Chapter 30:

A4P4: Towards first war

From Assassin to Demon lord

Three days have passed and we were about to leave for Habutu Barony. These three nights were weirdly calm, as no one tried to attack Yama.

Lizzie came to report about questioning (torturing) the prisoner.

„So the queen was behind it?“

„Yes, that is what I think. The prisoner (meat bag), said that he was hired to kill miss Yama by Duke Ga-ro, who si closely tied to the queens fraction. Also, we find out that this kingdom have five dukes, three of them wants miss Yama to take throne after her father.“

„So it’s all about inheriting the throne… well it’s safe to say that the dukes only want Yama as pawn.“

„I also think that. It would not be for the first time I saw something like that. And I want you ask one more thing, what are you planning to do with that girl?“

Marks of danger were in those words.

„I thought that I will have her teach kids how to read and stuff. She is smart, yet naive. Let’s go. We have battle to win.“


One thousand fully equiped soldiers on war horses, sight to behold. In their head was small number of people.

They were, the King Ya-rok, Yama, me, Lizzie, Yuki and gnolls.

„This day marks new chapter in our kindoms history! We will break free our brothers in those filthy orks hands and with them we will take over entire Ork kingdom!!“

„Yeah!!!“ soldiers cried in response.

With that we set off for the Barony.

In three days we got to the main city of barony.

„Lizzie, could you tear that wall down?“

„Sure thing! ‚Earthquake!‘

The spell shaken eart beneath us and made it’s way to the walls, tearing them down.

„Attack!“ the king shouted.

Soldiers went into rampage through the city killing anyone in their field of vision.

„Yama stick close to Lizzie and shaman okay?“


I flown into the sky and headed inside the casle. Destroying gate was first on my task and after that I went looking for the baron.

I found him preaty quickly. He was in his private chambers having fun with a maid.

„I don’t think that your wife will be happy with this…“ I said.

„What?! Who…“

I used thread control to cut of his neck the moment he turne towards me.

The maid looked at me with teary eyes.

„I am demon lord Zaru, from this day forward, I rule this barony.“

The girl started crying and bowed: „Thank you very much!“

Who in their right mind thanks a Demon lord?!

„No problem,“ I said nonchalantly.

I took the head and walked out. Some guards tried to stop me but I dispose of them quickly. On my way I found wife of the baron trying to run away with child in her hands. I used thread control to stop her, but I didnt kill her, nor the child.

Hey, I am a demon lord, but killing kids is still too much for me.

„You will go with me, unless you want to end up like this pig.“ I raised head in my hand.

„Iieeeek!“ The woman tried to hide her kid in her arms while still traped in threads.

We went through some more passageways and we found ourselves before room with red glowing sign.

We went it and I stood before black box with round lens. This was magic device was called camera. This camera was connected to few places, recievers, inside the city and were used for important news to be spread to the civilians.

„People of Habutu barony, my name is Zaru and I am demon lord. Here is head of your baron that I killed. If you bow to me right now I will stop the ogre attack. If you resist, I will send you to that fatso right away.“

Everything I said was made to scare orks. Given that Orks follow only those who are stronger than them, by killing the baron I showed that I am stronger. Not a single ork started resisting after that message.

We won.

Tony Raven