Chapter 2:

Bruises and Pom Poms, Part 2

Magical Pom Pom

(Pov: Axel)

After my humiliating loss with Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dipshit, Reji and I started heading back to my place. A rush of cold January air chilled me to the bone.

I grew up watching old movies about delinquents that my father had left. With their no-shits-given attitude, I have always thought they were really cool. Ever since then I made an oath. Rain or snow I can’t go without a leather jacket and shades, I just won't wear anything else, even if it makes winter suck more for me. At least I’m not stuck wearing only shorts and a t-shirt.

“Hey, bud, really important question. Is your mom home?” asked Reji.

Again? Why do you ask this every day?

“I doubt it. I think she left for a business trip already.”

My mom works at some fancy-ass office job and I guess she had something important come up and is going to be gone for a week. I don’t know all the details but all I care about is that I’m going to have the house to myself.

“Why the hell are you so interested?”

I glanced over at him and saw a disgusting face, I mean even more than usual. The closest thing I can come to describing that look was total perversion.

“Uh duh! Because she's the hottest woman in town!” he practically shouted.

That’s so fricken’ gross dude…

“Why are you the only one who can’t see it?”

“She’s my mom, moron!”

He shrugged. Everyone who has ever met my mother has talked about how attractive she is, they really seem to like that she’s tall and wears glasses. I don’t get it.

“It’s probably a good thing she isn't home though. She would flip if she saw you looking like this.” Reji sighed.

“No kidding, If that woman found out I got into another fight my head would be shoved through the wall.”

“Somehow I feel like you're not joking…”

A pain in my head started making me feel nauseous. That's normal for someone who just got their head smashed against the pavement is probably what everyone would tell me but I knew that wasn't the case. It's because the thought of my injuries not healing before my mother gets back scared the shit out of me.

People often say that my mom and I are a lot alike, especially our aggressive nature. If you think I have a temper then you better watch the hell out when she's pissed. That woman is way scarier than anyone else I’ve met…now thinking about it maybe that’s why I grew up being so fearless of everything other than her.

A snowflake landed on the bridge of my shades. Light from the afternoon sun seeped through the cracks in the lens. I hadn't realized till now that they had gotten broken from my scuffle with Jazz.

These were expensive too...

We were walking through the moderately busy street when Reji stopped.

“Hey is that who I think it is…It is! Hey Percy!” Reji shouted while waving one arm.

From the local bookshop, we were near, a short boy with a blue beanie covered in all sorts of pins of various things he was interested in came out. He looked up from the book he was reading. After he noticed us he came running. Well more like prancing. If you didn't know him you would swear he was a she. With his long eyelashes and curly colorless hair that dropped down his back, nothing about the guy screamed manly.

“Hey Reji! What’s going on?”

“I could use some help getting this mess home.” Reji pointed at me.

Watch it, Reji.

“ Wh-whoa..w-what the heck happened to you, Axel!?” Percy looked at me with a panicked look, body was shaking.

The twerp has always been a fidgety little guy, at least around me anyways. With others, he always seemed more confident. Not that it was unusual, everyone from school acted that way around me.

Reji stepped in. “You won’t believe this. We were walking home when a goddamn bear jumped out at us! This guy took him on and won. With my support of course.”

“For real!? A bear!?”

“Quit shittin’ around. Bears don't even live around here. The truth is I lost a fight.” I corrected him.

Even with how embarrassing it was for me I would much rather admit my defeat than run along with some bullshit like that.

“Lost a fight? You!? That’s almost harder to believe than the bear story…”

What am I? Hercules!?

Percy grabbed on to me -clearly struggling with my weight- but started helping me back home the best he can. Not much a runt like him can do.

"They just got lucky…" I muttered under my breath.

We walked two blocks when we saw my neighborhood only a little ways off. I couldn't wait to get home, my shoes and pants had gotten wet from all the slush on the ground. Winter really is the worst.

“Hey bud, do you wanna go for something to eat after we get him home? I asked if he wanted to but he’s being an ass.”

I can't even walk by myself right now, give me a break!

“I would love to but I’m afraid I got plans.” Percy said reluctantly.

“You got a date?” asked Reji.

His face turned bright red and he looked down at the ground, avoiding all eye contact. What’s with the overreaction? Is it really that embarrassing?

“H-heck no! It’s just that my show is coming on…”

Heck? For as long as I've known the overly polite Percy this was the closest I have ever heard him come close to cussing.

