Chapter 28:

Chapter 9: The Family We Choose Part II

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Chapter 9: The Family We Choose Part II

In the time it took for them to get ready, I had finished making the dinner table and set the food out in separate bowls. I think I did a pretty good job considering it was my first-time making dinner for a family of five. Family of five…

“What is this…?” Tayuya sat down next to me, eyeing the food.

“It’s called Kaiseki Ryori. Basically, a set of different bowls that you can pick and choose what you want.” I pointed at the bowl with clear liquid. “Don’t worry, it’s not Sake but rather soup. We also have Sashimi but be careful of the green stuff. It’ll burn off your taste buds. There’s also a boiled dish, grilled dish, and steamed dish. Though I didn’t fry anything, so you’re tough out of luck if that’s what you like.”

I tried to think if I was forgetting anything. I mean, there was rice and miso soup, but that was for after the main course. I did skip appetizers but I was being rushed so no point in that.

“Oh yeah, we have dessert when you’re finished.” I then whispered in her ear with a chuckle. “It’s just fruit though.”

“But the fire? You burned everything.”

“You know I can control the temperature, right? I was in a hurry, so there may have been more smoke than usual, but I don’t have to burn things to cinders with my fire. It’s called cooking.”

Tayuya stared at me, eyes wide as if I had done something profound. Every ninja knew some ways to use their Jutsus for basic things like, Hiruzen-sensei used his earth style to extend the table so we could all sit at the table. Sui used her water style to put out the pipe he was smoking, and Konohamaru, well… he was still an academy student.

“But… why even learn that? When you could be learning something useful: like how to not fry yourself with Lightning Cloak.”

“I think being able to cook is something useful.” I said, laughing. I knew what she meant, so I wasn’t too bothered by Tayuya’s comment. She was just like him.

“Sasuke said the same thing when they cut the Uchiha residence’s power supply for a year. He didn’t understand why I wasted time practicing things like making my fireball Jutsu weaker. Though I did it so we can have moments like this.”

I stared at everyone at the table, laughing and enjoying their meal. It was almost as if I could see them: mom, dad, and Yukino. All of them, eating dinner together as we talked about our day. Typically I’d start off with my day and how it began with Sasuke running behind me because one of the girls wanted to talk to him. Geez, he was such a baby back then. What happened?

“Here.” Tayuya handed me a piece of tissue paper.

I took the hint that something was on my face, and sure enough, I got the tissue all damp. I was glad she caught that because I’d hate to kill the mood.

“You know, I think I get it. Where I was raised. We didn’t do things like this. All that mattered was how strong we were.” Tayuya flexed her hand, and like Sui’s, they were covered in scratches. So much for being a god. I doubt she understood that only humans had imperfections.

“So your memories, this village, it’s all so different. Makes me kind of hate you more.” Tayuya said with a playful glint in her eye.

“Really, and I thought you were warming up to me.”

“As if fucker.”

We both started laughing until Sui glared at us.

“Hey you two, no more talking and get to eating. We still have work to do after this.”

Sui was right; we still needed to finish up that paperwork. I had completely forgotten about that and was exhausted from cooking. I’m so screwed.

“It’s fine Sui. Seeing you three work together today and being able to spend some time with my grandson,” Hiruzen-sensei ran his hand through Konohamaru’s hair. With a cheerful old man smile.

“It showed me that spending all my days holed up in the office made me miss some things. So enjoy tonight. Tomorrow morning we’ll have breakfast together, and then, how about some training?”

“Wait, really? You’re going to train us?” I said, getting exciting. I thought I had to go back to doing things on my own since he was busy being the Hokage.

“Only for an hour or two. Then I have to go back to doing office work while you guys still have missions to do. And don’t forget you have to help me out in the office when you’re done. Those papers won’t file themselves.” Hiruzen-sensei laughed when we all gave him death glares, including Konohamaru.

“I accept that gramps.” Konohamaru nodded his head.

“You’re not even a part of the team!” I said, getting irritated that Hiruzen-sensei would only mentor us for two hours in the morning. I’ve been scammed.

“Who’s the shrimp again?” Tayuya asked, which lightened up the mood as we laughed.

“My name is Konohamaru!”


“You’re doing that on purpose!”

With how Tayuya stared at him cluelessly, I was certain she did not know who Konohamaru was. I guessed it was because Konohamaru was so weak that she didn’t even register his existence. Which made it even more hilarious whenever he confronted her. Since even he started to realize she wasn’t joking.

“Why are you all laughing! I’m here, I exist, I’m not a ghost right? Big Sis Sui!”

“I see you Little brother.” Sui said, chuckling.


The night continued like that until we finished eating and Konohamaru tuckered out. Hiruzen-sensei carried him to his room and wished us goodnight. Sui and Tayuya both offered to clean up and pack the leftovers as lunch for the week. Which surprised me.

Not the fact we had that much left over—I tended to overcook rather than undercook, so it was expected—No, it was that Tayuya offered to help Sui in cleaning up. Just so I could take a shower in peace. That being my second, maybe third one of the day. I honestly lost count, but I was glad to have the rest of the night off.

Staring at the mirror and towards my cheek, I gazed where the cut Sasuke had left me used to be. It had been gone for a long time now, but when I thought about it, that was one of the few things Sasuke had ever given me.

