Chapter 31:

A4P5: Aftermath of the first battle

From Assassin to Demon lord

Ogres were released from all prisons and influencial nobles were gathered by gnolls. Most of them being baronets or knights. Heads of ten noble families were kneeling before me, their wives and children of diferent ages were standing behind them bowing their heads deeply.

One of the nobles was dwarf looking ork. This dwarf-ork was only one who looked into my eyes when he presented himself. Yet he didn’t show any fear for his life. Only fear in his eyes was scared for his family.

„Rise your heads.“ I said with cold voice.

Orks raised their heads as one, their eyes were moving from me, to Lizzie and Yuki, to Yama and back to me. I could understand that, after all elves were favorite thing to rape for orks.

„I shall introduce my self again. I’m Demon lord of assassinaton Zaru. These two are my wives Lizzie and Yuki. The small ogre here is princess Yama. Also you should know that I already turned this city into my dungeon area so even if you escape I rule this city and you can’t do anything about it.“

„„„„We understood!““““ orks shouted.

„Good. On the next topic. I will not kill your families. Only those who do some crime will be punished. That law of two generation punishment is hereby canceled. Next, I will nominate mayor for this city, as the last one was killed by ogres, you dwarf-ork, tell me your name.“

„Yes! I am Baronet Goru-bo Haliald. My job class is-“

„Architect. I know, that is why I picked you. Ogres destroyed this city so I want someone who can rebuild it. ‚Gate‘

Ater activating the spell a vortex apeared and Knight of death walked in.

„Knight of death, your name shall be Yiko Ox’rugro.“

The knight bowed and shined. When shine faded, Unholy paladin with crimson hair was standing there.

Yes!! It’s a guy! Well he looks like one.

„Thank you master for granting the gift of name to weakling such as I. This Yiko Ox’rugro shall do her absolute best to serve you!“

Wait. Her? You are a girl?! Lizzie save that look for another time could you?!

„Yiko, I shall station you here to help mr. Haliald with his work as mayor.“

„I understand master. I will do my absolute best! You can count on me!“

Nobles were frighten to the bones.

„Also I will give you another job.“

„What kind of job, master?“

„You will be executioner.“

„Understood, master.“

„You lot! Listen to me now. In ten days we will bring new set of laws, those you have are insufficent. Now, dismissed!“

With orks now gone, me Yama, Lizzie and Yuki had finally some free time.

„Ugh… now let’s look into internal affairs, that formal baroness was nice enought to let us inside every room we asked for so let’s start with her husband office.“

„Sure let’s do that.“

„I am interested in orks internal structure, honestly.“

With that I went to office with Lizzie, and Yuki with Yama stayed in conference room to look for hidden rooms. I knew about one so I thought that there must be more.

„I was wondering, how could you know so perfectly where to go?“

„Ah… that’s easy one I had a job here once.“

„So you killed someone here before?“

„Well, kidnap is better word. I mean I did kill him but not here. If I recall corectly he was giving state secrets to the baron before this one. And well... his horse triped on his way through mountains and he died. That is official couse of death.“

„And unofficial?“

„He fell on his knife while foraging… a couple of times…“

„A couple of times?“

„I honestly can’t remember, did he fell five times? Or was it eight? No one knows.“

„You always had ways to deal with trouble right? Like hiding your wounds with some sort of ointment right? You did that when you came back from that quest for gathering magic crystals in Seafoam cavern.“

„You knew?“

„Of course. I payed close attention to you, you know?“

„That’s a little creepy.“

„Says demon lord, king of all evil.“

„You got a point.“

With this idle chit chat we made it to the office and started looking through some papers.

„Well… how to say it… this is a mess. I mean, Yuki who just started learning how to read and write can do better job than that pig.“

„Yeah, no kidding. This is smell like some idiot trying to embezzle and did terrible work. Like these two are clearly one and the same.“

„Yeah, this explain why citizens outside of amy were so easily made to give up. They though that death would be better then living under that baron.“

„Question is…“

A knocking on door interrupt me.

„Come in!“

As I said that, a maid, which I saw when I killed that ork walked in. Now that I looked at her I realised that she was Shadow elf. Rare breed of dark elves who looked exactly same, but their speciality was assassination. Just like me they were born to walk in shadows, thus the name: Shadow elf.

„E-excuse me. Sir Demon lord… Milord there is something I want to tell you, if you allow me…“ the girl glanced at Lizzie, who like on instinct put her hand on my shoulders and hugged me. Well I could tell her to stop, but I didn’t want to.

„This room have secret room that can be opend if you push the inkpot. Also, I didn’t get to tell you my name…“

„Yes, thank you we will head to the hidden room right away, right DARLING?“ Lizzie smiled.

Wait you aprove Yuki, but this elf is no-go? I though you were not that much of shadow-hater.

„Ah, that’s right. We have a lot of work to do. Could you prepare some tea? Miss?“

„Ah! Yes! The name is Tomi. Can it be, Blaublatt tea?“

„Ah, yes, thanks. You can go.“

The maid bowed and left.

„Darling? Can you tell me where you met that girl?“ lizzies usual sweet voice was nowhere to be seen.

„She was about to be raped by baron when I steped in.“

„Again? What is it with you and girls about to be raped?! Tell me Zaru!!“

After that I was for three hours in scolding by Lizzie. When she was about to leave she find cold tea with letter saying something that made Lizzie angry again. So I recieved even more scolding.

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