Chapter 2:

From: Crew of the KSV “Raven”

Routing in the three-dimensional space

The whole book was written sometime after our graduation from the Academy. I don’t see signs of the hash psychological pressure, terrible conditions, and rough life anywhere. Some civilians may come to the conclusion, that Katz’s SAF Academy is a great place for a vacation. It is not.
SAF. KSV Raven.
Network Specialist.
Rise. Personal number AM-5162079.

It was ok. Don't know what she's talking about.
SAF. KSV Raven.
Pilot Specialist.
Sanya. Personal number D-AM-0618-9701.

It hurts and hurts, and hurts. Commodore didn’t notice all my hard work to gain his trust. Outrageous! Well, the one and only good thing are that my other “colleagues” were as deep in the shit as I was.
SAF. KSV Raven.
Engeneer Specialist.
Desi. Personal number AM-5173072.

It may seem that I did not like SAF. Yes, but only a little.
SAF. KSV Raven.
Medic Specialist.
Vor. Personal number AM-5172672.

At the first glance, it looks like, that I didn’t play a significant role in the narrative. Yes, I did not. An ordinary Gunner Specialist, among legends from the event horizon. I’ve done some work behind the scenes and all intrigues against my crew and my commodore were ended with me. I was not an agent of Absolute or anything. Just was doing my job as best as I could. Something to be proud of.
SAF. KSV Raven.
Gunner Specialist.
Hawk. Personal number AM-5172072.