Chapter 6:

The yin and the yang

To kill the king

Two silver ranked knights were talking while guarding the 5th underground floor of the underground prison "gamma"Bookmark here

"Remember that small red haired girl that massively destroyed the castle's gate with light magic?"Bookmark here

"Yes! Why?"Bookmark here

"Follow me on her cell. You wouldn't believe on what you will see."Bookmark here

"Why? Just tell me then?"Bookmark here

"She's acting weird! She keeps saying words and enchantments, I am afraid to open her cell and cover up her mouth so I went all the way here to have some help!"Bookmark here

"Why don't you just report it directly to the head officers?"Bookmark here

"Sir Vega and Sir Cynth was on an important mission in search of another sensoma. Miss Sylvia, our head sorcerer is busy training the other sorcerers of the castle and maybe we can handle problem this small."Bookmark here

"Ok! Just be sure to keep your guard! Because those sorcerers aren't small fries! They have something up on their sleeves!"Bookmark here

The two knights walked all the way to the seventh cell of the fifth underground floor.Bookmark here

The girl kept saying enchantments while it is chained in the wall.Bookmark here

"Luminare... Solarinare...... Lunarinare... Dehsinav... Wodash... Golium... Folium... Zonium... Estella!"Bookmark here

One of the knights summoned his weapon. An eye shaped silver shield.Bookmark here

 It is not a spell, it is just the materialization of a knight's strength. The kind of weapon being summoned varies on the strength,skill and personality of the wielder.Bookmark here

The other knight summoned his weapon. A long jade spear with sharp blades on both of it's tip.Bookmark here

"Okay! Let's open the cell!"Bookmark here

It took them a minute to open the secured cell. There is no key. But there is a hole for the key to be inserted.Bookmark here

One of them inserted his pinky finger on the hole and it took 1 minute after it was verified and opened. This is a process of mana reading where it is used in securities where the door will only open when it is on the will of the one who opened it.Bookmark here

The girl suddenly stopped on her enchantment and it was followed by the footsteps of these two knights holding a lantern.Bookmark here

Slowly and carefully.Bookmark here

The girl suddenly talked again,Bookmark here

"Watch your step!"Bookmark here

These knights both looked below them and saw magical circles being carved on the stone floor.Bookmark here

"How could it be? Did you write all of this? Little girl? Did you carve this magical circles on the floor?"Bookmark here

One of the knights suprisedly asked.Bookmark here

"Nope! It's not me!"Bookmark here

She replied and continued.Bookmark here

"Luminare! Illuminare! Finn! Enchantment complete!"Bookmark here

All the magical circle carvings on the floor began glowing and moving in a circular motion!Bookmark here

"No way! She casted a spell by just words! She's not just a mere sorcerer!"Bookmark here

The glowing becomes intense and more intense. Bookmark here

Until the whole room was filled with white blinding light!Bookmark here

One of the knights ran away not knowing where to go.Bookmark here

"We have to get out of here! But where? I can't see anything! This girl she have a huge amount of mana residing inside her body. You! You're not a mere sorcerer! Bookmark here

You're a ...Bookmark here

You're a...Bookmark here

You're a WITCH!!"Bookmark here

A burst of light destroyed the objects inside the room leaving nothing but the  dusts in the walls,the floor and the ceiling.Bookmark here

The little girl slowly walked out of her cell. She was naked, revealing on her skin are intense glowing magical circles and a pair of small sprouting wings on her back.Bookmark here

"Yes you're right! I'm a witch! But how unfortunate of you, you won't be able to witness my might anymore!"Bookmark here

She sat down and carved on the stone floor another magical circle with a lazer like light from her finger.Bookmark here

"Eclipse! Deluminare!"Bookmark here

She stood in the center of the circle and it started to glow in purplish black light.Bookmark here

The circle created a blackhole that devoured the red haired girl like she just fell.Bookmark here

The magical circle then vanished and left nothing but a circular crater. It was when the knights that was guarding the other floors arrived at the fifth floor.Bookmark here

It was too late and it was odd.Bookmark here

The red haired girl was transported in a dark room and there showed a man with a black sorcerer cloak with gray borders. His voice was cracking with a deep tone as he spoke.Bookmark here

"We have to retreat for now! We don't have the ability to rescue the others anymore!Bookmark here

*silence*Bookmark here

Gillian! Are you listening?"Bookmark here

"Oh! Yes I do! I was just too tired ya' know! Doing massive attacks and draining all my mana everytime, and here you are, hiding behind the dark! You should be entitled 'Haine the coward'Bookmark here

But then, without you I can't escape that anti magic cell! It was too hard to cast such spell ya' know?"Bookmark here

The red haired gillian stated.Bookmark here

The man replied in his deep tone.Bookmark here

"That's how it was supposed to be! You are the Offense I am the Defense! We are the opposite sides of a coin! I can't create massive attacks like you do, but I can increase my comrades' mobility! This is a very well planned,balanced strategy!Bookmark here

 Now then, we have to get back and start to search for that man!"Bookmark here

"Well, I am no strategist like you Haine! Finding that man wouldn't be easy if we don't have any info about his location right now. Have you found out something Haine?"Bookmark here

The red haired girl Gillian replied as she wore something in her body they walk out of the dark room and the light became visible and then they got out witnessing a large crowded market.Bookmark here

Something like a black bird from the sky just landed on Haine's arms.Bookmark here

It is a Vanta Vulturett. A small black vulture with a serpent's tail. Everything on its body was black including its beak and its internal organs.Bookmark here

"I just got one! Gillian! I think my Vulturett found our prey!Bookmark here

We will head to lumin village. Bookmark here

To the glowing fields!Bookmark here

We have to find that man!"Bookmark here

They walked against the nuisance of the crowd and fought against the stream of the walking people.Bookmark here

Two people in contrast, the opposite sides of a coin.Bookmark here

The yin and the yang.Bookmark here

To kill the king

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