Chapter 19:

Cap 18 - Past Experience

Eyes of the Mind

Totally panting and tired, Kirien ran without looking back and with a mutual despair that ran through his body, amid a kind of abandoned village that had a strangely large size, the only things that passed through the girl's mind were the words of her father.

"Run! Don't look back at all, quick!

" But...


Hearing her father's words, Kirien ran quickly without looking back, as she distanced herself from the center of intense darkness, through her peripheral gaze she could see shadows rapidly approaching her.

" What an outsy speed is that?!

Kirien lowered his hand quickly and touched one of the scrolls on the ground, at the same moment the scroll burned creating an intense light, for a moment what chased Kirien stopped running while trying to hide from the light, the girl quickly continued her journey.

Continuing her journey non-stop, Kirien was stopped by a creature that was similar to a bear made of pure shadow.

In a quick jump Kirien threw himself against a door of an old house in ruins, after crashing into the door, Kirien broke the lock on impact, inside the house the girl ran to a ladder while picking up a scroll in her purse.

After picking up the scroll, Kirien activated it at the same moment causing a huge light, she ran to the ladder at the same instant.

After arriving on the second floor, Kirien thought so fast, she was totally lost in that situation, while imagining what to do, the girl noticed that the light began to go out downstairs, she then released her backpack getting only her purse, quickly she took a chair that was in the corner of the room, despite being relatively small, Kirien was strangely strong, she untroubledly lifted the old wooden chair over her head and threw it at the window on the second floor breaking.

" I... I know I can do it, I'm going to make it.

Kirien then quickly advanced toward the window, she quickly threw herself out the window while still in the air, her wings opened, Kirien instantly began to fly, however, it did not last long, gradually Kirien's wings began to bear the weight of the girl because they were still weak, knowing this, the girl took momentum into one of the walls of the front house and pushed herself to the side, as he flew in a straight line, Kirien noticed something chasing her over the houses, something fast and moving differently from the others.

" A pure blood?!

The creature then jumped towards the girl with her right hand raised toward her ready to strike her hard, Kirien then grabbed her purse and used it as a shield defending the monster's attack, however the creature's attack violently knocked the girl to the ground.

While on the floor Kirien was pressed by the creature, the girl could not even move or compare her strength with hers, Kirien then placed one of her hands inside the bag, she suddenly activated a series of scrolls of light she carried, the intense light lighted a pale face and black eyes with red pupils of a girl with gray hair.

After receiving the intense light the girl began to burn while directing her hands to her face, Kirien then quickly got up removing the book she had received from her father from inside the bag along with one last scroll.

" I'm not going to die here.

The girl then turned and ran again non-stop as she walked away from the creature, Kirien opened the scroll with only one hand.

" You won't get away!

Hearing the creature's tremmering cry, Kirien took the scroll that had been given to her for emergencies and recited words her father had been telling her, reciting the words, Kirien found herself surrounded by the creatures, while looking around, the girl saw the strange girl approaching her with a frightening look.

" There is no light that will save you now, I will rip your skin off and crush your eyes.

Even listening to the creature's threats, Kirien continued to utter the words, the scroll in his hand then began to crack, in a few moments those creatures surrounding Kirien began to show a certain fear, some began to drift away while staring at the scroll, however, only the pure blood had been staring at the girl.

" What are you trying to do?

" I said... I'm not going to die here!

The scroll in Kirien's hand then defragmented triggering an event kirien could not even describe.

(Present moment)

" This place has not changed anything, it remains the same living darkness of that day, I must admit that it was one of the most exciting days I have ever had.

The wolf accompanying Kirien began to become apprehensive, watching that Kirien approached his hand of the animal stroking his snout.

" I know you're afraid, if it wasn't for that pheromone that we succubus transmitted to others would you have left by the time you saw this place is not big boy?

In response the wolf just licked the girl's hand and rubbed his snout on her, watching it, Kirien could only sketch a fluttering smile on her face.

" Cursed pheromone succubus... a skill that can be used to control weaker beings is not useful when the only thing these beings think about is satisfying themselves with you.

Kirien then slowly moved away from the wolf while slowly pushing her animal's snout, then she pulled out her map again to analyze the location.

