Chapter 26:

Among Us (10)

Don't Die, Will

If I can take him down. It will be down to 1. Then the victory is confirmed. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. It's up to me now. All these lies on my hand. If I can make the shot properly. We would win. If we can come this far, then we can surely win. Yes. Nothing can stop us now. But don't get carried away. If I take one wrong move. It would be all over. Stay calm, stay calm. Breath, breath. hoooo... I have still one bullet left. I can do this. But gotta make it hurry.

He pointed gun, stopped his breathing. His hands were still shaking. And he was sweating nonstop.

Here it goes.

He pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.


He pulled the trigger again, nothing. He kept pulling the trigger.

Wh-what?? I still have one bullet left. What is the matter??

He pulled out the magazine. It was empty.

Oi Oi...wh-where's the bullet?? I am sure there was another one. There was 4. I shot 3. Where is the another one??

He looked around the floor. Then he noticed. The 4th bullet, it was lying down a bit far away.

F-fuck! It might have slipped through when I was reloa-

"SHOOOOT NOOOW!!" one of the opposite team's member screamed out.

"Oh Fuc-" Rodriguez couldn't finish his sentence.

A bullet hit his head and his body fell on the ground.


Rodriguez?! David thought, Th-they got him??

"Rodriguez?!" He shouted, "Are you okay?!"

No response.

"Response if you're okay!"

Still no response.

"Tch, god dammit!" He reloaded his rifle.

"I think...they got him." Ren hesitated to say.

"Yeah." David clenched his jaw, "I am afraid so. But don't move your eyes from them."

"I got my eyes on the one that got Rodriguez."

"It's a do or die now, Ren." David peeked for a second, "I got a plan."


"You heard me." He said, " it's 2 vs 2 now. If either of dies, game over."

"What's the plan?"

David looked at him, "It would be a bit tough though."


They got one of them. Hit him right in the head. There was no coming back from it. He was already dead.

"Good shot." The leader praised the only remaining member.

"2 left." He said, "How are we supposed to get them?"

"Don't panic. I bet they are freaked out."

"But we lost so many men. Fuck, what are we gonna tell boss?"

"Let's not think about it right now." The leader said, "Look they started to shoot again."

Bullets were shot from the 2nd floor of the right house. The leader and the other guy were taken cover. The shooter wouldn't be able to get them. But the bullets were still being shot.

"Are they stupid or what? The guy said, "They are shooting aimlessly. At this point they will run out of bullets."

Stupid or not I don't know. But they did manage to wipe out our whole gang. The leader thought.

"Don't let your guard do-"

He couldn't finish his sentence as a bullet hit and broke one of the mirrors of the jeep.

Are they really stupid or what? Well sure we aren't able to shoot back. But they are just wasting bullets. They won't be able to get us from there. What are they trying to do? Are they genuinely stupid? Or do they have something hidden in their sleeves? Hold on, something is fishy. I didn't notice till now. There should be 2 shots at a time if there were to be 2 persons. One of them has been using a rifle. The other one was using a handgun. But I can't hear the handgun being shot...

The leader finally realized it.

"Hey! It's a tra-"


The other person's head blown off and blood spread on the leader's face.

Fuck! They got us. I knew something was wrong. They aren't stupid after all. While one of them was keeping us distracted with all those shooting. The other one sneaked out in the open field with a better chance of shooting. They totally got us. They totally got me. I am alone now. They are 2. One has the upper ground and the other one has taken cover around this vehicle. Should I surrender?? I don't have much choice. I would rather surrender than die. But there is no guarantee that they won't kill me if I surren-

Another bullet landed close to him.


"Stop shooting! I surrender!" The leader called out.

David stopped shooting. The leader came out of his cover with his hands on the air.

"Throw your gun away!" David shouted.

"Just tell me that you won't kill me!"

"I could've killed you if I wanted to. Now throw away the gun!"

He threw away his gun.

"Ren! You can come out now." David stood up.

He slowly came out behind the jeep with his gun pointed at the last man standing.

"Put your hands on your head and get down on your knees!" David shouted again.

He did as David said.

"Search if he has anything, Ren." David looked at the leader, "If you try to do anything funny. I'll blow off your head. So be careful."

Ren searched his whole body.

