Chapter 1:

Part 1: Akihabara| Welcome to the afterlife

BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

[Oct. 23, 3:00 PM] Today is my brother's birthday. For some reason, we decided to have the party at Grandpa John's. We arrive and walk inside. I hang with my brother and cousins, and we all play CrafterCave.

[2 hours later, 5:00 PM] We hear a helicopter close by. We run outside. Its top rotor has stopped spinning, and it's on its way down. It barely clears the roof of the house. It's smoking and sparking. I can tell it's going to explode.

I call on my limited telekinetic ability and stop it from crushing the people in the front yard. I move it to the backyard. Sweat beads my brow. I step in a hole, and a coral snake bites me. Ow...

I reach into the neck of my shirt and grasp the locket that hangs there. Locket, grant me strength.

I imagine power coursing through me. However, I know the locket's only magic is being indestructible. I steel my resolve, stop, and set the helicopter down. I point at the house and yell at the pilots. "Go!"

They scramble out of the craft and run. I call on my powers. A glowing, neon blue orb, the size of an eyeball, appears behind me. It draws a one-line star, connects the points to make a pentagon, and again for a circle. Everywhere it goes, it leaves a glowing blue line like a laser. Symbols appear.

The pentagram rotates 90 degrees. It expands, all three shapes separating. The circle and star rotate counter-clockwise, the pentagon clockwise. The star rotates 360 degrees and returns to normal, while the pentagon rotates 360 and closes back up. The circle follows suit.

I rise up a foot off the ground. My brother gets sent inside. From my pentagram, walls spread enveloping the helicopter…and me. My eyes glow blue. One of the pilots runs out. "Kid! Don't do this!"

"All my life, people have said I was immature, among other things. Now is my chance to prove that I'm not. Go!"

He runs back into the house. The box seals around me. The top rotor shoots off and shatters against the roof of the box. The side rotor turns into a blender, sucking the shards and all loose grass into it. Good thing I'm wearing a belt.

I create a plate of telekinetic energy in front of the blades and start to crawl away. Then, things go wrong.

The plate gets sucked into the rotor, shattering into pieces of blue light, and halting the blades. A small explosion throws me. I hit the wall upside down.

The rotor starts spinning so fast it becomes a solid wheel of black. My locket falls off. It gets sucked into the rotor. The locket ricochets and goes through the wall of the chopper with a loud screech. I fall to the ground, causing my toes to go through the rotor. I hiss in pain as it shreds them. The venom reaches my brain and my muscles weaken.

My grip loosens. I slip backward and the rotor shreds up to my ankles. Vision failing, I let go. The rotor shreds me. When it gets to my waist, my glasses get sucked in, and the chopper explodes.

The last thing I see is a girl standing at the tree line. The last thing I hear is screaming and the whirring of the rotor. The last thing I feel is intense heat as the thing explodes. The last thing I smell, burning diesel. My final thought: I'm sorry, Michiru*. I've failed you…