" We're still far away... how big is the darkness now?

Looking around Kirien was surprised at the lack of shadows, the girl then got up and started smelling her purse.

" Um... Okay, mental note, prepare more scrolls for each region, now let's think, I have two people to protect, a wolf that can carry a maximum of two, maybe I should get rid of the little guy there.

Almost at the same time that Kirien said that, in his mind came Haruka's words telling her to save Elijah, the girl then reconsidered her idea of abandoning Elijah's own fate.

"Haruka will probably punch me if I leave you behind... It's hard to want to please someone like that. "Kirien said with an alegue look accompanied by a false smile.

Walking through the darkness a little, Kirien spotted a wall that hid a wall that hid a city with a considerably size, the place stood in the middle of his way and going around would take a long time, without options, Kirien decided to pass through the city to save.

" The worst idea I had today was to come in here... I hate myself now.

Kirien's feeling was that she was being watched at every step, the wolf that accompanied her showed a certain sense of anguish at all times, as she walked the girl to remember the first time she had faced that darkness, she knew that silence there was fundamental.

Thinking logically, Kirien pulled Haruka and Elijah out of makeshift beds and tied them to the wolf's back.

" I could have done this before if I didn't have to keep you still Haruka, but in that situation, if I didn't get us out of here fast we'll all become a shadow snack.

Kirien then took a scroll from her purse and opened it, while analyzing the writings something caught the girl's attention, a kind of figure looking around in the corner behind one of the structures, quickly the girl caught her beast while staring at the figure.

It was a strange black spot that stared at her, after realizing that she had been noticed, the black spot began to reveal itself out of her hiding place, she turned out to be a shadow very much like a child.

" It took you guys a while to show up...

The shadow then ran rampantly up to the girl, Kirien then took his hand to her back as she bowed forward, when the shadow came close enough, Kirien pulled her machete and cut the shadow in two, after being cut the shadow to cleft in the air and disappeared.

" I had enough time to look for tools to come back here, with this machete, I can kill any of you with just one blow, this just does not work in the first blow if the enemy is a pure, then I would have to attack in the heart or brain, I just feel kind of sad because I wanted to have prepared myself more.

Kirien's machete was made precisely to completely erase the existence of everything she killed, a perfect weapon against the creatures Kirien was about to face.

"Despite not being so effective against physical enemies, it is perfect for ending the race of each of you. "Kirien said while guarding the machete back on his back.

The wise girl that if there was a single shadow nearby meant there would be others, quickly the girl spread her wings and began to fly to get an aerial view of the place while climbing, Kirien can see the city clearly despite the darkness that surrounded her, along the city she also saw a castle totally covered by darkness.

" This darkness is much greater than the last one I was in, the crystal that produces this place must be much stronger, how many bearers does it have now?

Kirien then picked up her map and began to ascertain the best possible path she could take to pass through the darkness as she wrote down the path as she went down toward the ground.

After arriving on the ground Kirien took a deep breath, she suddenly stood in a thoughtful position and began to elaborate ideas in her mind.

" I could try to take Haruka through the air, but my wings are not strong enough to carry us both, the most viable way is through the streets and through the castle... it is quite possible that the crystal is in the castle.

The wise girl that would not be easy, Kirien was used to going through her adventures alone, taking care of other people was complicated for the girl, but this difficulty made the girl even more excited.

" I think we'd better make a stop.

After walking a little the girl chose a house where she quickly went inside next to her wolf that took Haruka and Elias.

" What a hunger... How long has it been since I've eat anything? Mental note, bring more food on the trips.

While thinking about her hunger, Kirien began to prepare her purse in case she needed something urgently, after packing her purse the girl stopped for a while to rest, while preparing mentally, Kirien noticed that the wolf that accompanied her stared at a window.

"What was boy? "He asked Kirien as he looked with a curious look at the wolf.

When the girl turned her eyes to the window she could only see a complete darkness coming from the outside.

" It's just the usual dark boy...

At the same moment Kirien's quiet face changed to a face of fear accompanied by a fluttering smile, she quickly took a scroll from her purse and stuck it to the window activating it and causing an intense light.

After the intense flash was created, the window stopped going dark showing the outside of the house again.

