Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 The sniffer chipmunk

The Fox and the Deer

The next morning, the deer woke up and took a minute to remember what happened yesterday. After that, the deer went to the blueberry bush and ate all of the juicy fruits, then a little voice said 

"Hey! You ate all of my breakfast"

The deer looked up and saw a chipmunk on one of the branches in a tree nearby. 

"Well, how am I supposed to know that this was your breakfast?" the dear asked, 

the chipmunk used its tiny hand to scratch its chin, thinking. Finally, it shrugged and said 

"I don't know" 

The deer just sighed and said 

"I gotta go. I'll go wake up the fox and we'll be heading on our way. Nice knowing you little one"

"WAIT! " the chipmunk shouted "There's a fox in there?!" 

The deer looked back up again to see the chipmunk's terrified face. 

"Yeah, why?" the deer asked, 

"You stayed with a fox the whole night???" the chipmunk looked impressed "How are you still alive?" 

"We're friends" the deer replied and walked away. 

When the fox woke up, he saw that the deer was waiting for him. 

"So, you know where we're going next?" the deer asked, 

"No. Although, we could try going back the same way" the fox suggested. 

"Can I come?" the chipmunk asked, 

the fox raised his eyebrows, 

"who's that?" he asked the deer. 

"Just a chipmunk I met this morning" the deer replied, 

"And he ate all of my breakfast!", the chipmunk said angrily, "Anyway, can I come?" the chipmunk asked hopefully. 

The fox and the deer looked at each other. 

Finally, the fox said "Fine you can come" 

"YAYYYYYYYYYY! " the chipmunk cheered. 

As time went by, the fox, the deer and the chipmunk walked back to where the fox and the deer fled from the bear. The fox and the deer were very satisfied with their new company. The chipmunk could sniff fruits like a metal detector finding a piece of metal. So far, the fox had had the most variants of fruits in his life! But while they were unaware, the animal that was watching them since yesterday, was hiding in bushes behind them...