Chapter 18:

Cap 17 - Vocation

Eyes of the Mind

"Once this begins, there will be no haruka turn.

"There is no turning back, after all that has happened, all this path that we have traveled, this cause for which we fight, I do not like to shed blood at all, but there is no other way to end it.

"I know what you've been through, we've all lost something important, I'm as involved in this as you, I want you to know that this is a one-way street.

"You think I don't know that? I've shed the blood of a lot of people who thought I was doing the right thing, there's no salvation or redemption for me anymore.

Slowly Haruka took her sword, all that was possible to see on the girl's face was an indifferent face as she stared at the sword.

"After all this, I became like this sword, cursed...

“ ...

"To them I will be an eternal enemy of humanity.

" Why make this proposal if you already know which response you will receive?

"I have to try... everything will depend on that day, I need to make sure there is no other way, he taught me to try everything in my power when I think there are no more choices.

“ ...

A blinding, almost vague vision, a slight discussion, after seeing it, Haruka opened her eyes senting a pain and intense burning coming from her left hand, she soon came across an intense light that blinded her completely, after her eyes got used to that clarity she can see a blinding sky so clear.

"Where am I? "Haruka said as he held his left hand with his other hand.

" Umm? Have you woket up yet?

"I had a strange dream...

"Maybe it's because of the medications I used on you.

"It seemed very real... I looked different...

"Forget it, you need to rest.

Suddenly Kirien headed to Haruka and crouched beside him holding a small jar with a green liquid.

"What is this?

"You're not in a very good condition, your internal organs have suffered some damage, I'm using what I can to heal you.

"How many of these things have you made me take?

"More than you might think, if it wasn't for that you might already be dead by now.

"I can't feel my legs right...

"You don't have to worry about it, so you'll be better, now you drink it.

Slowly Haruka took the bottle from Kirien's hand and drank the medicine, after a few seconds the girl fainted instantly.

"I didn't think it would erase her so quickly, but it's better that way, now you can rest Haruka... All right, let's see.

Kirien then got up and went towards his backpack, after picking up his backpack the girl pulled an all-white paper, the girl then placed it on the floor, she suddenly positioned her hand on the paper and concentrated her demonic magic on it, quickly a map formed on the paper.

“ ... I'm too far away, I need to go through the black kingdoms if I want to have any chance of saving her.

After thinking quietly for a few moments, Kirien kept the paper in her backpack and put it on her back, she then walked to Haruka who was unconscious, slowly she took the girl in her lap and put her on a makeshift bed that she had created so she could move the girl along the way.

"That would be easier if I were taking only you... " said Kirien as he passed his hand on the girl's face.

Kirien then took a rope that was attached not only to the girl's bed, but also to a bed where Elias was who was also unconscious and fully tied.

"There must be an easier way to get around these two." .

The girl then began to look around while searching for something.

"Maybe I'll find some around here.

Kirien then picked up his black beast that was leaning against a tree and began walking through the forest while whisting, after a few minutes, something began to make noise through the intense woods.

"I wisely that he would react to the noise.

While he kept focused on the noises coming from the forest, Kirien waited quietly.

The noises were starting to get even closer, Kirien had noticed that something was surrounding her, she then lowered herself and put her beast on the ground.

"So how I hate to use it, but it is still a very favorable advantage ...

Kirien then got down on his knees and with a stare forward as she appeared to be motionless, she then saw a huge wolf that appeared to be around 2.5 meters, he had a white coat and yellow eyes like the sun, he began to approach slowly while intending to attack the girl.

It was then that instantly the wolf stopped walking, he began to sniff something, he then changed his aggressive posture to a calmer posture, suddenly he approached the girl and began to sniff out the girl even more.

"You're a very cute boy. " Kirien said as he passed his hand on the animal's snout.

The wolf then began licking Kirien's hand while trying to rub his face against the girl.

"Calm down, boy, no fright.

Kirien then got up and began walking back to where Haruka was while being followed by the wolf.

"For me to get him off my back then it's going to suck, do you still have room in the cave for one more? I have to stop using this, I'm going to lose my innocence if I find one that doesn't obey me. " Kirien said with a downcast look accompanied by a smile.

After arriving where Haruka was, the wolf began to growl at her and Elias, Kirien at the same time entered in front of the wolf and suddenly approached his face from the wolf's snout.

"Don't be a bad boy, if not I won't play with you.

Almost instantly the wolf sat on the floor and stood still.

"I'm going to hell when I die... While I'm a demon.

After a slight reflection, Kirien took the rope that was trapped in Haruka's bed and Elijah and tied it to the wolf's squeech, even though it was two people, so the wolf was as if both had no weight.

"The medicine I gave Haruka will leave her asleep for about 8 hours, I must have traveled at least half the way to the black kingdoms, but at this time of year... It's going to be too complicated, but if anything goes wrong, I'm going to use you to buy time until I can get away with it. " Kirien said as he stared at Elijah.

Every 3 hours Kirien paused on his way to check on haruka's state and also checked his map to see if she was on the right track, little by little the girl was beginning to move away from the forest.

