Chapter 1:

Thirteen over twelve

Venture Verse

For me, the greatest gift I might've recieve was to exist. To live.Bookmark here

What is the essence of having something if you do not exist in the first place? Bookmark here

I can still remember the sensation on how I started to exist.Bookmark here

All was void, dark, nothing to be heard, nothing to be felt, nothing to be sensed.Bookmark here

All is nontheless after a whisper showed from the void. A cracking sound of chunks of stones. A burning stream that flows through my system. Bookmark here

The heat reaches the tips of my fingers and toes. Then, the warmth was replaced with a freezing cold chills to my bones.Bookmark here

I can now feel, and now hear the massive breaking of the stones that surrounds my body and I started to regain my sight. I am choked from the dust and started to breath and then now I exist.Bookmark here

I don't know which way is up and which way is down.Bookmark here

Where am I? Am I in space?Bookmark here

Yes I was.Bookmark here

I can't move an inch of my body as I float and rotate in this pitch black blank space.Bookmark here

It felt like this sensation will be forever, that's what I thought after something pulls me to a certain direction.Bookmark here

I happen to see the object that pulls me.Bookmark here

A ship! A giant metallic space ship!Bookmark here

Below the ship is a vacuum that pulls me slowly and slowly and sucked me in swiftly.Bookmark here

I went to a tube like passage and I managed to gain my mobility and move as I was sucked in by the tube and I was dropped in a cylindrical glass, I thought I would fall and will hit the floor but I floated.Bookmark here

"Okay, turn off the anti gravitational pool! you're wasting our energy resource!"Bookmark here

Wait? Who's that? It was like a voice of a little girl.Bookmark here

I can't see through this glass, it's too blurry.Bookmark here

The cylindrical glass opened and I felt the cold metal floor when I can't float anymore.Bookmark here

It's weird but I do know the basics.Bookmark here

I can understand langauges and I can walk!Bookmark here

"I can walk!"Bookmark here

Gladly I say as I took one step and tripped.Bookmark here

"Whoaw!!"Bookmark here

"Careful.."Bookmark here

A calm voice said as I open my eyes and saw myself like the time stopped for an instance, I never tripped but I was like in pause in a 45 degree angle with my one foot on the floor.Bookmark here

It's like I defied the gravity.Bookmark here

I slowly stood up straight like someone is controlling me.Bookmark here

Then I witnessed this tall woman with four long arms and a pair of long legs wearing a green mask that covers her mouth, her clothe was jade green with gold borders.Bookmark here

I knew she was the one prevented my body to trip.Bookmark here

She controlled my body, it was like telekinesis as she move her hands upward.Bookmark here

I was startled and shocked as she spoke.Bookmark here

"At last! We found the last of your kind!"Bookmark here

"What did you mean last?"Bookmark here

My interrogation created silence in the control room.Bookmark here

One of them replied, the one with the spiral horn and peach hair. Like a regular human but with a horn. She speaks with a sweet little girly voice.Bookmark here

"Well! It's a long story to be told! But first we need to have you dressed! It's hard to have a conversation in a situation like this!"Bookmark here

At that moment I just realized.Bookmark here

I was naked the whole time.Bookmark here

They brought me to a room and let me choose a suit that would fit.Bookmark here

One of them assisted me, he introduced himself as Lumino, he is basically a human with a lion's maneand furr but it's in dandelion color, tail and nails. He wore a golden armor with a white cape.Bookmark here

After I chose the cloak that fits me, we walked to reunite from the others to the control room.Bookmark here

As we walk, I happened to ask him, even if he's kind of angry all the time.Bookmark here

"So? What's the meaning of that symbol in your armor?"Bookmark here

He answered,Bookmark here

"It represents the world of LEO, The world of massive energy, a planet of golden lights. You must've worn the symbol of your world also, the symbol of the thirteenth world. But then, you filthy humans don't have a world, you are the race of travellers! Am I right?"Bookmark here

"I am not certain about that! It's like I just've been born recently."Bookmark here

"That's because you are preserved for 100 years! You lost your memory but you will gain it after a week or a month and will start to create chaos in galaxy x-14 again!!" He replied.Bookmark here

I shouldn't have asked him! Now he's angry for sure!Bookmark here

We arrived at the control room and what awaits us there is a round table consisting of five persons, including me.Bookmark here

