Chapter 83:

Chapter 83: Kurt, Joe, and Mansion Fun

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 83: Kurt, Joe, and Mansion Fun

Narrator: Daykona continues to watch over what’s going in the Mansion.

*Daykona sits in front of her crystal ball*

Daykona: So the undetected intruder was Udana. So, Kogen, you want to get back at me? Well too bad. My minions are already after her.


Narrator: Elsewhere in the mansion.

*Kurt and Joe are now deep in the mansion. They are now in a dining room and have reached a door with no doorknob*

Kurt: Why does this door have no knob?

Joe: Does it matter?

*Joe tries to open it but it won’t budge*

Joe: Wait, I can see the outline of a knob. It looks like there was one here but now it’s not. We need it or the door won’t open which is probably due to a magic seal.

Kurt: We better find it.

*They go through a different door. In the next room, they search around. They then find a safe and then as they try to open it, the safe vanishes, but an outline is left*

Kurt: I bet you the knob was in there.

Joe: We could just be getting trolled and there was nothing really in there.

*They hear a noise and an opening just suddenly appears. There is a sign above it that says “I like trolling.”*

Joe: Someone is definitely listening to us.

Kurt: And we probably have to go in there to get the knob.

Joe: But it’s probably a trap.

Kurt: We have no other options.

*The sign text changes to “Kurt’s right.”*

Joe: …Fine.

*They go into the opening and suddenly they find themselves on a slide. They start sliding down fast*

Joe: What is thissssss!?

Kurt: I don’t knowwww!

*Eventually, they land in a very long hallway with no doors*

Kurt: *huff huff* Well, at least it’s over.

*They hear a rumbling sound*

*They look over to one end of the hallway and see a giant ball-shaped boulder rolling towards them. It is about as wide as the hallway and as tall as it too*

*Kurt and Joe look terrified and they begin running to the other end of the hallway*

Joe: I told you we shouldn’t have gone in!!!

Kurt: We still had no other choice!!!

Joe: I’m sure we could have thought of something!!!

*As they run, a floating sign moving at the same speed as them appears and it says “Isn’t this fun?”*

Joe: Hell no!!!

*They reach an exit just as they are about to be rolled over. The boulder is stopped once it hits the exit door*

*Joe and Kurt stop moving to catch their breath. They see a new sign and it says “Do you want to meet the Queen of Trolling?”*

Kurt: If it means we can get the doorknob and get out of here then yes.

*They go into a massive room with a giant dollhouse at the other end*

Kurt and Joe: Whoa…

Narrator: Someone is out to have fun by making Kurt and Joe miserable. Will they be able to get the doorknob from the Troll Queen?

Chapter 83 END

To be Continued in Chapter 84: The Troll Queen