“Man Itachi… being an older brother sucks.” I stepped outside of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around my lower half, muttering; only to be stopped by the red-haired demon in front of me.

“Do you really believe it wasn’t his fault?” Tayuya stood in front of me, a pillow and bedsheets in hand. She was currently in her all-black night clothes that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“I mean, you saw the memories.” I walked past her, heading for my room to change. “He spared me and Sasuke. Even told me to take care of him.” I went to close the door behind me, only for her foot to stop it.

“Don’t close the door on me.” Tayuya glared at me.

“I need to change?”

“I don’t see the problem.”

“Sui would literally kill me.”

“I’ve already told her you have a small dick.” Tayuya pushed past me while I was still shocked.

“It’s not small!”

“Smaller than what I’ve seen.”

“You-you scare me sometimes with the things you say…” I sighed as she sat down on my bed. “How do you even know what I look like naked?”

“Your memories, idiot. I have a lot of useless ones in my head.” Tayuya gave me a devilish grin that signaled I would hate what I heard next. “I even know how you love Sui and how you want to run away with her. Oh, and should I list out the names.”

“Please don’t. I get it. You know me inside and out. But if Sui comes in, you’re explaining this to her.”

“The first daughter named Suki—”

“Fine! I’ll talk to her. Just please stop.” I sighed and couldn’t hide my rapid beating heart. It was like having the voice in your head be a loudspeaker for all your darkest secrets. I blame Kakashi and those stupid books for me thinking of Sui like that.

“But don’t blame me if you see something you don’t like.” I said, ignoring the awkward air.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be looking. I just wanted to talk.”

“Sure… then what’s the problem?” I said, removing my towel and changing into my nightclothes.


“And you said you didn’t want to look.”

“That’s not it! I just.” She sighed. “I want you to help me with some of these more practical things. And in exchange, I’ll show you how to kill.”

There was a pause of dead silence between us, and the world grew cold, but I didn’t have my Sharingan active.

“I’ll pass.”

“So first, I want you to teach me more kanji—wait what!”

“Keep your voice down. People are sleeping.” I said, facing her fully clothed.

“Why would you say no to that?” Tayuya said without screaming.

“First, because I don’t need to be paid to do a favor. Especially for someone who’s practically my sister at this point.”

“Sis-sister…” Tayuya’s embarrassed face put a smile on mine, which pushed me to grab her hands. I stared into her caramel-colored eyes, feeling her rough hands tremble against mine.

“And second, I would never want you to kill for me. If someone had to die. I’d only want it to be because I was protecting you guys. Not because I needed a demonstration.” I said with my signature Iruka smile.

“Yuki Uchiha. You say the worst shit. All the fucking time.” Tayuya snatched her hands away from me, picking up her things.

“And you tell the worst lies.” I said, grabbing my pillow and sheets as she left the room. Cute.


I came out into the dark hallway only to see Tayuya still waiting for me, but that time her eyes twitched.

“Keeping your Big sister waiting unbelievable.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her. “What makes you think you’re the older sibling?”

“Easy, I’m two years older than you remember.” Tayuya’s face gleamed with the pride and smugness of a bratty princess as we walked to Sui’s room.

“Oh right, you are older. Sorry, I thought you were two years younger than us with all the whining you do.”

“Whining? You’re the crying little bitch. How many times have you cried today?”

I thought about it for a moment, then conceded. “Too many times…” God, I’m losing my cool factor.

“Exactly, so just follow me, and your big sister Tayuya will toughen you up.” Tayuya gave me a hard tap on the shoulder.

“You must really be jealous of Sui getting called big sister, huh.”

“…” Tayuya stopped in front of Sui’s door knocking on it. “You know I hate you, right?”

“Don’t worry, all my siblings have said the same thing.”

“That’s not a good thing Yuki.” Sui said, opening the door and letting us in. She looked to be mentally prepared for our nightly sleepovers, except her room was noticeably different this time.

“Where’s the bed?” I asked.

“Me and Tayuya moved it out since you two are like children and can’t sleep on your own. I just thought it would make sense to give us more space, and now no one is higher than the other.”

Tayuya didn’t seem to care as she plopped herself in the middle of the floor.

“I guess that means we have to sleep on opposite sides of her…” I said, disappointed. I wanted to sleep next to Sui…

“I think it does…”

“Oh, quit your whining and come sleep with your sister.” Tayuya rolled into her worm-like cocoon, glaring at us.

“So she’s your sister too now.” Sui glanced at me with a smirk.

“My older sister, apparently.”

She started to snicker. “I’m surprised she told you.”

“Told me what?”

“Her dream of having a family.”

“Sis…” Tayuya’s face burned to the point I saw smoke clouding up above her. “I didn’t tell him that.”

“Oh… Can you unhear that for me?” Sui gave me puppy dog eyes. “Pwease.” Cuter.

“Geez, I guess it really is my job to make dreams come true.” I scratched my head, preparing to sleep on Tayuya’s right side.

“Good night Tayuya...Oneesan.” I said holding back a laugh.

On her left side, Sui called out. “Good night Tayuya-neesan.”

“You both are terrible…” Tayuya said in the middle but then whispered. “Night, you guys.”

“Night Yuki.”

“Night Sui.”

“Go to bed Team 9!” Somehow, Hiruzen-sensei heard us the whole time. Which made us laugh ourselves to sleep like one big dysfunctional family.

I loved it.

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