"Nothing, David!"

"Okay. Don't move your eyes from him. I am coming down."

David came down and got out of the house. He told Ren to go check on Rodriguez while he guarded the leader. Ren got into the house that Rodriguez was in and went upstairs. His legs stepped on some fresh blood. He followed the blood and found Rodriguez's dead body.

Oh Jesus Christ.

He didn't go any further towards him. He turned around and left the house.

"D-David." Ren said, "Rodriguez...h-he is dead."

"Huh, fuck." David mumbled.

He looked at the leader who was on his knees. David hold the gun against his head.

"Start talking." He ordered, "Who are you? Why are you trying to kill us?"

"H-hey you said you won't kill me."

"I will if you don't answer my question."

"O-okay calm down. Calm down." The leader said, "W-we are...we are Arnold's people."

"Arnold's people??" David seemed surprised.

"Yeah. We were sent here to finish off Jack and his subordinates."

"Who is Arnold?" Ren asked.

"An old friend." David replied while looking at the leader, "Why is he still on to us? Answer me!"

"C-calm down. I don't know myself. I was just following my orders, that's it!"

David looked around and said, "Are you alone? Were there more people with you?"

"N-no. It's all me now."

"Stop lying. You're face is saying everything."

"I am not lying."

David pushed the gun harder against his head, "You either tell me the truth or I blow off your brain out. Which one would you prefer?"

"J-Jeez calm down. O-okay okay." He took a deep breath and exhaled, "Th-there are more people."

"Where are they?"

"They...they are somewhere here. They must have heard the gunshots and would be coming here shortly."

"If you knew that you had people coming over here, then why did you surrender?"

"I thought I would die before they even arrive."


"David, I can already hear them coming. Are you hearing that?"

Ren was right. David heard some faint noises coming towards them. He turned left. He couldn't see anything yet but there would be vehicles soon on the road.

This sound? Another car? I can also hear some bikes too. This is not good.

"David! He is running away!" Ren shouted.


David looked where the leader was. But he wasn't there. Then he turned right, he saw the leader was running towards his gun.

Huh, don't blame me for killing you now.

David raised his gun and pointed at the leader as he was approaching for his gun.


The leader fell on the ground. David was surprised as he didn't pull the trigger. He looked the from where the bullet was shot.

"You owe me one." Jack said while raising his gun.

"Jack! Are you feeling okay?!"

"I knew it was you. I wasn't dreaming after all." He said, "When did you come out of coma?"

"Jack, I'll tell you everything later. We have to move. We don't have time."

Jack looked around, "Where's...Rodriguez?"


"He is dead, is that what you're trying to say?"

David didn't say anything back.

"I saw it coming...he was appearing in my dream continuously. I knew something was wrong."

"Jack, you..."

"David, we need to move!" Ren seemed impatient, "The jeep is in a good shape. We can use it."

"I am not coming." Said Jack.

"What...wh-what the fuck are you talking about, Jack?! Don't joke around at a time like this!"

"I am not joking. I am staying here. I will try to hold them while you guys get out of here."

"You can't do that alone all by yourself." David said, "If you're staying, then I am too."

"Don't be a baby, David." Jack said, "Get out of here."

"You're the one who is acting like a baby god dammit!" He grabbed Jack's hand and pulled, "Come fast!"

"Leave me alone!" Jack pulled away his hand.

"Jack...why are you doing this?" David asked with a low tone.

"D-David!" started the jeep, "We gotta move!! Look, they are here!"

David looked. A vehicle on the lead with several bikes were coming their way.

"David, you gotta move." Jack said, "Don't worry, I am not planning to die here."

David constantly looked at Jack and the enemies.


David ran towards Ren. 

"Hey David." Jack called out.

David turned around.

"Take care of my family for me."

God, why am I so weak?


Jack smiled.


After hearing the whole story from Ethan, everyone got quiet. At last, they got to know that why he had to do what he did. All this time he was hiding his sorrows behind that happy face. 

Will was the one who was feeling bad the most. Hearing how he had to go through all that, he literally felt like crying. But he hold his tears back.

"Ethan, you..." Emma didn't finish her sentence.

"Why didn't you ever tell us?" Olivia asked.

