Chapter 2:

NEXUS: (Magic Fantasy) "Professor Kato" Vol.1 issue #2

NEXUS: "Magic Fantasy" Vol.1

Professor Kato: "Welcome all to the grand opening of NEXUS tower 1, and this is just the first of many towers to officially open to the public today. This NEXUS tower grand opening event isn't the only event today, but also the launch event, of A Virtual World Massive Multiplayer Sandbox Roleplaying Game. A: VWMMSRG ..... or simply put a "Game world". The game world that Nexus players will be entering....We at Nexus named it "Magic Fantasy" for the world is a magical one, You will be able to feel and cast magical spells or use just a sword & sheild if you so desire "


Professor Kato: "Thank you for the applause, but this magnificent feat was not solely all my doing. Now, if there are any question feel free to ask a way or without further a do-----"

Crowd of people: When will the rest of us be able to play? 

Professor kato: "Oh yes, The people who have won keys for admission. Into a NEXUS tower. The whole purpose of the raffle, was in fact just an fundrasing effort for the virtual world. To support a in game economy. That the funds made in game will  be able to transfer over back into the real world.  But to answer your question within a month so in 30 days. This nexus tower is  obviously built to house more than just 100 nexus players. The only benefit that the players who won the raffle have is early headstart.  So as of today there will be 100 nexus players housed within each nexus tower across the world. During that time we will be keeping a close eye on the server. We don't expect any server problems to occur. All the Nexus towers are networked together to form one large server which we call this, technological feat Gaia. All the players from every nexus tower will enter into one same and not instance of the game world: "Magic fantasy". 


Professor Kato: Now is there any more questions?

Crowd of people: You say housed, is there a rent to be paid? If so exactly how much?

Professor Kato: Great question, We don't expect everyone that plays nexus to be full-time players. The rent is 3000$ a month.  That sounds quite a lot. But the service and care we provide demands it. It is possible to use the currency made in game to pay your rent. We do expect people to play casually or when they can. And payment for an hourly session. Is 50$ for every hour added onto it. So 2 hours will be 100$. And to take note an hour within the game world is only 30 mins,  so 1 hour will be 2 hours in the game world.....

Professor Kato: but we do not start charging any fees till after you have died once in the game world. So with that said its possible to play for free and be housed. Only till you die your in-game currency will begin paying a fee of 50 gold every 2 hours in game time. Only if you're an hourly session Nexus player. To note the passing of time of 2 hours in the game will feel like 2 hours as it would in real life. Moreover, If you choose to be a housed player, the total of in-game currency to be paid is 3000 gold at the end of the actual month date in reality.

crowd of people: What happens if you don't pay the rent? 

Professor Kato: You will be in debt, it would have to be paid off, to become a housed player again. So you will be demoted to an hourly session player and will have to pay. A charged rate of 100$ for every hour. Instead of just 50$ So it will be 100 gold for every 2 hours in game time. instead of just 50 gold every 2 hours. So to remind you, an hour in the game world is only 30mins. So 2 in-game hours will be 1 hour in real life and that's when the fee is to be paid. 

Professor Kato: I will still be answering questions but, will those with a key for admission make their way towards the NEXUS tower 1 entrance. Have your admission ticket ready for Nexus security to verify your key for admission. Once verified follow the directions of NEXUS 1 staff to lead you to the grand hall for orientation. I will be there shortly once the conference is officially over.

***AUTHOR NOTE*** if there are any questions for Professor Kato, please ask a way in the comments below!!!

Also again this is all like a large rough draft. And if you made it here to issue 1 to here. Im glad you did. But let me know what your thinking about everything. I kinda have like a game plan. But its missing a key player. The MC! 😖  im trying to figure out what to do about it in issue 3. 

Well to clarify the problem im having. Is everything being told and experience from the 3rd parties and not the chatacters. So i think my story not really all that compelling. But like i said this is a learning project for me.