Chapter 66:

Chapter 66: Saykomera

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 66: Saykomera

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha find themselves in a feeding ground for vicious monsters!

Zeth: It looks like we have no choice but to fight these monsters.

Sasha: Let’s do it.

*They engage the monsters in battle*

*Daykona watches from her crystal ball while drinking tea*

Daykona: Hehehe. Those fools will see that the Crunchers are not so easy to defeat. They have such a nasty bite.

*Zeth and Sasha both punch a Cruncher in the face. Their heads and necks bend backward but the monstrous mouth on their bellies lunge at Zeth’s and Sasha’s arms*

*Sasha is able to dodge but Zeth is not so lucky. The mouth chomps on his right arm, putting him in a lot of pain*

Zeth: Ahhh!!

*Sasha jump kicks it off of him*

*Three other Crunchers join in the battle, bringing the total up to five*

*Daykona continues watching on her crystal ball and she grins with excitement*

Daykona: Uh oh, you enraged them! Hehehehehehe!!

*Zeth’s arm is bleeding badly*

Sasha: Your arm!

Zeth: It’s fine! Don’t lose focus!

*The Crunchers’ heads bend back into their original position but now their black eyes turn into an evil red color, the two enraged Crunchers start running towards Zeth and Sasha*

Zeth: I got this! Star Shine Blast!

*Zeth releases his star shine blast at the two enraged Crunchers and it’s a direct hit*

*The smoke clears quickly and the Cruncher that had bit Zeth is using his Star Light Shield technique and still charging. The other Cruncher was blown back*

Zeth: It’s using my Star Light Shield!?

*The Cruncher jumps on Zeth trying to bite him more and even starts using Zeth’s magic-powered punches*

*Daykona continues watching and is still grinning with extreme excitement*

Daykona: Hahahaha! The Crunchers have the ability to use techniques of anyone they bite! Soon you will be overwhelmed once they all do!

*Zeth is trying to avoid getting bit*

Zeth: Sasha, attack at the same time as me! It will overpower the Star Light Shield!

*Zeth’s left arm glows with his magic energy*

Sasha: Shade Punch!

*They both punch the Cruncher at the same time, destroying the Star Light Shield and knocking the Cruncher back. It wiggles and then dies*

*They do not notice the other enraged Cruncher as it slides to Sasha’s leg and bites her*

Sasha: No!! Ahh!!

*Suddenly, dark energy flows out of her leg and into the Cruncher, causing the Cruncher to burst into pieces*

*Daykona watches that happen and then she drops her teacup and spits out her tea in shock*

Daykona: What!?!?!?!? What did she just do!? Grrr! I must capture her and find out!

Zeth: What did you just do?

Sasha: I don’t know. Energy just suddenly came out of my leg and into the monster.

Zeth: It probably has something to do with your powers but we will figure that out later. Right now, we have three more of those bastards to deal with. Time for a new technique.

*Zeth crosses his arms and has each hand grab onto the opposite shoulder. Zeth starts to glow gold and then charges at the three remaining crunchers*

Zeth: Saykomera!

*Zeth is now charging towards the Cruncher and is glowing completely gold and while his arms are crossed. He simply charges into the Crunchers and when he hits them, a golden wave of energy is released which incinerates them into dust*

*Sasha stares with shock and amazement*

Sasha: Saykomera… an ancient word meaning “Golden Force”…1

Zeth: It’s probably nothing unique towards me. My mother likely invented the technique and I’m sure my sister is able to use it too. The real tricky part is performing the follow-up combos which I have yet to master. And without my divine powers, it’s still not as powerful either.

Sasha: Still, that is an amazing attack.

Zeth: Well, you are the daughter of the Dark Goddess. I’m sure you have some amazing attacks that you have not shown me yet.

*Sasha smiles and then winks*

Sasha: I sure do.

Zeth: Then I can’t wait to see them.

*In Heaven, Harmona is able to watch over her children despite her recovering powers because of their blood link*

Harmona: (Smiling and talking to herself) Zeth, I’m proud of you. I did not think you would be able to use Saykomera in battle already. Your next step is the follow-up combos. I look forward to seeing your progress.

Narrator: Zeth has shown off the Saykomera attack. Harmona watches proudly at Zeth’s progress. But what is Daykona scheming to capture Sasha?

Chapter 66 END

To be Continued in Chapter 67: The One Who Stalks in the Darkness

Author’s Comment: Referring to the part of the chapter where Sasha reveals that "Saykomera" means "Golden Force" in an ancient language. In my planning for this story, I wanted tocreate an ancient language for divinebeings. By that, I mean I was going tocreate the full language and all of its grammar rules. With this, I wanted some divine beings that the heroes encounter to speak exclusively in that language but ultimately I had to scrap the idea and just settle on everyone speaking English instead with the exception of certain one or two word phrases that would then immediately be translated to English. Saykomera is the first example of that happening. Why did I scrap the idea you may ask? Well, it's extremely hard to create a language and all of its rules. Not only do I have to create it and memorize all of its rules, I would have to expect any potential reader to be able to do the same thing. It's a shame because I think it's a neat idea but it's just not feasible.