Chapter 5:

The man that no one knows

To kill the king

"I'm the greaterst sorceress of Klutos kingdom,Bookmark here

Amora Lancell."Bookmark here

This pale brown hair colored girl said.Bookmark here

As of what I can remember, she's the cloaked woman from back then.Bookmark here

"Where's my sword?"Bookmark here

I immediately asked.Bookmark here

"You're no fun on conversations, are you? Why not bother to thank even one of us after we pulled you out from your death?"Bookmark here

She said maintaining a highly royal posture.Bookmark here

Until I noticed a kingdom's crest on her peach leather robe.Bookmark here

It shows a Lotus like crest, a symbol of royalty because it was obviously made from pure gold.Bookmark here

A royalty.Bookmark here

So that's why she acts too mighty.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry! But -"Bookmark here

I said as she reply.Bookmark here

"It's ok, we're not bandits to steal such cheap items. But if you really wanted to get it, you have to follow my orders. Be one of my men!"Bookmark here

"I don't want to join any kind of group!"Bookmark here

I said, that results silence.Bookmark here

The silver haired man stood up after being punched in the face.Bookmark here

"Wooo! It's too hot above this valley right? "Bookmark here

He draws near me as he whisper.Bookmark here

"If I we're you, I would really accept her offer!Bookmark here

She kissed you man! Bookmark here

It's the real deal!Bookmark here

She wants you!"Bookmark here

"I can hear you Nick!Bookmark here

How many times will I explain to your tiny brain that it was my way on casting spells?"Bookmark here

Amora said in an angry tone and said.Bookmark here

"Maybe you're confused or dazed or something but you have to decide now!Bookmark here

Become a help to us?Bookmark here

Or be a burden?Bookmark here

And if you won't agree to the deal, Bookmark here

If you want to depart, Bookmark here

Then I'll keep this sword of yoursBookmark here

OrBookmark here

Defeat me to get this!"Bookmark here

I stared into her eyes and casted my ability.Bookmark here

"Give me my sword!"Bookmark here

I commanded as I grab some of my items.Bookmark here

Then she politely lend me the sword.Bookmark here

"Who are you?"Bookmark here

She asked and continued.Bookmark here

"Well at least wear some shirt!"Bookmark here

KT and the silver haired man was shocked as I silently departed.Bookmark here

KT immediately ran into the fainted amora.Bookmark here

This is my other ability.Bookmark here

Staring into a human's eye for 5 seconds is enough to cast my ability.Bookmark here

The one that looks through my left eye can forget of a certain matter.Bookmark here

But as of now, I can only let them forget my identity from the very beginning.Bookmark here

My existence in their mind.Bookmark here

The side effect of my sensoma is confusion that may cause the trouble of maintaining the flow of mana inside a human's body that will lead the body to collapse.Bookmark here

"What did you do to lady Amora?"Bookmark here

The silver haired man 'Nick' angrily said.Bookmark here

He put his fists together and casted his spell.Bookmark here

Silver lights suddenly flashed from his body.Bookmark here

I turned around as I create a stance with my sword.Bookmark here

But I can't see through the flashing light.Bookmark here

But still I avoided his surprise heavy charge.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Steel magic!"Bookmark here

I impressively said.Bookmark here

As I gain a sight of him,Bookmark here

He is now wearing a full silver armor around his body.Bookmark here

"After all we've done?Bookmark here

After I spent all my strength just to save you?Bookmark here

Despite all the healing Cathy provided you?Bookmark here

Despite all of us enduring that damn weakening green light evening sky?"Bookmark here

Nick said as he casted another spell and summoned a steel lance.Bookmark here

"It's not my fault!Bookmark here

 I didn't asked you all to do that from the first place!"Bookmark here

I said.Bookmark here

Then he started to swing his lance and grinnedBookmark here

And said.Bookmark here

"You're just likeBookmark here

      HIM!!          "Bookmark here

"Whose him?"Bookmark here

"The damned King!"Bookmark here

He yelled.Bookmark here

Another flashing silver light appeared that blocked my sight.Bookmark here

He uses his silver armor to create massive flashes.Bookmark here

Then he used his lance to pierce through my chest!Bookmark here

But I managed to block the attack with my sword!Bookmark here

I can't use my sensoma to this guy!Bookmark here

With this flashes I have to think of a way to defeat this knight who casts spells like sorcerers!Bookmark here

"You're weak!"Bookmark here

He said as He destroy my sword.Bookmark here

I grabbed the momentum to lean below and punch his belly with my fist.Bookmark here

It destroyed his upper armor and completely broke his spell including his lance.Bookmark here

I took him down by pushing both his shoulders to the ground.Bookmark here

"How did you do that?Bookmark here

Man! Bookmark here

You're awesome!"Bookmark here

Seriously? Bookmark here

Does this guy have split personality?Bookmark here

I attempted to use my sensoma against him.Bookmark here

But my sight became blurry.Bookmark here

Everything is spinning.Bookmark here

My sight is fading.Bookmark here

The last voice that I hear was KT's sluggish narrative.Bookmark here

"The effects of the anesthesia is fading! Bookmark here

There's still poison inside his body!Bookmark here

We ran out of venus bells,Bookmark here

Nick stay here!Bookmark here

No matter what his attitude was or what he had done to lady lancell.Bookmark here

I promised to myself that I have to heal those that I can still!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

My left eye! Bookmark here

That erases memories.Bookmark here

AndBookmark here

My right eye!Bookmark here

That can see what others can see.Bookmark here

I don't have any clue on how I got these.Bookmark here

In fact!Bookmark here

It seems like no one knows me.Bookmark here

My existence isn't important.Bookmark here

So I acted the way I should.Bookmark here

I erased every person's memory about me.Bookmark here

So that no one will know me,Bookmark here

It's sad but....Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here


Where did I come from?Bookmark here

Do I have friends?Bookmark here

Family?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I always try to know myself,Bookmark here

The only clue I have is the vision that I see every time that I'm in pain.Bookmark here

A scenario of an aftermath where I can see silhouettes of people being killed brutally.Bookmark here

I can't hear anything but I can imagine the battle cry.Bookmark here

The vision ends as the sun goes down and darkness devoured the light.Bookmark here

All was vagued and sketchy.Bookmark here

Sometimes I get afraid of sleeping.Bookmark here

Afraid of not waking up.Bookmark here

I have to wake up to know myself,Bookmark here

Because Bookmark here


Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Justine Sanico
Black Out
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