" Screwed.

Kirien then opened the door quickly coming out to the outside, she then came across a sea of shadows that covered the house where she was.

" I knew they'd find me fast, but not like this...

The girl then ordered the wolf to follow her, quickly Kirien spread her wings and flew quickly toward the castle while her wolf accompanied her with Haruka and Elijah on her back.

" I'm sure he can keep up with my speed, we need to get out of here as fast as we can.

As he flew toward the castle, Kirien began to drop several scrolls with a low amount of magic placed on them, after a few seconds the little magic that had been placed on them activated causing an intense flash that cleared the route through which Kirien passed.

" That's stupid without such a thing! I'm basically screaming where I am, but why the hell did those damn shadows know where I was? I chose a house far from where I had killed the other and at a remote point.

After thinking a little about recent events, Kirien was able to see several shadows following the houses, while watching the shadows follow her, she noticed an intense black wall in front of her.

" A wall of shadows?!

Quickly the girl pulled her crossbow and stuck a scroll of light on it, she then fired the dart toward the wall of shadows, after hitting the wall the flash of light opened a hole in it that left the route open to the succubus that passed him without problems accompanied by his wolf.

" This insistence... they're not just trying to consume us, we should be close to the crystal.

At the same moment something emerged from the darkness and clung to the girl dropping her to the ground, it was a creature with the appearance of an elf with black eyes of red pupils.

" A pure blood?!

The creature hugged the girl preventing her from moving, while being held Kirien felt a huge emptiness creating itself inside her, seeing that the girl was in trouble the wolf took a bite that tore off the elf's head causing him to let the girl go, even after losing his head, the elf kept moving ready to attack, Kirien knew that the elf would not die from that attack and that it was only a matter of time before he regenerated.

Kirien quickly caught his machete and struck her with a blow that went over the elf's chest hitting her heart, after her gun hit him in the body, the creature disappeared at the same time.

"We are close... "Kirien said as he breathed quickly while sweating cold.

While retrieving her breath, the girl noticed that she was too close to the castle, without wasting time she ran towards the castle sticking scrolls at the entrance to the castle to delay the shadows that were still chasing her, after entering the castle, Kirien sealed the door with a special scroll to prevent them from entering through that entrance.

" I need papers, I'm running out of scrolls.

The girl then began to look around as she saw the site completely finished and in ruins.

" Good... the easiest part was once, the neat one that attacked me really was something unexpected, but it just confirms that I must be near the crystal.

Kirien sat on the floor as she turned her hand to her chest, she felt a huge amount of help at that moment, the emptiness she felt before began to fade little by little as she took a deep breath.

" He had begun to consume me... If it wasn't for you, would I have turned history into a buddy? " Kirien said while looking at the wolf.

Suddenly the wolf walked up to her and began rubbing her face on the girl, Kirien seeing it begin to pass his hand on the wolf's snout while pressing her face against the animal's coat.

" I'm going to need your help a little more... Will you agree to help me?

The wolf then just shook her tail while looking at the girl, quickly the girl got up and picked up her things, after getting ready again, Kirien walked to Haruka who was on the wolf's back, suddenly she shifted her hand to the girl's face.

" It's still erased... That's good, you just need to hold on a little longer, soon we'll be in my hometown, I'll be able to treat you better there.

Kirien then filled with courage again and returned to her journey, while walking around the castle the girl noticed several paintings as old as they seemed to be, each marked a different time of spiritual world, it left the girl perplexed, for her it was like being in an amusement park, every picture she saw she remembered the books she had studied before, however, along with the euphoria of the moment, the girl had frequent headaches because of the attack she had suffered earlier, suddenly Kirien took a bottle from inside her purse with a pink liquid.

As she drank the liquid, Kirien began to gasp, after finishing drinking, the girl had a slight energy supthat caused her to totally lose the pain she felt.

"That's a good thing... this is too good, if I sold these things in the human world I would be very rich, but humans would have triple children, even because these aphrodisiacs are too strong for them, although for us succubus does not seem to have much effect.

Kirien was somewhat tired, since the explosion in the cave the girl had not stop at any time to rest, quite the contrary, she had spent most of her time caring for Haruka and preparing potions for her current state.

