Chapter 1:

NEXUS: (Magic Fantasy) "Grand Opening" Vol.1 issue #1

NEXUS: "Magic Fantasy" Vol.1

*** NEWEST AUTHOR'S NOTE*** I actually didn't have issue 1 publish....Sorry about that. Hmm I came to realize that due to someone taking interest in the NEXUS. I want to aim to get back to this project for them.  SO, shout out too  "A.A. JAMES " (ps. I wonder how different your experience would have been if you started from issue 1)

News reporter: "Many civilians from all walks of life are outside, one of the infamous NEXUS towers awaiting admission. Now if you don't know what a NEXUS tower is, it is a special dedicated facility for the full immersion virtual reality headset called  NEXUS.  Now they have made some hard to believe claims. They claim that this technology will allow you to dive into another reality, that was made virtually by computers and you will be able to interact and feel pain and other sensations and move in this virtual reality as you can in this reality. let's question a civilian from the crowd of people gathered here this evening for more information."

News reporter: "Hello there, may I have a moment of your time?  We at CB2 news would like to know what brings you here today at NEXUS tower grand opening. and wondering if you can inform us and the people watching from home, about this event"

???: "Yes!"

News reporter: "Okay what is your name and age and what brings you here today?"

Reicheru: "My name is Reicheru 18!  I'm a long time gamer. What brings me here today is because I won a key for admission for the beta testing."

News reporter: "You say you won? and can you tell us more about this beta testing?"

Reicheru: "Unfortunately, everybody here will not be entering into this Nexus tower... we had to buy a raffle ticket  **sniffles**  only those who won will be entering

News reporter: "You seem to be getting emotional may you tell us why is that?"

Reicheru: "I'm sad because my gamer friend Jeshika will not be entering this virtual world with me but I'm also immensely happy because this is every gamers dream to enter into a virtual game world. "  

News reporter: "would by any chance the person standing next to you be Jeshika?"

Jeshika: "YES! I'm here to give Reicheru all my jealousy and envy haha, and be a real life friend  as well but I think gamer obsess  Reicheru is wrong about the beta keys,"

News reporter: "Is that so..."

Jeshika: "Yeah I heard that the raffle for the key for admission was model after the national lottery. To raise money for the in-game currency.  Each ticket cost around  100$. Reicheru  here used, all her college savings to win a ticket.  there wasn't any limit to how many tickets you can buy a lot of people broke the bank to win.

Reicheru: "You didn't have to put me on blast....."

News reporter: "The game uses real money as in-game currency?"

Jeshika: "yeah,----"


News reporter: " okay haha, That must be our signal. Thanks for the information Reicheru & Jeshika. 

Reicheru: "Bye!!!"

Jeshika: "No problem," 

News reporter: "Well, there you have it. it appears the doors to the NEXUS tower are opening, I'm being told now from my intercom, that professor Kato one of the creators of the NEXUS is stepping out and will commence a small conference to address the eager people and there families and the public. This is "Jonason" at CB2 news, CB2 news cameras will now focus on professor Kato to coverage the conference " 


Edit: I somewhat did release then set to private but I' am re-releasing. I kind of learn quite a lot from this attempt. And going to use what I learn to move forward. So with that said im not sure about continuing this project. If you would to see more please like I have a few chapters already made.  but ima try a new approach again with writing. You can ignore my other notes below. 

***AUTHOR NOTE***  let me know how you all feel about this script, like the writing style for my light novel NEXUS: "Magic Fantasy" Vol. 1.  The Purpose of this light novel is practice. I'm trying to refine my writing style. I tend to always try to write each new story I do in a different improved writing style(at least i think it is). I also write a lot of songs and stuff too. HMM...I think my lesson learned should be to stick with what works for me. I could elaborate on that realization but simply I should do the best that I "can" but I can always do better. but like I need to do what I can with what I have, to do to "work" if that makes sense.  

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 And your likes are very important to me. Because it plays a factor, in me determining if I should be continuing a light novel project or not too. Or possibly rework everything and rerelease. BUT to be clear NEXUS: "Magic Fantasy" vol.1 is very much a project I'm doing to learn from and gain experience. To refine my light novel writing style and to establish my unique craft I guess. I didn't do any preplanning, I'm just trying to get started. All this you could say is 1 huge rough draft. but its more so a brainstorm to me in a way. 

I had other Light Novel ideas but I have a story and characters in mind and knew that I must take the time to write the story. But I'm the type of writer that "writes in the dark" every story you see of mine. I written without planning. I do have like general ideas or concepts within my head I work with. But what kinda stops me from writing. Is once I have the story all in my head. I begin to feel like there no need for me to write anymore. I want to avoid that happening. So I'm trying to aim to stay consistent with releases of Light Novels.

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I Think i am going to release this chapter now. Im currently working on issue 3. But i realize i ran into a few problems. I don't really have a main character. Reicheru was not intended to be a main character. I wanted to aim for a male character. But idk I'll figure something out. Im aiming to at least get 24 issues completed. Then from there i'll decide to continue the project or too not. 

And im unsure about realeasing 24 issues at once. It would be like spam in a way i think.  But i think i want to release early to get some input and feedback from everyone. 

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