Venture Verse

This is galaxy x-14, where varieties of life forms are inhabitants of the twelve worlds or the twelve planets. All species have unique attributes and properties, distinct living things exists in this galaxy except, HUMANS.

Extinction was brought unto human race after they attempted to create a strong bond between the twelve worlds that will summon the Celestial God known as UNITY!

The enraged Versal Council feared the threat that UNITY may bring. So they ordered the extinction of mankind and made travelling illegal and prohibited for non-royalties. Creating a large boundary between the twelve worlds.

The human race, which is known to be extinct, existed again after a century passed, foreseen by the prophecy. This human will again venture to bring UNITY from the bonds between the twelve worlds.

I am Trizhen, the last human on galaxy x-14, the last hope of the race of TRAVELERS.

This is the my VENTURE VERSE

UpdatedOct 28, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,520
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