After finishing regaining her energies with the potion, Kirien planned to get back on her way, she quickly took her purse and began to pick up the scrolls she still had.

" My scrolls are almost over... It's going to be hard to get out of this place without scrolls.

" Scrolls...

A hoarse and almost inaudible voice caught the girl's attention, in quick motion, Kirien pulled his beast arming her with a shock dart and pointing her to where the voice originated.

" Three... I still have three darts, I can't waste it.

" This beast...

Kirien then heard the voice again, this time much closer, as she looked around looking for where she came from the girl heard another noise, this time coming from her wolf that was lading up, when Kirien turned her eyes to the ceiling, she saw a figure of a man who was going with everything in his direction.

Quickly the girl jumped back escaping from the man's onslaught, she soon bumped her back against a wall, her wolf tried to attack the man, however, the man punched the animal in the face that knocked him to the ground.

" Another pure?!

Before she could position her bow against the man, Kirien was grabbed by the neck and raised against the wall, she quickly tried to point her bow at the man, but he grabbed her bow preventing her from firing.

" This... beast... where you got it...

" Let me go!

" Where?!

The man then turned his face to the girl, at that moment Kirien came across a very well-known face, that person in front of him, was his father, however, he was no longer human.

" P-father?

" Kirien?

Instantly the man let her out on the floor, he began to walk backwards as he turned his hands toward his head while appearing to have mild mental outbursts.

" You... Are you alive?! " Kirien said as he looked at that dark countenance of his father.

No , i'm not... No! You can't stay here, you shouldn't be here.

" Eu... I missed you so much.

Kirien then got up and began walking towards her father, however, before she could get any closer, the man pushed her against the wall, after crashing into the wall the girl saw her father with a scary face as he stared at her.

" Father...


The man then ran away from the girl at an amazing speed, while watching her father run away from her, Kirien could not hide his emotion, even though he had an empty face, the eyes of the succubus began to tear.

At the same time Kirien took her things and ran after her father, however, she had no hesitate to keep up with his speed, in the end she eventually lost sight of him after a few seconds, while looking around looking for something that could lead her to him, the wolf that accompanied her came close to her as she sniffed the ground.

" Hey, what are you doing here? Boy, can you smell that man for me?

The wolf in turn just washed at the girl and began sniffing the ground again, before Kirien could in fact look for her father, she recalled her current situation, she was thoughtful about whether or not to go after her father.

" ... All right, let's take a little chances, kid, Haruka won't mind if I change the focus a little bit, are we?

Kirien and her new friend set off towards the girl's father, while the wolf sniffed the ground for some clue, Kirien plotted routes on her map, every part of the castle she walked, more shadows appeared to try to stop the girl, however, she could eliminate them without much difficulty.

"There are many more of them, it makes sense given the number of years that have passed since I first came here.

As Kirien walked, and found a sort of door leading up to the castle's throne room, she then began to force the door that opened after her wolf helped push, after entering the room, Kirien saw a throne illuminated by moonlight, however, something more illuminated that room, the girl then walked a little further while analyzing the place.

"It is surprising, this whole place has been forgotten for so long that it is scary, in view of the paintings, it must have been about 400 years since it was abandoned.

The girl looked fissured at the details of the room as she wrote down in her notebook, however, that moment of distraction caused the girl not to notice a figure that quickly approached her, when Kirien turned her eyes to the side, she took an intense blow to the face that violently knocked her to the ground.

"You're still clumsy, are you still the same weeping child you've ever been? Little succubus.

Kirien then turned his eyes to what had struck her of the same creature he had faced for the first time in that adventure.

" Gray hair... Are you still alive?

Kirien's wolf quickly tried to help the boy, he advanced against the creature that only swerved from his bites, seeing that situation, Kirien quickly swerved his arm toward his beast, but before she could catch the weapon, the creature stepped into his hand.

"Why did you come back here? You want to see your daddy again?

" ...

"Don't think I'm going to let you use that scroll again.

Suddenly the creature punched the back of the hand against the face of the wolf who was a few inches away from attacking her, after receiving the blow the animal was thrown against the wall and fainted at the same moment.

" Minus one... where were we?

