Chapter 5:

Reunion and Pom Poms, Part 2

Magical Pom Pom

(Pov: Axel)

‘Pommy’ was laying on top of me with her arms locked around my neck. Everyone in the arcade was staring at us with a shocked expression.

Did this girl just call me d-darling!?

"Axel I'm so glad I found you! I knew you would be here." She said as she nuzzled into me. Her body was so soft and she had a pleasant smell-

Fuck that!

I squirmed out of her grasp and grabbed her by the shoulders. I looked into her eyes.

They were a beautiful light blue and her pupils were in the shape of a star. I assumed they were contacts but still this was some seriously impressive cosplay.

But why is this girl cosplaying as Pommy? Did somebody find out about my Pommy obsession and was pulling a prank on me?

“A-Axel?” She was looking back into my eyes. I guess I was staring at her pretty intently.

She started to blush before I shoved her off me. Standing back up I took a few steps back. Reji was looking at me in disbelief. What? Never seen a chad before?

"You know this chick?"

"I have no idea who she is!”

The girl picked herself up and got up in my face. I couldn't figure out what the hell she was trying to gain from this charade.

"W-why are you saying that? It's me, your girlfriend Pommy!" She yelled as she hugged me.

"Girlfriend!?" Me, Rock and Jazz yelled simultaneously.

"Pommy?" Reji furrowed his brow.

“Huh!? This is your boyfriend! A shit stain like him!?” Jazz pointed at me as Rocks head drooped down.

“Yep, thanks for helping me find him! You can go now.” She gave them a large smile as she told them to fuck off in the nicest way she could.

“Tsk, cheeky.” He clicked his tongue.

“This is my third rejection today.” Rock said nonchalantly.

During this Reji walked over to us and started examining pinky -who was still glued to me- up and down, occasionally glancing at me.

"Um excuse me...Pommy...was it?" Reji stroked his chin.


"How much did this guy pay you?"

I punched him in his stupid head as hard as I could.

"Ow! Ow! What the hells your problem man!?"

"I didn't pay her shit! In fact I bet this is all your doing!"

“Why would I do that!?”

“Cause you're jealous obviously. You just had to one up me!”

“Jealous of what!? How you got your ass beat yesterday?”

“Beat...?" Pommy said with a shaky voice. She started panicking once she saw the bruises all over my body. "Did somebody hurt you!?”

Rock and Jazz glanced at each other.

“Ugh whatever can somebody just get this crazy bitch off me!?” I yelled as I tried to escape her grasp again.

“B-bitch…?” She stuttered.

“Not cool man.” Reji shook his head.

OK yeah maybe I went a little too far there.

“Bitch…bitch!?...BITCH!? She kept repeating to herself, her voice progressively getting louder while her expression grew more and more intense. She actually started looking a little scary.

“C-calm down.”

“I’ve looked all over town for you and you call me a bitch!?” A large vein appeared on her forehead.

She shoved me as hard as she could and the next thing I knew I was smashed through an arcade machine on the other side of the building.

A bolt fell onto my head as sparks flew up.

“Axel!” shouted Reji.

Rock and Jazz started backing up.

"Huh…Rock I think you dodged a bullet...let's bounce." They both took off running towards the entrance.

After the two left, the girl with the strength of a fucking gorilla gasped and came over to me.

"Darling are you ok!?" She pulled me out of the arcade cabinet, my imprint left behind.

"I'm so sorry...I just snapped." She held onto me. I could feel her slender fingers going through my hair. "Calling me a...that word, what were you thinking?"

" you got some strength for a girl." Reji stood beside us. "Uh, Axel...bud...are you ok?"

My body was sore all over but I think the pain was more from my fight yesterday rather than me flying into an arcade cabinet. I was caught so completely off guard my body had not tensed up.

"Oh yeah, never better…" I tried standing back up.

"No, don't move, let me heal you first!" Pommy pulled me back down onto her lap.

I suddenly remembered the running gag in Magical Pom Pom where Pommys healing usually caused a great amount of pain.

"Get the hell off me!"

Wait, I almost forgot that she isn't Pommy.

"'re confusing me...what's going on?"

Before I could give her back any sort of reply, Pops came bulldozing in.

"HEY what the hell are you little punks doing to my machines!?"


My ass hurt as I plopped onto the sidewalk. Me, Reji, and Pommy were all thrown out of the arcade by a severely pissed-off Pops.

Reji helped me up while Pommy apologized to the old geezer. She clasped her hands.

"I'm sorry!I'm sorry!I'm sorry!" She repeated about twenty times.

"It's all my fault…I...I'll pay you back. Wait, I don't have any money. Um...I'll work to pay it off!"

