Chapter 3:

NEXUS: (Magic Fantasy) "Orientation pt.1" Vol.1 issue #3

NEXUS: "Magic Fantasy" Vol.1

Nexus Security Gaurd:  Your key for admission ticket is verified, You may proceed in. 

Nexus guide: Is that everyone....okay  that seems about it 99..100 alrighty my name is "Mae" follow my lead. To the grand hall. 

Mae: Alrighty were here.....

Mae: Orientation will begin shortly. But first lets get you all officially settle in.  Your admission ticket should have a number on it. With in the range of 1 -100. We will be servicing from the lowest number up. These numbers will also determine your room number. But you don't yet have your key or haptic. Suit. HaHa! So you can't go to your rooms yet. 

Mae: We must retrieve some Dna samples for the creation of your data key that will give you access to the amenities LIKE your room.. 

Mae: For your haptic suit, we will do a 3d scaning of your body. No need to strip! Or anything. Our 3d scanners are state of the art. Using a.i and measuring your body heat and various points of your body to construct model of you from that alone. But the only purpose of doing this. Is to get body measurememts for the creation of your haptic suit. Which is vital for you to wear. Its how the Nexus scientists are able to keep track of your vitals when you play. And lastly your haptic suit we take sometime to be constucted by our 3d fiber printer. So you will get your data keys first to have access to your rooms.  And be expecting delivery of your haptic suit. Once its arrives please put it on. And wait to be called for orientation. 

Mae: So without futher ado lets begin, I want this to be very routine. So will NUMBER one please make their way to me so I can verify then once verfied. Follow the instructions of the Nexus staff to complete the procedures we talked about. 

Mae: Be sure to tell me your name.  Now come forward #1 

***AUTHOR NOTE***  I'm thinking now, that the blame shouldn't be on my lack of planning.  But on my light novel synopsis. I believe im staying true to the synopsis. But hmmm 

I think once i completed the story that the synopsis i geuss had in mind. Like lets say Volume 1 is all like this synopsis and volume 2 could be based on a widely diffrent synopsis.

**edit** i added a bit to the synopisis