Chapter 25:

Among Us (9)

Don't Die, Will

My name is Ethan. Ethan Baker. Before all this started, I was living with my parents and my big sister. My family was rich. Like, actual rich. My dad had his own company which was making money and was filling his pocket, also mine. My mom used to be an English teacher. But retired after giving birth to my sister. Well, she never needed to go to her job anymore. My dad was making more than enough money for us. We had our own luxurious house, pool, cars just name it. You won't be surprised if I say that I was one of the richest kid in my school. I had money and getting women wasn't a big deal if you have money. I had everything. I was living my life. Until that day...

I was notified before that the driver wouldn't come to pick me up that day as my sister would go shopping and he would take her with him. So I had to ride the school bus. The bus left the school, I was seated in the third row of the bus. And was having usual chat with my friends. Conversations about sports, money, women, politics, sex. Whenever I joined a conversation, I ended up being the main focus. Everyone would listen to what I was saying and what I was about to say. I liked it. I like attention, who doesn't?

I was being the main focus as usual that day. The bus was going at it's normal pace. It took a left turn and got caught in the traffic. Yes, you know the rest. That was when cannibals showed up for the first time. People were freaking out, some of them were running to the opposite direction. The cannibals were eating people alive. Everyone was in terror, which included me too. The driver left the bus earlier and told us to not to move from our seats. We didn't know what to do. As the girls were screaming, cannibals were coming our way. Arthur was shouting and putting the blame at them. Shortly, an argument got started and no one noticed until a cannibal put his head in through the open door. Nolan ordered everyone to be quiet but one girl had to scream and it fucked us all. We all gathered at the end of the bus and jumped through the windows.

My house was at the direction from where the cannibals were coming. It made me worried a little bit.

Are they okay? 

I ran and ran and ran and ran until I reached my house, my luxurious house. When I reached it, I saw the door was open. I ran in straight and wasn't ready for what I saw. My mom was on the floor. Her eyes...they were looking at me. And her soulless body wan moving as one of the cannibals were feeding on her. Her blood were floating out and was on the floor. My eyes moved on they're own and looked at the blood coming towards me. I tried to step back but lose my balance and fell on the ground. The sound reached the cannibal's ears and it turned and looked at me. I would never forget how it looked like. That face, I would never ever forget it.


No it wasn't my dad. It was something else in my dad's body, some creature. It was coming towards me. My body wasn't moving but I tried my best to crawl away from it. I stood up some how and ran the opposite direction, to the front door and tried to close the door from outside. But it put it's head through the space and blocked the path to lock the door. I put all of my strength in my hand and didn't let go of the handles. I kept pushing and pushing, until it's head came of it's body and fell off outside. The door got locked suddenly which made me loss my balance again. I fell on the ground and hit my head.

I don't remember for how long I was senseless. When I opened my eyes, I was still lying on the ground outside my house. It was dark, but I still could see my dad's head lying on the ground clearly, beside me. it freaked me out and  I moved away. It wasn't safe for me to be outside. I opened the door, went inside and locked it.My mom's dead body was still lying there on the floor, looking at me with those empty eyes. Her was bloodless. That bad smell, it made me puke. I ran away to upstairs, got into my room and locked it.

Wh-what is happening? Wh-what is this? My mom is dead, my dad is p-p-parents...they are dead. I started crying, Where is Sofia? Is she dead too? It's late night. what's the time now??

I tried to look at the wall clock. My room was dark, but the moonlight coming through the window helped me to see the clock.

I-it's 11. Wh-where are you, Sofia? Are y-you even alive? Please be alive. I am scared. Our parents are dead, Sofia. I have no one but you now. Please, I pray to God, please be alive. I am scared. I am scared I am scared I am scared I am scared I am scared I am scared I am scar-

When I woke up, it was day already. I looked through the window. The whole town was a mess. Dead body lying all around, blood, abandoned vehicles, cannibals roaming around. But what I didn't see was people who were alive. I carefully came outside for hoping that I would get to see alive people but I failed.

What if everyone left the town?? Then, I'll be a-alone here. I-I am scared. Sofia, where are you?? Are you even alive??

I couldn't in my own house as my mom's dead body was rotting on the floor, couldn't bear to watch it. So I took whatever was there for eating, few bottles of water, a knife, some clothes, my phone and packed my bag. Left the house for good. I could had waited for Sofia but it was too much for me.


I had been writing notes in a diary I found. 