"Have a sit!"Bookmark here

The four handed lady told me.Bookmark here

I sat between the peach haired horned girl and Sir Lumino.Bookmark here

The four handed lady calmly stood up and started the conversation.Bookmark here

"We will start to introduce ourselves to this human in front of us! I will be the first, I am Kiara from the world of LIBRA. The world of balance and rationality. The world where we four armed race existed."Bookmark here

She sat down with her tan skin turning to lavender and her black hair to white then after seconds back to it's tan colored skin and black colored hair.Bookmark here

Another one stood up.Bookmark here

He is a decent one, he's likely a human but with pointed long ears like an elf. His long hair was white  and he brought with him his bow and arrow. His clothe is one of those mythical rangers. He said,Bookmark here

"This is ridiculous! Can we just proceed with the motive? Can we just explain to him the divergent orbits? The partial extinction? The thirteenth world that was nowhere to be found? Bookmark here

We waited for 100 years, we travelled for like 50 years and became rebels against the Versal Council! We almost died in search of you! We became travellers because we wanted to summon UNITY! But how? Without a human, we can't wake UNITY up on its senses!"Bookmark here

"Calm down Emery! We all feel the same way as you did so calm down! Bookmark here

As you've said, maybe we shall proceed...  We will start at the very problem."Bookmark here

Kiara the four armed lady replied.Bookmark here

"I can't understand anything that you've just mentioned just now!"Bookmark here

I said in an awkward atmosphere.Bookmark here

"It's ok! You will understand soon!"Bookmark here

Kiara replied.Bookmark here

Silence filled the air as all of them four stopped on talking.Bookmark here

"What's happening?"Bookmark here

I asked.Bookmark here

"The Versal Force! They're here!"Bookmark here

Sir Lumino said as everyone stood up and scattered.Bookmark here

"Everyone on position!"Bookmark here

The peach haired horned girl commanded.Bookmark here

Everyone sat on different tables.Bookmark here

As kiara continuously asks questions.Bookmark here

"Navigation?"Bookmark here

"Artilleries?"Bookmark here

"System?"Bookmark here

"Did you find them?"Bookmark here

Emery the elf answered.Bookmark here

"Navigation! Their location is defined!"Bookmark here

The peach haired horned girl started to command.Bookmark here

"Prepare boosters! Prepare to launch! Lightyear acceleration!"Bookmark here

"What's happening?"Bookmark here

I asked.Bookmark here

The red skinned guy with a shell on his back said to me,Bookmark here

"Just hold on to something, after five seconds you will lose your shit, and will leave your heart from this point!"Bookmark here

I was startled after all that he have said, so I hold on to a metal tube near the wall.Bookmark here

As kiara started to calmly count downBookmark here

"5....Bookmark here

4....Bookmark here

3...Bookmark here

2....Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

1."Bookmark here

I think I just lost my existence again after a few seconds.Bookmark here

I never have eaten anything but I think I might've left my shit from where we are lately.Bookmark here

Maybe nobody can draw my face at that moment.Bookmark here

Everything I see was straight lined rainbows until the acceleration stopped.Bookmark here

Out of fear, I can't even pronounce a simple word.Bookmark here

"I want that.. To be the last time we use Lightyear acceleration!"Bookmark here

The red skinned man said.Bookmark here

Then he continued.Bookmark here

"We drained all our energy power at that one! We have to find a place to land."Bookmark here

No one is able to speak except him. This guy is tough like the shell on his back.Bookmark here

My grip on this metallic tube left a mark.Bookmark here

I stood up and I went to the nearest window I am to gaze the view outside.Bookmark here

A gradient mixture of purple and yellow stars and dusts is what I see.Bookmark here

Then I asked,Bookmark here

"Where...... are we?"Bookmark here

The red skinned man replied,Bookmark here

"We are inside the heart of galaxy x-14, a perfect place for refilling our energy resource!"Bookmark here

Everyone started to stand up.Bookmark here

"Everyone, we have no time! We have to continue the conversation of our concerns!"Bookmark here

Kiara calmly announced and continued,Bookmark here

"Jeth! Continue to refill our energy resource as we proceed!"Bookmark here

We again sitted on the round table, I want to ask a few more things. What's the big deal with the Versal Force? Or what the heck is happening? And why the hell are they so serious about this conversation? But then I first have to be SILENT, because to LISTEN is spelled with the same letters.Bookmark here

We are currently inside the heart of GALAXY X-14. As they say.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here


Venture Verse

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