When the creature turned its eyes to the girl, Kirien stuck his machete in the monster's leg, at the same moment she distanced herself from the girl and tore the blade from her leg, that moment of distraction was what Kirien needed to retrieve her beast.

"That gun, where did you get it?

"Who knows...

While plotting Kirien noticed several shadows approaching her direction, she suddenly tried to pick up some parchment, however, she noticed that her purse was no longer with her.

The creature then threw the girl's machete to the side while watching the succubus quietly.

"What's up? What's your plan going to be now?

You know, I have no idea. "The girl said with a smile on her face.

At the same moment, the shadows began to go towards the girl, Kirien then spread her wings and began to flee the creatures while straying from the attacks, again that gray-haired girl appeared in front of her and knocked her to the ground with a kick.

Kirien then found herself in a sac, the shadows had surrounded her and she had no escape.

"Your adventure ends here, but don't worry, your friends will be next.

When the creature turned its eyes to the wolf she noticed something different, at that moment Kirien thought it was his end, however, the shadows that were attacking her were killed in the blink of an eye.

"What happened?

When the girl focused her eyes around her, she saw Elias still in front of her holding her machete.

" ...

"You awoke... " said the girl with a pale face.

"Looks like you were in bad spirits, right?

Elijah then turned to creature while looking at the machete he had picked up after the girl had discarded it.

"This gun is way, even though it doesn't make my style, but tell me something there girl, is there any way you can take off this seal that's barring my powers?

" How can I trust you?

"Would you rather try your luck with them and watch us die?

While arguing, several creatures like the girl began to enter the room, the hunter then quickly entered his combat position, the onslaught of the creatures was fierce, however, Elijah fought without much trouble against them despite not being able to use his magic.

The fight continued through the throne room while Kirien tried to come up with a plan, she realized that the hunter could not handle all those creatures, while thinking about what to do, the wolf that accompanied her recovered her consciousness, the girl at the same moment noticed it, thinking quickly Kirien remembered that those creatures were nourished by the crystal, she quickly understood that in the course of all that was over she needed to seal the crystal, the girl also noticed that her purse that was now very close to her, she quickly picked her up from the floor and put it on.

"I don't know what you intend to do... But it has to be now girl! Release my seal or she'll kill us all.

"I have a better plan, ride the wolf fast, let's get this fight out of here!

"What's your plan?!

"You're going to have to trust me.

Reluctant Elijah ran up to the wolf and mounted on his back, the animal at the same moment stranged the man and began to growl at him, however, he stopped after Kirien drew his attention as he flew toward the ceiling, seeing that the animal followed her at the same moment jumping through the wall until reaching the hole in the ceiling.

After leaving the room passing through the hole, Kirien received strong gusts of wind that made it impossible to fly, it was as if the wind originated from all directions, the girl then closed her wings, she quickly found the crystal that gave rise to that place, her wolf next to Elijah arrived soon after to help the girl.

"What the hell is that?

"It's the cause of this problem, I'm going to put an end to it now...

The creatures then came out of the hole ready to attack them, Elijah at the same time came down from the wolf and ran to one side, the wolf carrying Haruka then advanced against the creatures, Elijah swerved away from the creatures' blows and successfully attacked them, Haruka's wolf in part brutally attacked the creatures, even though they were not killed by the wolf's attacks, they were delayed because they had to regenerate after the attacks.

The girl then ran to the crystal while searching for a seal in her purse, however, before she could reach the crystal, the ground broke giving rise to the gray-haired girl who was now face to face with the girl.

After cornering Kirien, the creature began to attack the girl non-stop, Kirien in part dodged and ran with no chance to attempt a counterattack, the creature was strong, but it was not too fast, this gave time for the girl to dodge and draw a plan.

While dodging the blows, Kirien was often hindered by the gusts of wind from the place, which often almost made her hit hard, it made the girl think of something, catching her beast, the girl began to mentally write down various patterns, Kirien was intelligent to an abnormal level, in a few seconds she had noticed and set standards for the gusts of wind, she quickly calculated angles and directions and in a quick and precise motion the girl threw a shock dart to her left, the creature that was in front of her did not understand what the girl had just done.

"Are you going blind succubus?

