Chapter 84:

Chapter 84: The Troll Queen

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 84: The Troll Queen

*Kurt and Joe walk towards the giant dollhouse and they see a sign that says “Come this way or get trolled”*

Joe: Tch, like we will fall for that.

*They go around the dollhouse instead. They run into a life-sized toy bus and suddenly there is movement inside*

Kurt: That doesn’t sound good.

*Life-sized dolls get off the bus*

Joe: Damn it! We did get trolled!

*Kurt launches Aura Whips at them and Joe throws lightning bolts at them. However, they regenerate*

Kurt: These things auto-heal! We have to run back!

*They run back to the sign and then go through the way the signed pointed to and, without any trouble, reach the giant dollhouse. At the entrance, there is a sign that says “I told you that you would get trolled”*

Joe: Screw you.

*They go inside*

Kurt: Great, we are in a giant house within a mansion.

*They go into the kitchen of the dollhouse and see a sign that says “Everything is cute about this dollhouse”*

Joe: These signs are starting to get old. Show yourself, Troll Queen!

*They see a new sign that says “Go upstairs” so they then go up. When they reach the top of the stairs, the door automatically closes and they see a bunch of dinosaur raptors with blood all over their mouths. There is a sign that says “Aren’t they cute?”*

*Kurt and Joe are scared*

Joe: Yeah! Real cute!

*Joe tries to open the door again but it won’t budge. The vicious raptors charge at them*

Kurt: Blow through them!

*Kurt and Joe use magic punches to try to knock back some of the raptors. The punches work and they start running through the group of raptors*

*Along the way, they are scratched and bitten by the raptors that they did not hit*

*One raptor that was destroyed did not regenerate but a new one spawned*

Kurt: A new one!?

*They have no choice but to continue running and going from floor to floor*

*As they continue through the house, they blast some pursuers but again, new ones spawn*

Joe: How many floors are there!?

Kurt: I don’t know but keep going!

*Eventually, they reach the top floor and the door closes so no raptors can get in*

Kurt: *huff huff* That was close!

Joe: *huff huff* Yeah, you can say that again!

???: That was close!

*Joe and Kurt are alerted by hearing the voice of a woman*

*A woman steps out of the darkness. She is a little over 5 feet tall, has darkish red hair that is in a ponytail, has black irises, and wears blue jeans and a black T-shirt that has the letters “TQ” on it*

Narrator: Troll of the Mansion – Troll Queen.

Joe: I assume you must be the Troll Queen.

Troll Queen: Yep!

Kurt: What is your name? You look familiar.

TQ: I have no need for a name. I am the monument to all your trolls! I am the original troll reincarnated! I am the Troll Queen!

Joe: She sounds narcissistic.

TQ: Hmph! Now, shall we start the Troll Quest?

Narrator: Kurt and Joe have met the Troll Queen. But what is this “Troll Quest” she speaks of?

Chapter 84 END

To be Continued in Chapter 85: The Troll Quest

Author's Comment: The next chapter will be the longest chapter up to this point in the story at nearly 3000 words long. It's not the longest singular chapter I've written for BTS but it is definitely in the top 10 if not the top 5.