins

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Congratulations! If you are reading this guide, it means you have just, or will soon, partner with a Needaimus. This is a big step, and we are here to walk you through it!

There are many things to cover and much more that you will simply learn through experience. The purpose of this guide will be to introduce the basics for a new Mortal-Needaimus pair.

Much debate has been made over what order the information should be presented. The writers of this guide believe they have picked the best way but are open to changing details in future editions of this guidebook.

The Needaimus origin is somewhat of a mystery to the modern world, and many ordinary people do not consider the details to be of importance.

The most prevailing theory is that the Ancients formed the Needaimus. This is supported by the Zenotote Absolutism, which claims that their species lived alongside the ancients before the schism. They assert that the Needaimus were created for Zenotote use, and that is why they are the only species that does not need preparation for bonding to limbs. (As a side note, bonding without preparation will result in the loss of function to a limb. Some Needaimus abilities can partially recover the limb, but permanent damage will be retained. Please consult a medical professional before any partnership is made.)

Another popular theory is that the Needaimus are extraterrestrial and came to Resh on a ship that broke apart in the atmosphere many years ago. This theory did not have much validation until the Netzian arrival proved the existence of life elsewhere.

There are many other theories about the origins, but none are as popular as the two listed before. The writers of this guide do not take a position on any theory and encourage readers to research independently.

Moving on from the ancient origins, the modern Needaimus discovery was well documented and recorded. In the year 1212 PS, a Needaimus mine was discovered in the Lethvo Mountains.

The following Needaimus Rush would go on for several hundred years with many forming parties and seeking adventure throughout the world. It is a time associated with sword, sorcery, and the spirit of adventure. Many stories were written during this time, and many modern stories will also harken back to the romantic aspects of the period. The writers of this guide recommend anyone interested to check out the stories but be forewarned that many fantastical elements fill the stories written at the time.

Following the great Needaimus Rush came the Needaimus Dry Period. New Needaimus we’re not being discovered, and many were coming to grips with the fact that there was a large but limited supply. This time lasted several more hundred years, with tension growing on all sides. It came to a cataclysmic end with the Aqueenian and Hobusian nations starting what was thought to be an ordinary war in 1855 PS. The Zenototes and Bentulousians quickly joined in, but all sides soon realized how devastating Needaimus could be in combat. This guide will not cover what became known as the Great War of Resh, but the writers recommend reading all literature on the subject.

Following the Great War, Needaimus research developed into its modern form. It is from this research that this guide will begin to explain Needaimus.