After saying those words, the creature shot Kirien who suddenly stopped running and stood motionless.

" The good thing about living for a long time... is that you learn very complex things.

The girl then lowered herself, after she lowered herself, the dart kirien had fired appears coming at high speed behind her, the creature was so close to the girl that she had no chance of dodging the attack, the dart hit the creature's forehead by electrocuting and knocking her to the ground.

Quickly the girl returned to her original goal and ran towards the crystal, after reaching the crystal, Kirien began to look for the seal in her purse, the girl then saw a shadow still on her side staring at her, after turning her face to the sombra she was caught by the neck and raised up, when the girl looked down she saw her father staring at her with an empty look.

" P-father...

"You don't... Should have come back...

As Elijah fought for his life, he saw the girl being dominated by the man, at that moment, Elijah made the decision to help Kirien, he quickly threw the girl's machete at the man hitting him in the chest.

After receiving the attack, the man released Kirien, the girl still confused by everything that was going on saw Elijah and his wolf being overpowered by the creatures, along with this several shadows were appearing where they were, she then took the scroll to emergency and opened it up pointed at the sky.

"At that time I didn't have enough magic to use you, but now...

Kirien quickly began to utter old words that gained even more strength as she repeated them, the scroll again began to drop an intense glow, realizing it, the girl with gray hair stood up and tore the dart from her head and ran towards the girl ready to kill her and prevent it from repeating itself, the girl ran at an abnormal speed towards Kirien, when she was about to hit the girl, Chris stopped his onslaught holding her in front.

"What are you doing?! Let me go now!

" I-I won't let... you hurt my daughter.

At that moment, Chris had regained some of his mental control, this caused the man to gain strength to be able to help the girl, Kirien then finished uttering the enchantments, the scroll at the same moment cracked and exploded in an intense light that quickly created the form of a woman with long golden hair and golden body, the light that that entity emit began to burn the creatures saving Elijah, Haruka, and the wolf of Kirien.

"Again... You invoked me, didn't you? Demon girl.

" ...

"A demon invoking me is something unusual, twice it's even stranger, though this time you actually managed to summon me completely.

Kirien quickly left his curiosity for the entity and turned his eyes to his father who was being burned by the intense light as he agonized on the ground.


The girl then ran to her father while covering the light man with her body.

"Dad! Dad, it's okay, I'm here, it's going to be okay...

"You're so grown up, how beautiful you were...

"You're still the same way... the same idiot who likes dangerous adventures.

"And you keep following in my footsteps... I'm so glad you're okay, how's your mother?

"It continues the same way as when we left, even more beautiful and kinder than before.

The entity then approached the girl causing even more suffering to the creatures that were there.

"Tell me demon, you invoked me for what reason.

"Please stop! You're killing my father.

"These creatures, this man you call father, why did you invoke me if you wisely would I cause suffering to them?

"This place is supported by that crystal, it is the basis of the magic that nourishes this place, please, you need to destroy that crystal!

"If I destroy that object, your father will disappear along with it.

Kirien then became totally hesitant, losing his father again was too much for the girl, she turned her eyes to him while reremembering everything she had ever lived with.

"It's all right, daughter. you know I didn't have much time to live anymore, see your face... That's enough for this tired body, let me rest.

No, i'm not... No! I don't want you to go away!

Kirien was then grabbed by the neck and began to be suffocated by the gray-haired girl while she was suffocated, the girl saw her father staring at her father with a quiet smile on her face, at that moment Kirien just accepted her father's words.

"Make this entity disappear now! "The creature said as he agonized in pain.

" Destroy the crystal!

" ... As you wish.

The entity then raised her hand to the crystal, she then pulled the object making it stop in front of her, the intense clarity that the crystal emanated rivaled those of the entity.

"The first time you invoked me, it was to put an end to it, wasn't it?

Kirien only smiled at the entity as he held the creature's hands around his neck.

The entity then held the crystal, instead of destroying the crystal, the entity began to reverse the effects of the crystal causing him to suck the darkness he had created, while sucking the darkness he had created, the creatures that were there had shadows sucked from his body as they agonized, while having their shadows sucked by the crystal, the girl with the gray hair let Kirien out suddenly.

"What are you doing? "He asked Kirien as he retrieved his breath.

