Chapter 3:


BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

As far as I can see, the area is populated by girls. I see girls with black wings, white wings, four rainbow wings, and ghosts like me. Some have animal ears and tails. "Up here, you see them as they were in life, but with their current forms. All the anime characters you see up here are real. However, male faeries stay as anime characters by choice. And by faeries, I mean you and one other."


I spot Senko, Shiro…I freeze. Ugh…Emilia. My mood immediately lifts when I see Rem. "Umm…Koba…"



At the sound of my voice, everyone turns to me. Oops.

I hear a collective gasp. My face burns in embarrassment. I wonder… I focus my power on a single thought. Unless you're Koba, stop staring at me!

Surprisingly, they do. However, Koba was walking away. Why was I just standing there? And why are my arms, legs, and wings sore? I run after her. I turn her to face me, and she looks away. Hmmm…I release you all. Everyone resumes their activities. Koba finally looks at me. "You…are very powerful…please, never do that again. It's… unpleasant."

"I'll keep that in mind. I don't think anyone will give me any more trouble after this. I actually phrased it as, 'unless you're Koba,' but I guess I need to practice more first."

"No…the mind control, for lack of better wording, was pleasant. But your command made looking at you painful and repulsive…and it was worse for me…because…" She blushes. I let go of her. "…I…" She blushes harder and looks at me. My patient expression must have calmed her because she finishes. "…kinda…like…you."

She winces. He's gonna reject me! My answer surprises her. "Koba, look…I like you too."

"Sooo…is there an orientation? I'd love to find out which of my numerous senpais you were referring to."

I grasp my locket and think about Michiru. I kinda just picked up a bunch of fictional characters on accident…please don't be mad…

She uses her locket to respond. 'Okay…and I did put in the photo. I'm gonna send you a photo of the wreckage for yours.'

Thanks… and if you become what I've become, a photo of you in that state will be the new best day of my life…no offense.

'None taken.'

Sorry I died…

I feel her laugh. 'It's not your fault.'

I'm glad you feel that way, but…I chose to die to save those I love. I just wish the last you saw of me was as a live human…

'Me too.'

I tell Koba that I'm ready. I follow her through the maze of people to New Arrivals. When we get to the door, I slide my arms between her body and wings and hug her. "Thanks for everything, Koba! Oh…you never did tell me where Ram-senpai is."

"Tending to private matters."

She looks shocked that I'm hugging her. I thought Noah said yes earlier only to make me feel good or out of guilt. I didn't know he was serious!

I pull back enough to see her face and accidentally tweak her wings. She winces, and they dissolve into light. "Sorry…"

She sees the look on my face and realizes that I heard her. She keeps calm. Oh…he heard me. Uh…oh…

"Shall I introduce you to someone?"

"Do I get a say?"

"Nope!" She laughs and pulls me through the door.