Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 - A rabbit, family and a potion

I became a healer in another world

After I was. reincarnated to this world I decided to walk to the direction with some snowy mountains. Bookmark here

The road I picked had alot of flowers scattered around both left and right sides. The right side had a river which was sparkling from the sunlight.Bookmark here

I decided to walk to the left side to collect some flowers. I'll never really know if I'm going to need them after all so I decided to collect a ton of them and placed them in a tiny jar Goddess Mana had given for me as an extra.Bookmark here

While I was picking flowers near some rocks, I heard an animal suffering in pain so I immediately went to check it out. I found a small white rabbit behind the rocks and it had injured it's paw. From a closer look I noticed that the rabbit was a female.Bookmark here

"There, there little buddy. I'll heal you back to normal." I said with a smile.Bookmark here

"Nyuu?" The rabbit says while she's suffering.Bookmark here

"Let's see, the spell Cure should do the trick." I say while thinking about the few spells I learned.Bookmark here

I then place my scepter sideways and my left hand to the bottom and beging chanting the spell. While I was chanting, I noticed I was surrounded by some strange blue light. I guess that happens while a spell is being cast.Bookmark here

"CURE!" I shouted when I was done casting.Bookmark here

This time the tiny rabbit was surrounded by the light and I noticed how the wound is sealed.Bookmark here

"Nice, it worked perfectly." I said with a reliefed tone. I thought I had made a mistake while chanting, but I guess I was worrying for nothing.Bookmark here

I then walked over the tiny rabbit and crouch down to pet it.Bookmark here

"Stay out of trouble for now." I said while I was petting the rabbits head.Bookmark here

"Nyuu?" The rabbit said curiously.Bookmark here

I then got up and started to leave but the rabbit suddenly just runs in front of me. If I hadn't noticed her, I would've stepped on her by accident.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?" I asked from the rabbit.Bookmark here

"Nyuu! Nyuu, nyuu!" The rabbit says while she's trying to stand on her two paws.Bookmark here

"Do you want to come with me?" I asked with confusion.Bookmark here

The little rabbit then answered by nodding to my question.Bookmark here

"Alright, you can come with me." I said. The rabbit immediately became happy. "Hmm, let's see. Ah, I'll name you Snow." Bookmark here

"Nyuu!" Snow then started jumping around happily. She must really like the name I gave to her.Bookmark here

I then crouched back down to let Snow climb on head and we then continued our way. Bookmark here

While on our way wherever the road was taking us, I stopped from time to time to collect flowers and when Snow noticed a plant that looked like a herb, she pointed at it that I should pick it up and take it with us. As I was doing all this, it seemed that an hour had passed and I noticed a horse carriage in the horizon. I noticed that a horse that was pulling the carriage was lying on the ground, probably from exhaustion so I picked up the pace and hurried over there to see what's going on.Bookmark here

When I arrived there, I noticed that there were two adults, two teenagers, a boy and a girl, and a young girl. They were surrounding their horse with worry. They all had travel clothes.Bookmark here

"What happened here?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Ah, hello young man. Our horse sadly isn't feeling well and now is in this state." The man answeredBookmark here

"D-Daddy, is Alexa going to die?" The youngest daughter asked with worry.Bookmark here

"Of course not Alise dear. She just needs to rest for now." The father answeredBookmark here

"I hope she gets better soon or we'll have to set up a camp here." The mother said.Bookmark here

"Hmm, can I take a look?" I suggested with determination.Bookmark here

"Any help is great. Thank you." The father answered with reliefBookmark here

"Now let's see." I then started thinking of what spell I should use to see what's wrong with their horse and then I remembered the perfect spell for this problem. I then immediately started chanting. "ANALYZE CONDITION!"Bookmark here

*Fatigue: For faster recovery give Vial of Water Breathing*Bookmark here

*Ingredients: Red leaves, smashed flower petals, water, honey and herbs*Bookmark here