"Destroying this crystal would be very easy, however, it would kill all these beings, this object corrupts with the shadows everything that is within your reach, I just reversed these effects.

Kirien at that moment realized that the entity was saving people from the darkness.

After a few seconds the crystal sucked all the darkness it had on that earth including the shadows that corrupted the creatures that were in that place, Kirien noting that the creatures had returned to their original form quickly looked at their father, however, the girl saw her already lifeless father in her lap.

" ...

"He did not have much time, if he continued as one of the corrupted by the shadows he would still be alive, but after the shadows were removed from him his fate was sealed.

"It's very difficult... Why does it have to be like this? " Kirien said with tears coming down from his face.

The entity then turned to the girl and floated up to her while holding the crystal, in contrapartly Kirien cried and stood still as she watched her father who had a smile on his face.

"You have done enough, you have freed him from your suffering.

" He was my inspiration, this man taught me everything I know, he was everything to me...

"And he was gone knowing that his daughter was still alive and well, don't you think that's enough?

"I wish I'd spent more time with him...

The entity then lowered herself next to the girl and handed her the crystal, Kirien upon seeing the crystal recalled that her first adventure had been chosen by her father in order to catch that crystal.

The girl then took the crystal and held it against her chest while reremembering her memories with her father, the entity then began to disappear when something caught her attention, looking around for what bothered her, the entity spotted Haruka still unconscious on the back of the wolf, at the same time she began to feel something familiar and frightening, while disappearing the entity can only feel fear disappearing soon after.

Hey, i'm going to go. demon girl...

" ...

Elijah rose with great effort while facing Kirien.

" Hey, what are you doing here? Are you done?

" ...

"It's really nice that reunion you had with your old man, but it's about time you took that stamp off me.

Kirien however remained silent while hugging the crystal, Elijah then began walking to the girl, after getting close to the girl, Elias began to surround the girl while staring at her.

"Are you deaf? I'm talking to you. - Elias said as he picked up the girl's machete from the ground.

" ...

"You were right about one thing, you shouldn't have trusted me.

" ... Trust you? Do you know where we are?

Elijah then took a ferocious attack from the wolf that bit his arm and threw him to the ground causing the man to crack the structure of the place, the wolf at the same time let go of the man's arm and walked behind Kirien who had stood up with a gloomy face accompanied by tears.

"You are in the spirit world... I've lived enough to know well who sucks and who is nothing but a worm.

"Who are you calling...

Elijah then came across Kirien holding his beast against his head with only one hand while holding the crystal with the other.

"I never trusted you, the reality is that you shouldn't have trusted me.

Kirien then fired the dart at the man's back, at the same time the man stopped moving.

"... What have you done?

" I shot a very specific part of your body, this will prevent you from being able to move until I remove the dart, do not worry, the damage is light, nothing that will make you stay so forever.

"Your... damn it!

"Would I beware of my words if I were you, would a fall of that time kill any wise human?

Elijah calmed down as he lowered his head, Kirien then took his machete and put it back in his belt, she suddenly took Elijah and put it back on the wolf's back.

As she began to leave, the gray-haired girl held Kirien's hand causing her to stop at the same moment.

" ...

"How can I redeem myself?

"I don't want my mother to see how my father is, she suffered a lot when I told her that he was gone, if I took him home...

"I get it... you don't have to worry, I'll take care of him.

The girl then released Kirien's arm, the succubus then returned to her journey leaving the castle and returning to her current route.

After a few hours walking with a totally tired countenance, the girl arrived in a forest with pink leaves and a strong fog that had an extremely sweet smell, Kirien continued walking through the forest while being followed by her wolf who was also tired.

When Kirien was already losing her strength due to weariness, she spotted a wall hiding a city, she at the same time drew a slight smile as she lowered herself and sat on the floor.


The girl soon turned her eyes up as she came across a male countenance that was overshadowed by the sun which made it almost impossible to identify.

"I'm back... " said Kirien with a big smile on his face.

"What are you doing here? Who are these people with you?

After asking that question, the man saw Kirien fall to the ground because of his fatigue, and at the same time he headed to the city for help as Kirien's wolf lay on the ground next to the girl.