After leaving the forest, Kirien can see a plain covered by a darkness that bathed the sun like clouds, an environment almost unlit and with little vegetation, a long path full of ancient abandoned villages and ruins, while Kirien analyzed the place from above a small mountain, she kept biting her index finger over her gloves.

" Shit... are we already in the dark ages? When time has passed so quickly... This place wasn't supposed to be in the dark. Damn, it would be over a month to turn around, I don't have time for this, shit... SHIT!

While thinking about what she could do her time was running out, she more than anyone wise of it, suddenly the wolf approached the girl and began to touch her nose on her back.

"Um, calm boy, we're halfway there practically. "

The girl grabbed her backpack and went to check out what she had still kept.

“ 2 common darts, 2 tarts of shock... more than horrible situation, right! Let's see, where did I keep you?

After flipling a bag of scrolls, Kirien selected 2 of them, she then opened them revealing somewhat strange designs in geometric shapes that were completed.

" If these scrolls could hold more than one object I could carry much more darts, but as these scrolls are a bag of making and burn after being used it would be a waste of materials to spend scrolls with just one dart.

Kirien folded one of the scrolls and put it in her belt so she could catch him quickly when she needed it, she then took the other scroll with her two hands.

"What was it like? Um, may the light be swallowed by evil, that all hope disappears before the steel that corrupts the weak.

At the same time the scroll began to burn in black flames, Kirien then let him down on the ground as he watched the flames gather and begin to pick up the mold of a machete.

" By the pronunciation you seemed to look very different, but even so, you will serve me very well.

The girl then kept the machete on her back fixed on her feel, in that situation Kirien appeared to be calm, however, she was divided, on the one hand she was extremely excited about that situation and totally thrilled with the adventure and difficulty she would have, on the other, she wise that this time she had two people to protect, this left the succubus extremely worried.

“ ... I'm going to make it, it's going to be sugar in papaya like humans say.

Kirien then caused the wolf to descend Haruka and Elias slightly down the mountain, after having already descended from the mountain, Kirien armed his beast with a shock dart, then she stopped for a brief moment to be able to bring her thoughts up to date.

Suddenly she began to walk, the wolf without wasting time began to pull Haruka and Elijah while following the succubus.

"It's too exciting... it's very exciting! I didn't think I was going to have to come by again, I wish you were awake to see this Haruka, this place... It's REALLY COOL!

As he crossed the darkness, Kirien began to remember when he had begun his journey as an explorer.

"Take a good look, Kirien, this darkness you're seeing is created by a very old magic.

"Why are we going there?

He asked Kirien that he seemed to be around 10 years old at the time.

"That place is full of extremely dangerous creatures, I hear there's an artifact that keeps that magic active, if we can get that object, we're going to be legendary explorers.

After hearing that Kirien's eyes began to glow and she opened a big smile as she looked at the man in front of her.

"So, what do you say? You want to try and get that artifact?

"I want to... I want daddy so much!

"That's how you talk daughter.

That day would be marked as Kirien's first adventure, a day the girl would forever take in her heart.

He was a human explorer who had been lost in the spirit world, he was a normal man, he wore brown clothes and a hat, he was a dark man with black hair and brown eyes.

In one of his adventures, after going through a rift that had opened up in the human world, after some time avoiding the dangers of the spiritual world, the man came across a beautiful woman who had a white horn, she was white, her eyes were blue, her hair was long and blue, she had bat wings and a long tail with triangular end, her clothes were a short dress that showed a lot of her body, the colors of the outfit were white and with golden details.

"To see such a beautiful lady... are eye drops to my eyes.

"A human? How unusual to see someone like you here.

"It wasn't deliberate, but surely this place is very exciting.

The woman then began to walk towards the man as she stared at him from the top down with a curious look, realizing the woman's approach, quickly the man began to walk backwards while looking calmly at her back.

"Your smell... It's very good, it's been a long time since I feel something like that.

"I appreciate your compliment, receiving such words from someone so beautiful warms my heart.

The man then turned his back with a tree, after the sudden crash he turned his eyes, realizing that he had hit a tree the man lost his cool, he quickly turned his eyes forward, he then came across the woman staring at him staring at his face almost touching his face.

"If you come that close, I'll be ashamed.

“ ...

Suddenly the succubus pulled her face away from the man's face and began surrounding him as she watched as she reacted.

"Maybe it's a little rude to ask, but why are you surrounding me?

"Does that bother you? Let you... unsure? maybe instigated? Or even excited?

"Maybe... I keep all this, but really, being observed by you makes me a little apprehensive.

The succubus then stopped in front of her and leaned to the side as she looked into the man's eyes.

“ ...


"Are you hungry?

" What?

"I'm hungry... How about we eat something?

For a slight moment, the man relieved himself with that situation, he then fell apart from the tree as he retrieved his breath and tried to put his thoughts in order.

"I don't know how to answer your invitation, I mean, I don't know you and everything I've found so far in this world has tried to kill me.