It appears that I need to make a potion to help them out.Bookmark here

"We need red leaves, smashed flower petals, water, honey and grass to make Vial of Water Breathing."I answeredBookmark here

"We luckily have some red leaves and honey inside our carriage." The father answered.Bookmark here

"That's great. Can you go bring them here, while I take a bottle which has flowers and herbs which I had picked." I suggested.Bookmark here

"Gladly." The father said as he left.Bookmark here

I then took the jars I had with me from my pockets. The father soon not only came back with the Red leaves and honey, but also with a cauldron, a chopping board and wood.Bookmark here

"Thank you for helping out… Uuh." I started. I had totally forgotten to ask their names and even introduce myself too.Bookmark here

"Oh yeah, my name is Itsuki and my wife's name is Honoka." The man said as he introduced himself and his wife.Bookmark here

"Hi, I'm Jun, this is my twin sister Hina and the youngest of us is Alise." The boy said.Bookmark here

"It's nice to meet you guys, I'm Ayumu and the rabbit on top of my head is Snow." I said with a smile.Bookmark here

"Nyuu!" Snow said again. She was probably saying hello. It's unfortunate that I can't understand what she's saying. Maybe someday it will be possible.Bookmark here

I then used my water magic to fill the cauldron with usable water and then lighted the wood on fire and after that I started smashing the flower petals with a spoon Hina had brought to me. Bookmark here

After the water was boiling, I started filling the cauldron with the ingredients one by one while mixing the concoction with the spoon. Not going to lie it was really hard to make this, but guess it's just normal since this is my first time doing this. Bookmark here

When I was done making the potion, Itsuki brought me some glass bottles and a bowl where I can store most of the potion. For the rest of the potion I poured it in the bowl and went to give it to Alexa. It took a while until she started to feel better though and it was already getting late.Bookmark here

"Oh thank you for your help Ayumu." Honoka said as she came to hug me.Bookmark here

"I'm glad I was able to help out." I answered. Itsuki then walked over to hand me a some type of book.Bookmark here

"Take this book which contains recipes for many types of potions as a reward for helping us." Itsuki explained as he gave it to me.Bookmark here

"I can really have this? Thank you." I said with a grateful tone.Bookmark here

"We're heading back to our home village. If you want you can join us when we leave tomorrow." Honoka suggested.Bookmark here

"I will take you up on that offer." I answered.Bookmark here

An hour passes and it's already night time. We were eating some Carrot Soup and it tastes really delicious.Bookmark here

"Oh yeah, you named that rabbit as Snow. Didn't you?" Itsuki asked while looking towards me.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I figured it would be a great name since her fur is white." I answered as I gave some of my soup to Snow.Bookmark here

"That means she's your familiar now." Jun explained.Bookmark here

"Huh, I didn't know that." I said with a surprise. So it's possible to make familiars of monsters and other animals if I name them huh. "Anyway, could you tell me more about familiars?" Bookmark here

"They'll fight for their master and after the familiar's and the master's bond is stronger, the familiar will learn how to speak with normal human language. If you'll get party members, they will be able to understand the familiar as well." Jun explained. I see, so I will really understand Snow at some point.Bookmark here

"You can also have as many familiars as you can hold. And I believe there was a some type of summoning spell if you want to summon one or the monster or animal can ask you to become your familiar too." Hina added. Bookmark here

"I happened to hear Snow in pain while I was picking up flowers and decided to heal the wound she had in her paw." I explained while holding Snow in my arms.Bookmark here

"She must've been thankful for you." Hina said while she was smiling towards me. It was hard to tell but she probably was blushing at me.Bookmark here

"It seems like it." I answered as I looked at Snow who was now sleeping on my legs.Bookmark here

After we finished eating, we decided to head to sleep, but before I did, I decided to use a spell around the wagon. Now if any monsters come by, we'll be safe.Bookmark here

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