It's been 2 month since I left my home. My town was completely overrun. When I left, I didn't see a single "human" near by. I didn't know where to go. So I just decided to walk straight ahead, wherever God takes me. 

I don't know anything about my sister Sofia. Whether she is dead or injured or alive is unknown to me. I hope she is alive though. She physically isn't really strong. Before I left the town, I tried to look for her, but failed. 

In these 2 months, my phone is long dead now. No electricity so no point in having a phone now. I learned a lot about surviving. I found a book about surviving few days ago. I never read much books before. It's fun. If I knew reading books were this fun, I would've read more. Well, maybe it's the situation which made me like this.

I wonder what happened to my classmates. Jorge, Alex, Charlotte, Mia, Sophia...I miss them. I wonder if they survived or not. Arthur, he is tough. I have no doubt that he is still alive. Nolan, I hate that bitch. But I doubt he is dead. He is a smart ass. I wouldn't be surprised if he is alive. What about Emma? The most popular girl in our school, ooff! That body...I'll miss that. Ruby, Manny, Monica...Oh, so many people! 

I wonder how that guy is doing. What was his name again? Uhh, I can't remember. The guy who was always getting bullied by Arthur and his gang. I wonder if he is alive, lol. 

I gotta go now. The raining stopped. Gotta go and look for some food. I've been starving for days now. Don't blame me, diary. It's just too hard to hunt. I've never done it before. Yes, I have thought about searching for food in towns. But it's too risky with all those man eaters roaming around. I prefer being in the forest. There is less food but at least it's safer.

Oh! I remembered that boy's name. His name is William. Did I write that correctly?


6 months passed since it all started. I was a lot better in hunting then before. But still, I had a long way to go. It was strange to me how I didn't encounter a single alive person in these days. As if like all of them were dead. I wished I could see some human's face. I was already tired of talking to myself. And my body was crying for some women. Masturbation was the only way for me to release stress. But it wasn't satisfying.

I had been exploring some towns. It was risky, but sometimes, it was worth it. If I was lucky, I could get 2/3 days of foods and water. But if I was lucky. The other day, I found some porn magazines. It was my luckiest day in these 6 months.

Other than fooling around, I was expressing another emotion. I was feeling lonely. My parents were dead and I didn't know my sister's whereabouts. I had no friends. I was all alone. Sometimes at night, I would wake from my sleep and start to panic.

Where am I? Where is this place? Why is it so dark? Help! Some one, help! Help me! I-I am scared!! 

That what I would say to myself and go back to sleep again.


I was following a deer's footsteps. From what I saw, I thought it was big. After a long time, I would be able to eat till my stomach is full. My mouth became watery just even thinking about it. The footsteps went into deeper forest. I carefully landed my foots on the ground to avoid making unnecessary noises. After a while, I saw the deer. It was eating grass and was minding it's own business. To make a better shot with my bow and arrow, I climbed up a small cliff a bit far away from the deer. Without making any noises, I pulled my arrows and pointed at the deer. My breathing was heavier than usual and I was really excited.

If I can make the shot properly, I wouldn't have to worry about food for next few days. I won't get any second chance here. I have to strike the head no matter what!

To make even better shot, I stepped a little forward. I wasn't confident of my shoot, so I went one more step forward. Little by little like this, I reached the edge of the cliff. But I wasn't aware of that at all. All I was thinking about the deer and it's delicious meat. To increase my chance to get the deer, I stepped forward one more time...which was a mistake. My foot landed on the air, I lost my balance and fell off the cliff. To save myself from getting hurt, I tried to land on my feet. But that was a mistake too. I twisted my left ankle right after landing on the ground. My scream frightened the deer and it got away.

With my twisted leg, I couldn't move at all. My camp was a bit far away from that place. And it was impossible for me go through all those high grounds with this leg. I felt like crying. I tried my best to hold back my tears. I cursed my life, I cursed myself. I cursed my parents for bringing me into this world. I cursed them for dying on me. I cursed my sister Sofia. I cursed my ankle. I cursed everyone. I cursed this world.

I had to spent the night there. My ankle got swollen and turned a bit purple. It was hurting like hell. All alone, deep in the forest, without being aware of what was coming, I was scared. I wanted to cry so bad. But it would catch "their" attention. I covered my mouth and cried silently.


1 week after that day, I was able to move with the support of a stick. I knew I should let my ankle rest to heal. But keep in mind that I also had to survive. No one was carrying the food to my mouth. I had to step up for myself.