Ethan didn't respond. He simply stood up.

"You're trying to say that..." Nolan said, "You didn't know that we were here before coming to this place?"


"I am sorry for what you had to go through. But..." He added, "It doesn't speak for the things you did. You nearly killed Emma and Julia...and me. We don't even know if the others are alive or not."

"I know."

Nolan is right. No matter what he had to go through, it still can't be overlooked what the things he had done. Will tried to think logically.

" it was proven that you are guilty for the things you've done. I have no other choice but to put you in a room for now. We don't know what kind of information you've sent to Arnold till now. We can't take any risk."


"Marco, tie his hands with a rope."

"Don't come near me." Ethan said with a heavy voice.

He slowly put his hand in his pants and pulled out a Beretta Pico, one of the smallest guns in the world.

"H-he has a gun!"

"How does he have a gun?!"

"I-it's not possible! When I searched his body, I found nothing!" Marco exclaimed.

"No, it's not your fault, Marco." Nolan said.


"Ethan." Nolan smiled a little, "You're clever than I thought."


"When we do body checks, we usually avoid touching the crotch area. And you took the advantage of it. You hid the gun in your underwear, between your inner thighs. As the size of the gun is really small. Marco didn't notice anything suspicious while doing the body search." He said, "But I am curious. When did you do it?"

"When you guys were busy doing other's body checking."

"Yeah, should have keep my eyes on you. You outsmarted me there."

"Now, don't move anyone."

It's time. I have to get out of here now. Everything is under control so far. When I was telling my origin story, I had plenty time to think about this. But it would be hard for me to do it. Arthur is unconscious. That's a good thing for me. Nolan can't run with that injured body. Olivia, Marco, Will and Emma. They are my main headache. I can't outrun them. I have to do it. There is just no other way.

Ethan slowly pointed his gun at Julia.

"A-ahh..." Julia backed off a little.

"Wh-what are you doing, Ethan??" Will came forward a little.

"Don't move."


"It's time for me to leave this place. I've done plenty damage already. But I doubt I would be able to escape without doing what I am about to do."

"E-Ethan, what are you doing?" Olivia asked.

"I have no other choice. To stop you guys, I have to do this." He looked at Will, "I am sorry, Will."

"N-no no don't do this. N-no no no."

"It's too late now, Will."

Ethan shot Julia in the stomach. She slowly fell down on the ground.

"JULIAAAA!" Will screamed out.

"Julia!" Emma grabbed her.

Ethan opened the door and got way.

"Marco, catch him!" Nolan exclaimed, "Don't let him run away!"

Marco tried to open the door, "I-it's locked, Nolan! He has locked it from outside!"

"Then break it!"

"D-don't worry, Julia. N-nothing will happen to you." Will tried to covered her bleeding.

"We need to get her to the doctor!"

Nolan looked through the windows, "Marco, he is running away!"

Marco pushed the door rapidly until it broke down on the ground.

"Olivia, call the doctor. Emma and Will, you two carry her to the patients room" Nolan said, "Marco and I will chase down Ethan."


Ethan ran as fast as he could. He escaped the building. Some people gathered around after hearing the gunshot. Ethan opened the gate and hopped on one of the horses.


He looked behind, Marco and Nolan were coming towards him. But it was already too late. He won.


He escaped the walls and got away.

"Don't let him run away, Marco!" Nolan couldn't run fast with his injury.

Marco got on a horse so did Nolan. They came out of the walls. Marco was on the lead.

"Nolan!" A voice came from the other side.

Katie and Synthia, they were both on one horse.

"Katie? Synthia?" Nolan asked, "Where were you??"

"We can talk about it later. But listen to me now, Nolan." Synthia said, "A herd is coming this way. A massive one."

"A herd? What are you saying?"

"I am not kidding, Nolan." She said, "We witnessed with our own eyes. They are just few miles away. It's a matter of time they reach here. Nolan, this place won't survive if they reach here. We gotta let the others know."

A herd? Why at a time like this? Why would a herd come this way? It never happened bef-

"Nolan! We gotta tell the others!"

"Y-yeah, right." Nolan looked at Marco, "Let everyone know about this."

"But what about Ethan? He is getting away."

"We will deal with him later. But first, we need to save this place."



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