Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

I became a healer in another world

A young 18 year old boy named Hiro Mizushima was a really ill boy and he was lying on a hospital bed.
He had short brown hair and light green eyes. He was dressed up in blue hospital clothes.
While he was thinking about things, his mother Kazumi entered the room.

"How are you feeling dear?" Asked Kazumi with a concerned tone.

Hiro doesn't answer and just looks outside the window to see the beatiful morning sun. It was middle of fall and Hiro's friends started school again. How he missess his quality time with his three best friends Kenta, Misaki and Riku.

"H-Hiro? Is everything alright?!" Kazumi asks with a more concerned tone.

"What's the point of this mom?" Hiro asks with a saddened tone.

"What do you mean honey?" Kazumi asks with a frightened tone.

"What's the point of wasting my life in this hospital bed when there's clearly no way to cure my illness?!" Hiro asks with an angered tone.

"D-Don't say something like that! There's going to be a way to cure your illness! I just know there will!" Kazumi explainswith a hopefull tone.

"Oh? And when exactly will there be a cure? I've already wasted 8 years here! How many years am I supposed to wait?! 5 or maybe 9 years? I'm literally wasting my life here!" Hiro shouts with an angered and sad tone.

"*Sniff* I don't want to lose you Hiro!" Kazumi says while tearing up.

"Mom, you just should accept my wishes and let me sleep away. I'll spend my last day with Kenta, Misaki and Riku and after spending time with them, I'll spend the rest with you, dad, Rina and Yuuto." Hiro explains with a weak smile.

"*Sniff* Wh-What are you saying?" Kazumi asks with a shocked tone.

"You heard me mom." Hiro says with a determined face.

Hiro then tells his mother to call Kenta, Misaki and Riku to take him somewhere to have fun.
30 minutes later, the three of them arrive to the patients room. Misaki has dark blue eyes and long reddish pink hair, Kenta has green hair and dark green eyes and Riku has blue hair and red eys.

"Hiro! Is there something you need?!" Misaki asks with a concerned tone.

"Just tell us what you want and we'll do it for you." Kenta and Riku says at the same time.

"Thank you guys. I want you three to take me to the mall, Tennoji park and to the arcade." Hiro explains.

"A-Are you sure Hiro?" Misaki asks with a concerned tone.

"I am. Please?" Hiro begs with a smile.

"As you wish." Riku says with a sad smile.

Kenta then helps Hiro on to a wheelchair and they then head over to the nearest mall.
While they are at the mall Misaki buys some food to the boys, but Hiro doesn't feel like it, but still decides to eat a little bit to not make them worry. After that they head to a clothing store and they buy some clothes for Misaki whilechatting and having a good time. They then go to the arcade and Hiro tries to get teddy bear from one of the claw machines and he succeeds and then decides to give it to Misaki.
After spending time at the mall and at the arcade, they head to Tennoji park.

"It's so beautiful here." Misaki says while pulling Hiro's wheelchair.

"Especially now since it's fall." Kenta says.

"Where do you want to go Hiro?" Riku asks.

"Take me to one of the bridges so I can see the river." Hiro answers.

"You got it." The three say enthusiastically.

They then head over to nearby bridge where Hiro looks around to see beautiful nature and after that they continue their way deeper to the park where they see a flower field and a Cherry blossom tree in full bloom.

"What a beautiful sight." Hiro says with a happy tone with a slight hint of sadness.

"Should we take a picture?" Riku suggests.

"Sure, I can take it." Hiro says with a smile.

The three then gather up so Hiro can take a picture of them and after that they look around a bit more before going back to the parks enterance.

"Where to next Hiro?" Riku asks.

"You and Kenta can go. Misaki can you take me home?" Hiro explains.

"A-Are you sure? Don't you want me to take you to the hospital?" Misaki asks with a concerned tone.

"Misaki, you should listen to his wishes." Riku says with a turned back.

"We should go." Kenta says with a turned back too.

"I-If you say so." Misaki says with a weakened tone.

Misaki then takes Hiro home while Kenta and Riku go to different direction. They appeared to be crying.
When Misaki was near Hiro's home, he tells her to stop.

"Wh-What's wrong Hiro?" Misaki asks with a sad tone.

"Misaki, I love you. Ever since we met, I've had feelings towards you." Hiro confessess with a smile.

"*Sniff* I've loved you too." Misaki says while crying.

Hiro's confession made Misaki cry. She wasn't prepared for it and took her by surprise.
It took 10 minutes before Misaki had calmed down. This time she surprised Hiro by giving him a kiss on the lips. After that she took Hiro to his home where his mother, his father Haruo and his siblings were waiting for him.

"W-Welcome back brother." Rina and Yuuto say at the same time.

"What do you want to do with us?" Haruo asks.

"I want to play some games and watch some tv together." Hiro answers.

"I-I'll make some sandwiches." Kazumi says with a sad tone.

Rina then takes Hiro from Misaki who then leaves.
After spending time with his parents ans siblings, it was already nighttime and Haruo asks if Hiro wants to go to his room but says that he'd rather stay downstairs watching tv. Haruo nods and brushes his sons hair with his hand and then leaves upstairs.
While everyone were sleeping, Hiro watches tv but soon falls into eternal sleep while holding a picture of his family and of his friends.
Hiro wakes up in a white and cloudy area. He looks around but soon a voice calls him.

"Evening Hiro. I'm the goddess of life Mana. It seems you accepted your fate." Mana says with a sweet tone.

"Well if there is nothing to be done, I had to accept it." Hiro answers.

"I understand. I'm willing to reincarnate you to another world if you want." Mana says with a smile.

"I'll happily accept, but I don't want to go on a quest to defeat a demon lord or something." Hiro explains.

"I wasn't going to do that, but rather I'd like you to become a healer with different kind of spells that can heal any type of injury, or for example poison. But keep in mind that you also have to make potions to help someone. I'll also grant you protection spells and water and fire magic." Mana explains.

"I'll accept those powers. Hmm, will I look different in that world?" Hiro asks.

"Yes, and from now on your name will be Ayumu." Mana explains.

"Understood." Hiro says.

"The worlds name is Ayrus." Mana adds.

Mana then sends Ayumu to Ayrus.
When Ayumu wakes up, he's under a tree. He now has long silver hair and blue eyes. He has a lenghty scepter that is made of silver and the tip has a round end made of gold that has blue orbs. He has a blue robe with a hood that has yellow edges.

"Alright time to go." Ayumu says as he was done looking around.

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