With this sprained ankle, I couldn't hunt or search for food for days. I got a lot thinner. I bet that I wouldn't be able to recognize myself if I saw myself in the mirror. I didn't have much strength left in me either. I even predicted that I would die in a few days if things went like this. I guess, it would be better for me to just die. I had enough of it. But somewhere deep inside me, someone or something was telling me too keep fighting...I know I am talking bullshit. But it is true. Or maybe I was too afraid to die. That was why I was fighting to survive.

It was night, I went out of my camp in search of some food. The traps I set didn't work so I had to find another way to fill my stomach, I didn't eat for days. In that dark night, I walked slowly with the support of my stick.

Maybe I can find some fruits or berries, I don't know. Anything would be fine. I thought, Poison would be much better.

Without being aware of, I went deeper in the forest. I couldn't find any fruits or berries but I noticed something. A bit far away, I could see light.

Fire? Is someone there? And what is this smell?? It smells like meat!

I carefully stepped forward avoiding the bushes. Finally, I reached where the fire was lighted. A small tent was placed around the fire. The smell was coming from the meat that was cooking on the fire.

Is that deer meat?? Oh my God, it smells so nice!

My mouth became all watery. I wiped up the water with my wrist. I rolled my eyes around, no one was there. The tent was also empty. But I was sure that someone would come in any minute. I stood in front of the fire and started to think my next move.

Sh-should I steal away the meat? I am not a thief. But my stomach is growling like a hungry wolf. What should I do? I don't wanna steal. This meat, it looks to fucking tasty!! I think...I-I think I might just take it with me. Well, this world isn't fair. Whoever you are, don't blame me for taking away your meat. You shouldn't have left it all out in the open in the first place.

I grabbed the long stick of deer meat and started to flee away from the place. with that hot stick in my right hand and another stick to support my left leg, it wasn't really easy for me to move. As I turned away, a voice called out from behind.


Shit, I am fucked.

I turned around slowly. A man in his 40's were standing with some woods.

"Where do you think you're going with my meat?"

"I-I am s-sorry. I didn't want to steal." I nearly cried, "But I haven't eaten anything in days. I am starving. Sorry, I tried to steal your meat."

The man looked at me from head to toe. Then he sighed and put down the woods beside the fire.

"You don't need to be afraid. I won't eat you." He said with a soft voice, "sit down and eat. I can see you haven't had a proper meal in a long time. Leave some for me though. I am starving too."

Tears fell out from the corner of my eyes, out of respect.

"Hey, why are you crying?"

"N-no it's nothing."

"Huh, sit and eat." He started to put the woods in the fire.

I carefully sat down on the ground beside the fire. The meat stick in my hand, I broke it in half. One for me, the other one was for that man. I gave him the bigger share though. After all, it was his meal. When I put the first bite. I still remember and I would never forget how delicious it was! My whole mouth filled up with the taste. I started to eat recklessly. And thanked God for keeping me alive for this very moment.

"Hey, eat slowly. Otherwise, it will stuck in your throat."

"I'll be careful. Thank you."

"What happened to your leg?"

I looked at my left ankle, "Oh, this? I sprained my ankle when I was trying to hunt a deer."

"Let me see." He grabbed my leg softly, "It looks bad."


"Oh, sorry. Did it hurt?" He looked at me.

"A little."

"When did you hurt it?"

"Umm, about a week ago."

"Hmm, from what I can see, it would take another week to heal. Well, that depends. You gotta let it rest."

"Oh, I'll. Thanks."

The man seemed really nice. I didn't sense anything bad from him. So, I decided to let my guard down a little and enjoy my meal. He sat on the ground making a 90 a degree angle.

"What's your name, kid?"

"I am Ethan."

"I'm Robert. Nice to meet you, kid."

"Nice to meet you too and thanks for the food."

"Yeah, don't worry about that." He added, "You all alone?"

"Yeah, I am on my own."

"Why were you roaming around in this late night?"

"I was searching for some food. I haven't eat in days."

"Yeah, I can see that from your figure." He took his half share, "Where are your parents?"

"They...both of them are dead."

"Tch, sorry for asking, kid." He said, "How have you been surviving all by yourself?"

"It's... it's been tough. I hunt in the forest and sometimes, I head for the towns to find some food and weapon I guess."

" sure are tough, kid."

"What about you?" I asked, "What about your family?"