Pops gave a sigh.

"...well you do seem regretful." The old man looked like he was having a hard time staying mad at her when she was apologizing so sincerely.

During this Reji checked me over.

"Hey, are you really ok? That looked like it really hurt earlier."

"Let's just get the hell out of here."

"What about her?" He pointed over to Pommy. She was still apologizing to Pops.

"Forget her. She's in on some prank. Some ass at school must have found out about me."

"I mean...that's the only thing that makes sense. But I didn't tell anyone I swear!"

"I know."

Reji may make fun of me every once in a while but he would never take it this far. I shouldn't have accused him.

"Today was weird, I think I'm going to head home and take a nap. Do you need me to help you back to your place?"

"Nah I can manage. See ya later."

Reji and I waved each other off and I started going down the sidewalk towards the direction of my house.

"Hey, wait up!" Pommy yelled as she tried to catch up to me.

This girl is so damn stubborn.

"Enough already!" I turned around and faced her.

"...huh?" She blinked.

"I know this is some big joke. Quit pretending to be Pommy already!"

"Why would I pretend to be me?"

"I said enough!"

"Why are you yelling at me!"

"Because you're nuts!"

"I don't even know what I did." She grabbed my hand. "I'm so lost...can we talk about this Axel? I need your help."

I yanked my hand away. This had already gotten ridiculous by this point.

"What do you have against me? How do you even know me? I've never even seen you before."

"I...don't know how I know you." She looked down to her feet. "I just do..."

"Just do? What a joke."

"My memory is cloudy and I can't get my thoughts straight. Axel, this is going to sound crazy...but I think I'm not from this world."

"What, are you trying to tell me that you are a little gray alien disguised as a fictional magical girl?"

She stopped.

"Fictional? What are you talking about? do you know I'm a magical girl!? I don't remember telling you!"

"Duh, everyone knows that Pommy is a magical girl."

"N-no they don't! Only my closest friends know!"

"Oh fuck off!"

"Axel! How can you say that to your girlfriend!?"

I stood right in front of Pommy and looked down at her.

"I think you have taken this little joke far enough. You have royally pissed me off so get out of my face. You're not Pommy and you're not my girlfriend."

Her eyes watered as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"...and here I thought you could help me figure out what's happening to me. Well…well forget you!" She yelled before stomping off in the other direction.

What a psycho...


As I continued walking home I thought about the events that just happened. Which one of my classmates was behind this? Maybe the whole school was in on it. They hated me enough for it to be possible.

I was so careful about keeping my secret. The only time I slipped up was when I wore that stupid shirt to school, but that was over a year ago.

It figured that the day I stop being into Magical Pom Pom is the day this happens-

Screams interrupted my train of thought.

A bunch of people came running past me, one bumped into me. Off in the distance, I could see smoke coming from a nearby neighborhood. Loud drilling sounds followed by an explosion pierced my ears.

Ow! What the hell?

I put my hands over my ears as I tried to figure out what was happening.

Then a sudden realization came to me. Reji lives where the sounds of destruction were coming from.


My legs started running on their own. My body was in no shape for this but I didn't care. I had to find him.

As I got closer I started yelling his name. I don't know why, there was no way he could hear me from this distance and I could barely even hear my own thoughts over the high pitch screeching.

Smoke filled the street and made it difficult to breathe as I ran. The houses in the neighborhood looked like a train had forced its way through. Around this time the sounds stopped.


My anxiety vanished as I heard that wonderfully stupid voice. I turned my head to see Reji. He looked unharmed.

Thank god...

"Reji, the hell is going on here!?"

"I wish I knew! I just got home when things started going down. Maybe some kind of terrorist attack?"

A terrorist attack didn't seem right. Why would they target a random neighborhood?

"Let's get out of here."

As we ran back the way I came, Reji tapped my shoulder.

“You came here for me. I really appreciate it, bud.”

“Just shut up!”

He laughed at me.

"Man, this place is bad. I'm glad my sister is at school."

"No kidding."

Making our way we passed cars that were flipped over. Some of their alarms blaring. I even saw one resting on the second floor of a house.

We were almost out of the area when Reji tried to get my attention.

“Hey…do you hear that?”

“I hear a lot of shit right now.”

“No, it sounds like it's coming from…under us!”

I looked down and saw the street under us begin to warp. It looked like something was moving underneath it. The drilling sound started back up.

Suddenly the ground erupted and sent us flying back. I tumbled along the ground.

I looked to see what happened but a crap ton of dust blocked my vision.

Only when it started clearing was it that I saw something that made me think that the girl from earlier might not be so crazy.

Out of the ground climbed a large armadillo.