Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 The fox and the deer

The Fox and the Deer

It was a hot afternoon. Foxes around the world were having fun with the approaching spring. But one particular fox was unhappy. It had been wandering around the dark forest for 3 days. The dark and tall trees surrounded it. 

"It's been 3 days since I got parted from my friends", the fox thought miserably. 

The fox had been driven crazy with the hunger and thirst that were tearing it inside out. It was almost midnight when the fox saw a river. The fox quickly ran to the fresh, strong stream and drank the water madly. After the fox finished, it found a shelter. There were bushes near the stream. That night, the fox crawled into the bushes and went to sleep. The next morning, the fox was rudely awaken by the loud gulping from the stream. The fox lifted its head just to find an animal, drinking from the stream. Standing by the stream was a deer, alone. The fox's eyes lit up. 

"Well, I'm going to have breakfast this morning after all!", the fox thought happily. 

The fox crawled out of the bushes quietly and sneaked behind the deer. The deer did not seem to notice that the fox was behind it, because it kept eating the grasses happily. When the deer bent its head back down to eat, that's when the fox struck. It jumped out of the hiding and tackled the deer. They both fell into the stream. The water was cold. The strong stream started to push the fox and the deer away from the land. But the fox did nor care. It scrambled madly to get the deer, its jaw opened. The deer tried to kick the fox away, but that resulted in the deer getting push even further away from the land. Then, they heard a roar. A giant bear leaped out from the bushes and landed in the stream. The strong waves of water did not seem to bother the bear. The bear ran towards that deer. The fox and the deer were running. But they seemed to run in place because they got push back by the stream. The gap between the bear and them were shrinking. 

"I have lived a good life" the fox thought "If it's going to end this way, at least I have done everything I've ever wanted. Although, I want to see my parents again. Sorry mom... Sorry dad..."

The fox closed its eyes remembering every good things he had experienced in his 2 years of life. When he thought everything was over, he heard the deer shouting. 


The fox instantly reopened its eyes and held out his palms. The fox reached the deer's tail, and took a hold of it. They quickly kicked their feet. The land seemed closer, but so did the bear. The instant the deer's feet touched the land, it ran for its life. With the fox hanging on its tail. The bear was closely behind them. The chase was on. The deer ran through the woods. With the bear closely behind, the fox quickly thought of a plan. It whispered the plan into the deer's ears. When they reached another stream, the deer kicked the ground, sending dirts into the stream. The deer continued to do the same thing three more times. Until, an unlucky earthworm got kicked into the air. When the earthworm landed into the water, the spot where it landed was crowded with fish trying to eat the earthworm. Then the bear appeared behind them. The deer jumped to the other side of of the stream and ran. 

"I hope the bear would be more interested in eating the fish than us" the fox said hopefully. 

The deer didn't reply, it just nodded and kept running. They didn't rest until an hour later. They found a cave that was near a blueberry bush. 

"I'm sorry I tried to eat you" the fox said sincerely "Thank you for saving my life there", 

the deer, finally resting said 

"No problem"

That night the fox and the deer rested in the cave not knowing that there was another animal watching them from the dark...