"I used to have a wife and a son. Both of them died. I am the only one now, all alone."

"Sorry to hear that."

"Yeah." He pulled out a small bottle of alcohol from his left pocket, "My wife, when it all started one of those fucker got her. I had to kill her myself, with my own hands. And for my son, he was only 5. I couldn't provide much food for him. In the end...he left me too, all alone in this world."

I couldn't find anything to say to comfort him.

"I've tried to take my own life countless times after that, but couldn't. Something inside me...was still telling me to keep fighting."

This guy is like me.

He took a sip of the alcohol and said, "Thanks for listening to me, kid. It's been a while since I talked to someone properly."

"O-oh, no problem. It's my pleasure."

"Hey, kid. How about we team up from now?"

"Team up?"

"Yeah, you and me. It would be better if we stick around. We can both help each other."

It brought tears to my eyes. I had been roaming around more than 6 months, all alone. Didn't know where I would end up, when I would die. But I still moved forward while the fear and hopelessness was holding me back. I didn't have anyone I could rely on.

This world is cruel. If you're alone, you'll be crushed unless you're strong. And I've had enough of loneliness. That was what I said to myself, If you're getting the chance to share your burden with someone, then why not?

"Yes. I would love to form up a team!"


After taking a proper meal after a long time, I was kinda sleepy. So I fell asleep there on the ground without being aware of. I was dreaming, dreaming about my parents, sister, friends...specially women and sex. In my dream, I was having sex with a very hot lady. She was way older than me. But they say, having sex with a older woman makes you a man. As she was riding on me, my whole body was shaking. But I was having this weird sensation which I never felt before. No, I had sex before. But it was something else. It made me wake up from my sleep. My eyes were still heavy so I couldn't open them widely. I was hearing panting nonstop. And my whole body was shaking, I kept feeling pain on my lower body. When I clearly came into my senses, I saw something that I never thought I would have to go through.

That guy named Robert, I was being raped by him.

"What the fuck are you doing?! Get off me!!" I tried to push him away. But I didn't have much strength left in me.

"Shh Shh." He covered my mouth and said with a low voice, "I've been dying for this. So, shut up and let me enjoy it."

"Get off me!! Don't you fucking touch me!!" My words couldn't come out from my mouth.

I was weak with an injured ankle, fighting for my life. Just when I thought my life was finally getting better, it all fell apart.

God, what are you thinking? Why are you doing this to me? Why me of all people? I always thought I was someone special as I was born in a rich family. I had everything. But you have taken away everything for me. It's making think that I wasn't special after all. God, what path did you chose for me? What do I have left to see?

My body was going numb, couldn't fight back. My mind was completely going blank. I thought I might die there.

My prediction is actually coming true. I am finally dying. Though it's happening sooner that I thought.

I stopped fighting back. And closed my eyes. Just when I thought that it was all coming to an end, a miracle took place.

A steel baseball bat swung out of nowhere and knocked away the guy off my on the ground.

"Well, well well!" The bald guy with a big mustache said with a smile, "What do we have here?"

"He is the one boss." Somebody else spoke, "He has been stealing from us."

"But you hit him hard, boss. Is he even alive?"

"Oh no, my bad." He looked at me again, "Put on your pants, sweetheart. You're lunch box is showing."


Apparently, that guy named Robert was stealing supplies and food from them, The Riders. The bald guy, His name was Arnold and he was the boss of the gang. They were an outlaw motorcycle gang.

That Arnold guy took me in. He gave me food and shelter. They taught me how to shoot a gun, how to use arrows and bow properly, how to combat with a knife, how to do solo battle, how to ride a bike. Basically, they made me a member of The Riders. It felt like home to me. I never had to look back again.

That Arnold guy, he was my savior. And that moment, I dedicated my whole life to him. I promised to myself that I would do anything to help him, I would even sacrifice my life even if I had to.


After spending 1 and a half year, one day, One of our member came and told the boss that he had seen a community not so far from where we were camping. Hearing that, we all went to see the place. That place was huge. Surrounded by tall walls. I had never seen a place like that. It was like straight heaven on Earth.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked, "Are we gonna join them?"

Arnold looked and me and started laughing, "You're really funny, Ethan my boy."

What? What did I say so funny?

"Boss has other plans, Ethan." Luis said. Luis, he was Arnold's right hand.

"Plans? What plans?" I asked.

"You'll know everything." Arnold smiled, "And I also have a job for you."

A job? For me?