"But you survived and you've come this far, it makes me even more instigated, it makes me even more willing to play with you.

"I don't know what kind of game you like, but I don't think I'm going to be a good toy... "The man said as he smiled.

The woman then quickly walked up to the man and hugged him holding his hands behind his back to prevent him from running.

"My name is Karissin.

"My name is Chris, it's a pleasure to meet you. "The man said he continued with his smile.

"Chris... I loved your name.

She then spread her wings and suddenly began to lift herself and the man in the air, she quickly took him at abnormal speed to a hidden place in the confines of a forest with red trees.

After some flying time, Karissin landed on the ground and released Chris, after being released the man began to take a deep breath while trying to calm down.

" Welcome to the village of lust.


After raising his face, Chris came across a slightly large city full of houses that was fixed to the trees and separated in several places in a very organized way, she was defended by walls that prevented creatures from entering the place.

"Where is this a village?

"It's a village.

“No, i'm not... it's not a village, it's a city.

"No more, there are few of us now, our home was more than three times the size of this place.

"And why do you live here now?

The woman then turned her eyes to the man on the floor and crouched as she directed her hand to his face.

“ After you humans created the barrier stones, we were decimated with time, succubus and inccubus live a long time, very long, but our reproduction is something very rare, we are a species with a low reproduction rate, you humans were the race that most were compatible with us, we could reproduce much better, after we were without you, reproducing us became very difficult.

"How old are you?

"Do you want to find out? Why don't you ask me directly later?

After that short conversation, Chris agreed to follow that woman, after some time, the relationship between the two gave rise to Kirien, however, the girl was not a normal child compared to the other succubus, her race was known as beings totally linked to lust and pleasure, since young the children succubus and inccubus were already very attuned to the world of lust, but Kirien was always a different succubus in the view of her own race, she did not have the same interests and did not act like a normal succubus, most of her childhood she stayed at home reading the stories that her father had written.

Kirien, are you reading your father's notes again?

"Mommy? I'm sorry, but I can't help it, look at this one is from when he went to visit a place called devil's throat, he spent four days trapped in the cave living only from the little animals he thought and...

" Kirien.

“ ...

"Take it easy, your father is a human explorer, he and you live in different worlds.

"Calm down, baby, easy, you don't have to talk so seriously to her. "Chris said as he hugged Karissin from behind.

"I care about her, this way she's acting is pushing the other children away from her, I'm afraid of her...

"You don't have to be afraid, we've done it, we have to support her in whatever she wants to follow.

After hearing that Kirien changed her sad expression to a totally happy and cheerful expression, after seeing it Karissin sketched a fondsmile, she then lowered herself and caught Kirien on her lap lifting her up.

"So... Do you want your an explorer too my little devil? " Karissin asked.

"Yes! I want to be like Dad.

Karissin then smiled again and hugged Kirien.

"How about I take her on an adventure?

"But... she's still too young for this, the outside of the walls is too dangerous for her.

"You don't have to worry, for now, I'm going to teach her a few things, then when she's more prepared I'm going to take her on a big adventure, how about it?

“ ... All right, if that's what she wants, then you have my permission.

After a few years following her father's teachings, Kirien already had a great experience as an explorer of the spirit world, after a long time, her father finally decided to take the girl on an exploration.

"So, daughter, how about we go on a real adventure?

"But... what I've done so far wasn't an adventure?

"You only explored the outskirts of the village of lust, remember when I said I was going to take you on a great adventure? So I think you're ready for this.

“ ... Serious? Am I really ready? "He asked Kirien with a blushed face and an intense glow in his eyes.

"I'm sure you're ready daughter, just as your mother has too.

Listening to that, was one of the best things Kirien had ever heard in her life, at the same time, tears began to flow from her eyes, while she had a smile that showed that she was extremely happy.

After a long time traveling through the spirit world, Kirien and his father had come across a place that was taken by an intense darkness that moved by itself, it was as if the darkness were alive.

After a long time analyzing that place, Chris decided it would be a great adventure for Kirien, although Kirien seems to be 5 years older since he had made the promise to his father, had already spent 20 years for Chris, he was already at a point in his life that he was no longer in good health and after so many adventures in the spirit world, Chris had caught a silent and mysterious disease, he already had a notion that he no longer had much time to live, he then wanted to fulfill the promise he had made to his daughter.

Entering that vast darkness, Chris and Kirien sneaked in as they looked intently at every detail of that place as they looked around, Kirien began to prepare scrolls that Chris called them light traps.

" Remember Kirien, these scrolls are great against the creatures that live here, but they need magic to be activated, magic that I don't have, but in your case this is different, so these scrolls are great for you, so use them very carefully.

"All right, Dad...

" This scroll is special, you will stay with him in case of emergencies, if one day you need to do an equal just read this book here. — Chris then delivered the scroll and the book to Kirien.

"But... Why are you giving me dad?

"It's a gift for your future adventures, now come on, let's find that artifact.

“Let's go, let's go.

Kirien and Chris then went even further within that intense darkness that bathed the environment.