“Damn, you guys both suck! Guess I’ll have to hang out with my little sister or something. What show are you watching?”

Percy looked up at Reji, face no longer flushed.

“Ahaha, it's a bit embarrassing but It’s a magical girl show. You can laugh if you want.”

Reji and I both simultaneously let out a "huh"?

Does he watch Magical Pom Pom too? No way…

I looked closer at him and I saw one of the pins on his hat was Magical Pom Pom-themed. I didn't really know why it surprised me, everything about the guy screamed girly. Him watching a show like that wasnt exactly unfitting.

“Oh come on man, not you too! I’m starting to think that I'm the only one around here that doesn't watch that crappy show.”

“Wait, who else do you know that watches it?” Percy looked at Reji with a curious glint in his eyes.

I gave Reji a glare that said “If you say one word I’ll rip your throat out right here and now”. Noticing me, he gave a little squeak. Now rubbing the back of his head nervously, sweat galore.

“Er..Um...Oh yeah! My little sis watches it all the time!”

You got THIS close jackass.

“Oh ok ahaha. Yeah the show is really popular with girls but I found myself enjoying it as well. Pretty silly huh?”

“That’s an understatement, more like downright stupid!” roared Reji.

He looked at me with a shit-eating grin. Yeah, enjoy it while you can.

“Well yeah it’s stupid but it’s not really a big deal. There are much lamer things out there.” I said.

“W-wow! I didn't expect you to understand Axel.”

“I never said that I did!”

We arrived right in front of my house. I pulled myself off the two dopes and limped to the front door.

“Whoa man take it easy! We can help you inside.”

“Yeah, you need to get to bed. I would be happy to help you to your room.”

Nononono anything but that! No one is allowed in there!

“ …No, that's not necessary. I can handle this much at least.” I said as I gave them a wave.

Despite the nip in the air, my cheeks were warm. I didn't have a mirror on hand but I could tell my face was getting red.


My bedroom door creaked open as I walked in holding an ice pack to my forehead. My face was hurting more than anything. I really don’t want to look in the mirror tomorrow...

I was now sporting a bandage over my nose. A broken nose should probably be looked at by a doctor but I wasn't an ordinary person who worried about the slightest injury. What kind of tough bastard goes to the hospital?


I slumped onto the floor, I was leaning against a bed that has a Magical Pom Pom-themed bedspread over it.

Looking up at my clock, also MPP-themed. It was just minutes before her show started.

At least I made it on time.

I leaned over my coffee table -which had every variety of Pommy figurines ever made- to pick up my remote. I almost had trouble finding it because of the letter that layed on top of it.

From mom.

I picked up the letter and tossed it to the side. I didnt have time so I decided that I would get around to reading it later. With a remote in hand, I turned on the tv. The show was starting.

The sound of a catchy pop song echoed throughout my room. The new intro to Magical Pom Pom. A quick flash of the logo to the show went by as Pommy popped out of it.

She was now finally here. She was in her standard sailor school uniform before transforming into her Magical girl form.

Her outfit now resembled a cheerleader. Her pink hair that was in a short bob grew long enough to support two long twintails with yellow ribbons, while her hands now had two large Pom Poms. She started doing a cutesy dance and a cheer routine. This would normally bring a smile to my face but I looked at the screen without the slightest tint of emotion in my eyes. I felt nothing.

Why am I not excited?

I had been waiting for one long year. This had been my most heavily anticipated day, but for some reason… I wasn't happy. My mind started thinking about earlier.

Why is Percy not ashamed? How can he just openly talk about it like that?

It was the complete opposite for me who had been doing everything possible to keep it hidden. I was already not liked around school and them knowing I liked a girl's show wouldn't help me in the least. People are so quick to judge you.

I now kinda wished that I could be as carefree as Percy.

The rest of the intro gave the viewer a feel of what the show would be like. Pommy, her friends and the tiny magic bear mascot were going to school, enjoying their youth and fighting all sorts of colorful villains on the side. It was all pretty formulaic.

Not really paying much attention to it I drooped over the table. Grumbling as I rested my head on my arm.

I almost fell asleep when my eyes widen slightly as somethin' unexpected appeared after the intro.

What the heck does that suppose to mean?

The intro had finished and an ominous title card -that I would never expect from a kids show- popped up.

The World Pommy Abandoned.