Chapter 65:

Chapter 65: Mansion of Horrors

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 65: Mansion of Horrors

*As the heroes explore the woods, they notice a change*

Emily: Does it feel colder to anyone else?

Zeth: Yeah, but I love the cold.

*Soon the wind picks up a bit too*

Kurt: Now it’s windy too.

Zeth: It’s not that bad.

Kurt: I just have a bad feeling.

*Soon after, they come across a huge mansion*

Joe: Whoa, that’s not just a mansion, that’s a giant mansion.

Zeth: And I have a feeling that inside is where we will find Clora.

Sasha: I just want to know why there is a mansion in the middle of some creepy woods.

Emily: You’re right about the creepiness of this all. I can’t imagine anyone would choose to live here.

Joe: Yeah, they’d have to make a contest that no one would enter and then pick a winner of someone that didn’t even enter the contest.1

Kurt: Let’s just go in already.

*They walk up to the entrance and then they go inside. The first room is not too big with a door straight forward and two staircases that lead to different doors upstairs*

???: Hehehe. Welcome, son of Light Goddess Harmona.

Zeth: Who the hell is saying that!?

*The screen on the TV in the room turns on. On the screen is a short woman with long, red hair sitting with her legs crossed and with a crystal ball in front of her. She has big bulging eyes*

Woman: My name is Daykona. Son of Harmona, you are now in my Mansion of Horrors. I suppose you are looking for the angel, Clora.

Zeth: What have you done with her, you bitch!?

Daykona: Hehehe. Now, now. There’s no need to be rude. She is alive. But if you want to rescue her, you will have to make it through my mansion of horrors alive.

*Zeth is losing his patience*

Zeth: And how do we do that?

Daykona: Simple, you just go through. It will all work itself out. Of course, the whole mansion can be one screwed up place at times. So good luck. Hehehe.

*The screen shuts off*

Sasha: What should we do?

Zeth: Get through this stupid mansion, rescue Clora, and then make Daykona regret all the trouble she has caused us.

Emily: Sounds like a plan.

*Before they decide which direction to go, the floor under Zeth and Sasha opens and they fall in. As they fall, Sasha screams and Zeth shouts “What the hellllllllllllllllllllll!”. The floor closes immediately after*

Kurt: Shit! We can’t go after them!

Emily: Damn it! Now what?

Joe: I once read a story where this happened all the time.

Kurt: It looks like our only option is to start going through this mansion and hope to find them.

*Joe and Emily agree*

Joe: Do we split up or stay together?

Kurt: We stay together. It’s too risky to split up. Splitting us seems to be what Daykona wants.

Emily: But which door do we take? We have three options.

Kurt: They fell down below so let’s stick with the door in front of us.

*They open the door and go in*


*Down below, Zeth and Sasha have landed in a dark prison-like room but their cell is not closed off*

Zeth: So they drop us down here and don’t even close off the prison cell we drop into?

Sasha: I doubt they forgot.

*They hear a noise*

Sasha: What was that?

*Zeth looks out of the cell*

Zeth: I guess I know why they didn’t close off the cell.

*A humanoid monster is shown and it looks similar to a zombie with gray skin and has a large monstrous mouth on its belly. The eyes on it are completely black. There are multiple of the monster*

Zeth: It looks like we are meant to be their lunch.

Narrator: The heroes have entered the Mansion of Horrors. Can they survive all of its deadly traps?

Chapter 65 END

To be Continued in Chapter 66: Saykomera