Chapter 2:

Road to Remembrance Part 2

Blade: Forsaken

We slid down the hill away from the sight of the refugees. Now that we know that the refugees are all there, we will be able to complete the mission in one go. There will be far more bloodshed than we anticipated; as long as the job is done, it won't matter.

"They are all there, all 3 of them refugee groups, we get to take them all out in one sweep!" Luz told the rest happily

"HELL YEAH!!" they all replied in eagerness

I tried to join in but I am unable to feel any enthusiasm, I feel the opposite. My heart was pounding at light speed to the point I felt as if I was going to blackout. I tried my best to control my breathing to calm down, yet it was effortless. Sweat began leaking out of me, I felt extremely nauseated. Everything was spinning around me.

To prevent passing out, I quickly sat down and pulled out a canteen from my bag. I may have looked like a disabled child attempting to drink but I managed to get some water into me.

The others were too thrilled to even pay attention to me, as sad as it was, it made it easier for me to sort myself out. Swiftly getting up I decided that we shouldn't waste any more time.

"Shall we get this job done then?"

"About time." Luz instantly replied.

The rest nodded in agreement. We grabbed our gear and positioned ourselves around the dene. We chose the positions that best prevent any refugees from attempting to escape. If we manage to push them back into the cave we will have an easy advantage.

We all looked at each other and signalled that we were ready. We quickly dashed down the valley and blocked the two ways out. Every one of the refugees was startled. None of them knew what was going to happen. Some out of fear drew their blades out of fear but were unable to hold them straight.

"This is where the fun begins!" Xi laughed as he spoke.

We quickly started rushing towards them.

I froze.

My body refused to move even an inch.

The burning pain restarted.

My vision was turning blurry.

Vomit was filling up my throat. I felt like I was going to choke


Why is this happening…

I felt the earth hit my head…

I couldn't move a single part of my body. Nothing worked. Nothing.

I don't understand. This doesn't make any sense.

Suddenly I remembered something.

Something I shouldn't have forgotten.

I remembered the events from a decade ago. The immense pain and suffering. Blood splattered out next to me as I cried in terror.

My heart was burning.

A few minutes passed but I was finally able to get up. I rose with an urge for revenge.

Xi, Nyunyuma, Luz and Goteng didn't seem to have noticed that I wasn't doing anything, all they could think about was chopping up the refugees.

Without even being able to think about it, my body moved on its own. I felt like I was being controlled. My arms quickly grabbed my daggers, without any hesitation, my body ran towards the crowds. I flipped my daggers to face down as I got closer to everyone. My body was seeking blood...

Not any type of blood...

It wanted the blood of humans.