Chapter 6:

Reunion and Pom Poms, Part 3

Magical Pom Pom

(Pov: Axel)

This can’t be real…

What the hell is that!?” Reji pointed at the creature that was climbing out of the hole.

I couldn't respond. I didn't know what the hell I was looking at either. The best I could come up with was it looked like a giant leather ball.

The creature now was completely out of the ground and it stood on its hind legs. It towered over us as we were completely engulfed in its shadow.

I squinted my eyes and the closer I looked, it resembled an armadillo. This thing was the size of a truck, did they even get this big?

“WHAT the hell is that!”

“How am I supposed to know moron!?”

“Wh…” Came out of its mouth.


“Where the hell am I? Why was I brought here!? Why did you summon me!?”

“Did that thing just talk…?” Reji slowly turned his head to me.

The armadillo lifted one of its arms. Air swirled around as it started spinning rapidly. It made a loud screeching sound.

Its arm started to resemble a drill.

From the show?

“Reji…I think we need to get out of here…”

“Not till you answer me!” It shouted.

The two of us started sprinting away from the creature. I could feel the wind pressure right on my back as I just barely dodged its attack.

The ‘drill’ screwed into the ground. Shooting off rubble in every direction. Windows shattered and the cars looked like they had just been shot up.

“What are we gonna do!?” Reji asked.

“Don't stop running!”

“I already knew that!”

Looking back I could see the monster pulling its arm out of the ground.

“You won't escape the Jet Drilladillo!” He declared as he started tucking himself into his body.

That name!

It even had the same name as the creature that appeared on Magical Pom Pom last night.

Was that girl earlier actually…?

It was ridiculous but I couldn't chalk this up as a prank anymore.

The armadillo, I mean 'drilladillo', kicked off the ground before turning himself completely into a ball, gaining momentum as he rolled. He was like a giant bowling ball and we were the pins.

“Split up!” I shouted.

“Got it!”

Me and Reji ran off two different sides. The armadillo rolled past us and into an electric pole, knocking it over. It fell right towards Reji’s house and glass shattered as it smashed through the window.

“My house!”


"Great idea bud!"

"Don't blame me! If you have any complaints, take it up with him!" I yelled as I pointed at the ball.

“Why you little shits…” The armadillo said untucking himself. He walked over to a car in Reji’s driveway and picked it up.

"My car!"

He hurled it at us, it flew right over Reji’s head.

“My dad was going to give me the old car for my 16th birthday!”

“Quit bitchin'. At least you’re alive!”

“Not for long boys.” Jet Drilladillo scoffed.

This was the first time in my life that I thought I might die. This thing was going to kill us.

We can't escape this thing anyways...


“Oh no, don't think about it!” Reji shook his head. He instantly knew what I was thinking.

“Get the fuck out of here. I need to ask this guy a few questions.”

“Good answer kid.” The armadillo approved.

“Axel, don't be stupid!”

I pushed Reji back and started approaching with my hands in my jacket's pockets. I was channeling all the energy of my role models. More than anything I needed to be like them right now.

“I like your spirit! Now tell me why you summoned me.”

“Listen fuck face, I don't know shit but I’ll tell you this only once. Get out of my town, this is My turf.” I spat in his direction.

“You are just like me, kid. We both crave only for violence.”

“Then you know how we gotta settle this right!?”

Quarter circle, Kick

“Tornado RoundHouse!”

My body rotated so fast as the air around me started swirling. I slammed a mighty kick into his chest…


My toe broke….

He laughed and grabbed my leg and lifted me up and twirled me around his head and threw me.


Reji caught me and we both flew back.


I didn't understand how I went from being undefeated my whole childhood to being a punching bag in the span of 24 hours.

“Sorry about that. This bastard is tough…but”

I took a deep breath.

I Am Tougher.

“Axel this is suicide!”

“So what Reji! This is my chance! A chance to prove that my life isn't a waste. If I’m going to show this town who’s boss then I need to kill this thing.”

“You are so damn stubborn it’s crazy! Think of your Mom! Think of your friends!”

“Just shut up and get out of here…” I said as I stood up, balancing my weight on one foot.

“You choose to die like a man. Honorable!” The armadillo praised me.

He raised his arm up high. Sun glinted off his claws before he swung at me.


Reji shoved me out of the way and took the hit. Blood gushed out of his forehead.


I ran over to him and held him in my arms. He opened one of his eyes.

“Looks like I did something cool for once. Don't waste this moment. Now you Have to beat this creep.” He said before passing out.

This is all my fault...

“Looks like that one can actually do something. More than you at least, maybe you're not the one that summoned me after all.”

He started spinning his arms.

“I have no use for you then.”

Save him……me.

“If you…”

Readying his drills he waited for me to say my last words.

“If you really are Pommy then hurry up and beat this fucker already, Goddammit!”

An explosion from all the way down the street left a giant pink cloud. Out of it, a rocket flew towards us at the speed of light.

“Pom! Pom!”



A pink girl flew in and punched him in his gut. Her Pom Poms were like boxing gloves. His chest armor cracked as he flew back about 100 feet.

The girl landed on her feet without a problem. She was wearing a red cheerleading outfit with two long twin tails.


"Phew, I made it just in time." She said as she wiped a bead of sweat off her forehead with one of her Pom Poms.

She walked over to me.

"'s really you..."

"Your friend! Is he…?"

"No, he's still alive. Can you...heal Reji."

I couldn't believe what I just asked her. But there was no doubt in my mind anymore.

"I-i'm not great at it but I can heal him enough to stop the bleeding. The ambulances are on their way so they can take over after."

She put her pom poms over his head. A glowing light came from it. Despite how pretty it looked I knew it was something that hurt like hell. If Reji was conscious he would be screaming.

After she finished she looked up at me.


Her face had a serious expression.

"Axel…we need to talk."